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  1. 🎵Gallagher, Halkett, Lithgow🎵 All gone. 😒
  2. Some deft editing. So little to go on. 😏
  3. All clubs have to have goalies warming the bench. It's the nature of the position.
  4. And he's the referee v Hibs on Saturday. Wonder which Livi player will be sent off this time. 😏
  5. Grass is ideal but the Macaroni Arena is below the water table and very probe to getting waterlogged in any rainy day. It's been a problem since the stadium was built. Now that we have the plastic I don't spend rainy Fridays worrying about yet another postponed game.
  6. Holt has said the other players got us to where are and Dolly can't just jump into the team. He also said he needs to see where Dolly is fitness wise.
  7. What's the rush? He's on an extended contract. He could go to Rangers and disappear like the raft of players they took from other SPL teams in the summer and now being punted after half a season. If he believes in his own ability he'd be better advised to stay with Livi at least till the end of the season putting himself in the shop window for a decent move then in a way that probably would not happen at Rangers.
  8. He's on a decent length of contract so there's no hurry to sell him.
  9. Has Souda ever played a full 90 minutes? Must frustrate the hell out of him.
  10. A wee chat with Devlin and Crawford might help him make up his mind. 😏
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