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  1. In the Games Livi played v Hearts I couldn't see what the hype was re Aaron Hickey.
  2. Without the dying swan act from Furuhashi that is a handbags incident with two players having a wee go at each other. Both booked. Play on. Sportsmanship doesn't exist in football any more when you see that kind of cheating going on. I'm remembering di Canio catching the ball v Everton when their goalkeeper went down injured. Bygone days.
  3. He stood on his foot for gawd sake. Your description is as dramatic as the scream and rolling by Glass who miraculously was ok after a team of medics ministered to him.
  4. Behave yourself. County go down if anyone brushes past them. Almost as bad as Hibs.
  5. I'd rather pay and get the game uninterrupted. What's the rationale behind the decision not to do a paid stream?
  6. I've never missed a Celtic/Livi game since Livi were formed. I'd have paid for this but Celtic have prevented that. Only team in the league restricting viewing games to their own fans. Mean.
  7. To be fair he's got everyone bar Hibs fans foaming. Cheating is no nice.
  8. Robbed of 2 points last season at Easter Road by diver par excellence Scott Allan. It's endemic at Hibs. Got to thank you for teaching big Marv how it's done. He gets fouls given for falling over every game. He does it so well.
  9. He certainly seems to have mastered the art of getting free kicks for very little.
  10. Hopefully Guthrie will recover for the weekend. According to Martindale he wasn't injured. He didn't feel well.
  11. The decision should be made by the SPFL. Its unfair to leave it up to either of the teams concerned. If the decision made was that the game was to be postponed I wouldn't be over the moon about it but I'd accept it.
  12. We took 8 games to get our first 5 points and got 6 in our last two. Hope we've found our way at last.
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