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  1. Fucking hell, the fact that Moffat is being talked about just shows you how wrong we have got it in this window.
  2. Is the social club at the ground likely to be open pre match?
  3. Don’t think it was much of a stretch. He was released by Livingston, one of the smaller teams in premier league so natural next step would of been a championship team.
  4. I liked the look of Chalmers at ICT last year and thought he would of been in and about the United 1st team this season however was he not more of a winger than a central forward? I guess him buzzing about off Dipo could maybe work.
  5. Slightly worrying comments from Bullen in press conference, says He’d ideally like to add a couple of players before transfer window closes however not necessary a striker. Could be a winger or a defender. It’s Absoulotely clear to everyone that it’s a striker and a creative, attacking midfielder we need.
  6. I’ve not seen the article so not sure on what context it’s being used but seems a bit pointless to bring up when we haven’t been able to secure them.
  7. Going back to the Robert era did we ever find out the player Lachlan Cameron was talking about who said he’s the only one that’s been at Ayr in his time as chairman that wouldn’t be welcome back? Everyone presumed it was Tiffioney but he replied to someone saying it wasn’t him.
  8. Any time I’ve been to Ochilview we’ve been in the terracing behind the goal. Hoping that’s the case for this visit.
  9. I went into Saturday dreading it and expecting to get turned over by an Arbroath team coming off a very decent league cup campaign where they took 12/12 however I thought we played pretty well certainly better than anything we served up in the league cup. If we had a clinical striker we would of scored at least a couple. Main positives were the performances of Nick McAllister and JML. McAllister performance in this game and Annan away should see him ahead of Houston in the pecking order for the foreseeable. JML also looked very lively and once he’s up to speed should be a massive player for us. The negatives? Our failure to score again. I’m not sure I agree with Bullen when he’s saying he expects it to click with our current crop of forwards. Dipo could be a handful for most defences but I really don’t see him scoring the required amount of goals. It’s crucial we get a striker in asap. Our bench also was quite weak. Not much to come on and turn a game. Think that was evident when Arbroath went down to 10 men we didn’t really have the players to grab the game and get the winner. All in all I left Somerset satisfied with the overall performance but counting it as 2 points dropped as Arbroath were there for the taking.
  10. Ship inn are hoping to run one but not sure on arrangements.
  11. Apparently we’ve spoken to Poplatnik and he supposedly put the welcome to Scotland sign up on his insta story earlier so I’m just putting 2+2 together and probably getting 5.
  12. I’d be surprised if you still aren’t able to get the likes of pies, chips, hot dogs etc. That’s the staple diet of Scottish Football.
  13. What’s the script with supporters busses this season? I know there was talk about the ship running them but surely if this falls through the club will step up and run them from the hub? Bit amateur if we as a full time club don’t have any busses running.
  14. We didn’t treat them like friendlies. It’s just something certain posters on here are trying to claim to try and save face that were Absoulotely miles off it. Its got the “this is fine” meme written all over it.
  15. Has a team ever been booed onto the pitch ahead of their first league game?
  16. Doubt it. Sounds like Bullen is wanting any further signings to have experience of playing in Scotland.
  17. What a belter of a statement this is btw. I can see it now, Bullen during an interview with AU Media at the end of the season “No Callum, the only reason we were relegated was due to negativity from our fans. Nothing to do my management or our signings, nothing at all”
  18. It’s okay but it’s not great. Arbroath have sold around 1200. I get they are coming off a very good season but it’s Arbroath ffs.
  19. If Robbie Crawford was/is the answer I don’t want to know the question tbh. He’s not the type of player we need. It’s a striker and an attacking midfielder we need. At this point I’d be chucking a deal at someone like Gowzie Ugwu. He’s not great but is better than what we currently have. The club keep going on about how everyone is pulling in the same direction and are United but that’s not what I’m seeing at all- this thread is evident of that. They can promise all the off park stuff they like but until there is significant improvement on the pitch then nothing is going to improve Any buzz that was generated from the Partick Thistle game has almost evaporated in my eyes due to our league cup campaign and poor signings.
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