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  1. A wee chat with Devlin and Crawford might help him make up his mind. 😏
  2. I don't think we've seen the best of Tiffoney yet. I'd keep him and hope that he gets some game time to show what he can do. Odoffin has not impressed me any time I've seen him and Pepe has become something of a ghost figure. Is he really still here? My main concern is that if we don't act soon Sibbald and especially Lawless could be contacted by another club and sign pre-contracts. I'd like to see them get new deals. I'd be mighty disappointed to lose Sarkic now. Surely a team as big as Aston Villa has more than 2 goalies available. Stewart makes too many wrong decisions for my liking.
  3. Watching an English PL game today I'm listening to transfer fees of £50 million + being paid. Are we underselling our players when they go south?
  4. Too right. An absolute cheat. 😠
  5. It was a foul 7 minutes into a game. No more than that. Berra fouled all night and got away with it. Greig Aitken played to the booing of the crowd.
  6. The alliance was working well last time we met with the 1-1 score and share of the points until the incompetent whistler awarded a penalty against our goalie punching the ball clear. Time for a wee bit of luck going Livi's way for a change. I'll take it on Saturday. 😏
  7. Motherwell won fair and square yesterday. Makes a change from the dodgy refereeing that cost us points in our last two games.
  8. The big teams always get the advantage in these situations. They shouldn't but our useless referees can't help themselves.
  9. Having read that I went back and looked again. There was ample time for the ref to blow for the penalty. Certainly a lot more time than it took for him to blow for the sending off. Seven red cards for Livi since 2017/18. Five of them have been given by Aitken. He's also denied two clear penalties in that time. Food for thought if nothing else. 😏
  10. If the idiot had given the stonewall penalty the red card incident would never have happened. 🙄
  11. I think Tiffoney is stronger than he looks. I've seen him hold off big guys in the few games he's been given a chance. The upside of him looking fragile of course is that he's more likely to have the foul given. I remember big Kenny Deuchar often getting battered in games and getting nothing because of his build.
  12. Incompetent refereeing is killing us this season. Never seems to be in our favour either.
  13. Aye, apart from Livi having to play the second half with 10 men.
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