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  1. Probably because they have reverted to 18 tickets instead of a draw-down balance.
  2. This is all assuming that DGW's wages came out of the general playing budget pot. There are plenty of past stories of individuals picking up the tab for select players in order to ever be able to afford them. in fact was it not a classic example of the John Brown <shudder> era that when he left, the "guaranteed" funding for a number of players suddenly got withdrawn, leaving us in a financial hole? So, assuming DGW was funded outside of the budget or that he was subsidised over and above his equal share of the budget, then you need to look at the supporting cast from last year to give you a realistic idea of what we can afford this year if the budget is the same. Also factor in that whatever we received for the DGW transfer, a chunk of that went back to Raith due to the ill conceived load deal that saw us pay 4 or 5 month part salary for 0 appearances.
  3. Maybe we are just that good already? <sarcasm>
  4. The kind of result I was expecting more of this season to be honest, given the squad.
  5. Elsdon selling a goal there after we get back into the game.
  6. Taking the moral high ground with Leigh Griffiths at your club. Really? Where is the backlash against a person asking for photos of an under 16 female and allso complained about for allegedly photographing his female neighbour? Be righteous, but be consistent.
  7. 5-0 Airdrie win or 0-1 shithouse Clyde win. No in-between.
  8. I would agree with you - but have spent most of the game watching seagulls and the centre circle via the live stream
  9. Isn't that the Pyro that the yoof's set off toward the end of the game?
  10. Absolutely horrendous to watch. Parry MOTM for Clyde, everyone else mostly anonymous. Big handball penalty claim denied right at the death.
  11. FFS, Airdrie just refused to win that game. All it took was an arthritic Deeney and a shiter Crouchy to undo all the good work. For shame.
  12. The biggest loser today in the away end. The Stewards will be extending their pinkies as we speak.
  13. Agreed. their sole, focussed job is to scout, assess and recommend a LIST of potential targets. They know when the signing windows are so plenty of time to make enquiries and run it past the manager. To not even announce 1 addition 15 days into a transfer window raises questions and sounds alarms bells. When you do your business early then the fanbase get some comfort that the signings were planned and wanted. A surge of loans at the last minute smacks of desperation at the bset of time but when you have a full time scouting/recruitment team as well.......?
  14. Gregg Wylde scores for Dumbarton. FFS.
  15. Parry has kept us in front. Nothing spectacular, but doing his job.
  16. I'd rather increase the gap on both by 2 points each to help avoid automatic relegation and the playoff spot but I see your point too. Watching the stream today, I'm just incredulous that we are where we are in the table. Not complaining (about the points total) though.
  17. All scores in the Div looking good for us so far.
  18. I was at the game and took the 2 pictures. 2 minutes to kick off was way worse than when he stopped it. If he was so worried he should never have started it. Fair do's, my long sightedness must have been an advantage today then. Agree with your final comment - especially when ref's seem to be more than happy to call off a 3pm game due to a frozen pitch based on an 8am inspection.
  19. I was at the game. First half visibility was much better than second half, possibly helped with some daylight still creeping through. Sun set, fog dropped, lifted a wee bit then dropped again. Game should really have been called before second half started if the ref had any concern.
  20. Great result is the best that can be said for the game. Alloa playing tippy-tappy passing with very little penetration (sound familiar Clyde fans?) and Clyde just chasing the ball around. Main observations from me are: Midfield has no eye for a quick through ball - which Goody is desperate for Ally Love runs himself into the ground - great work ethic Goody, at his height has infinitely more skill and ability at winning headers and holding off big lump defenders than his 6' 7" "strike partner" - it was a masterclass today from DGW on how to win. hold up and release the ball. Jones, just no. I can't even say he ran his socks off like Love. Two decent traps of the ball in 90 mins does not a good performance make. Richie saying that Connor Sammon makes him look handsome is really stretching things
  21. I would say you summed up the game very well there and glad your son enjoyed it.
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