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  1. He's not changed anything on Twitter still plenty of Ayr posts in there, the abuse I heard him getting Saturday through the stream was was out of order. Aye he did seem to be getting a bit of a hard time and seemed to be reacting to it however deleting posts on instagram is pretty weird behaviour particularly when there is a section of the fan base that love him.
  2. I don’t follow him on instagram, did he have Ayr United things up previously? Very weird if he did and shows everything is maybe not well in the camp.
  3. Kissed the badge after scoring in his second game for us while on loan from Motherwell. Bring him home.
  4. Kyle Lafferty would be a very good signing for Killie tbf. Almost single-handedly kept them up last year. Did he not leave on pretty bad terms though?
  5. While I agree Centre Mid is the priority we desperately need a competent centre half. McGinty and Fjortoft have both proven they aren’t good enough for this level and simply can’t be starting games on a regular basis. Moving Muirhead back is an option but I’m not sure it’s the answer. Paul Watson who we have been linked with would be a very dece signing and one I hope we can get over the line. Also badly need a striker in or Afolabi to start performing (unlikely I know). ETA: This is what we require as a bare minimum, there is other positions I think we could do with improving in but this can wait till the summer.
  6. I’m not sure why they’d have an issue with it. There is no televised Scottish cup game at that time. They allowed the games last year to be televised albeit this was when games were strictly BCD.
  7. Has it been confirmed whether there is going to be a stream for the game on Saturday? I can’t make it.
  8. What’s the rules around testing when returning to the UK? I’m travelling to Cancun on 25th January and returning on 4th February. I’m hoping to attend the Ayr game the next day. I take it that’s totally out the question?
  9. Aye on further inspection it certainly looks like it. I’m just desperate for any piece of transfer news
  10. Is this from the Daily Record? Seems the article has been deleted as I can’t find it
  11. Yes. I think the only players contracted beyond this season are: McAdams, McAllister, Gondoh and Fraser Bryden. ETA: Mark McKenzie too
  12. Murdoch and Muirhead are the only ones I can see him being interested in.
  13. He was certainly rated higher than McGinty by Morton fans but they seemed to rate Baird more.
  14. Chalmers was a bit of a pedigree signing though He had played at this level and the level above. I’d doubt anyone that hasn’t watched the David Robertson documentary would have any idea who Mason Robertson is.
  15. Paul Watson would be a cracking signing. Would comfortably be the best centre half at the club* *Well aware that is a pretty low bench mark.
  16. With under two weeks to go until the transfer window closes we still need 3 players as a bare minimum (CB, CM. ST) we don’t really have time to be waiting on players making a decision on whether to come or not. We should be making them an offer with a strict deadline. If they haven’t accepted offer by that deadline then we withdraw it and move on to another target.
  17. I wouldn’t agree with that. We shitfested our way to victory against Arbroath. I do think we are in deep trouble though and we really need as many quality additions as we can get in this window. We don’t have the safety net of Alloa this season and no team looks like they are going to be cut adrift. Morton have improved massively under Imrie and deserved to win on Saturday, Dunfermline will spend big to try and get out this mess, Hamilton looked like they were going to pull away however a poor result on Saturday has sucked them back in. QOS on paper look like the weakest side in the league but they were miles ahead of us at Palmerston last month.
  18. If any Kilmarnock fan tries to say they don’t care about “Wee Ayr” just show them Rugbypark posts on here. Rent fucking free.
  19. Didn’t even realise tickets for the Killie game were on sale
  20. After Davie smith favouriting tweets that were criticising Cammy Smith after he returned from America I can’t see him coming back
  21. RB regardless of whether Houston stays or goes. CB- To replace McGinty, either that or move Muirhead back. CM- To replace Chalmers ST- To replace McKenzie (I know he’s been playing winger recently but expect Gondoh to take his place) Ideally at the end of January we’ll look something like: McAdams New Baird New Reading Gondoh New Murdoch Maxwell Adeloye New Subs- Albinson, Houston, Fjortoft/McGinty, Muirhead, Chalmers, O’Connor, Moffat If we can move on the likes of McAllister (loan), one of McGinty or Fjortoft and Afolabi then even better.
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