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  1. I did hear it but also heard it being shut down by other fans pretty quickly.
  2. Yeah, his dad is a big Ayr fan, no idea if James is though. He was with out academy before his family moved to the Falkirk area.
  3. Glad I’m not a Pars fan. Sitting at the bottom of the league with 0 (Zero) wins and Peter Grant steering the ship.
  4. You could be right. Airdrie at home is ringing a bell. Games against Airdrie generally seemed to be quite vile.
  5. This. Dig a whole is sung most games and is usually reserved if it’s quite obvious the opposition in mocking it. I’d like to think that wouldn’t be sung if it’s quite a player is seriously injured.
  6. Lawrence Shankland Ryan Stevenson (1st spell) Michael Rose
  7. McAllister getting it right up him is glorious. Not sure what clip is my favourite, that or Aero cupping his ears to the away support.
  8. You can’t really dislike Cammy Salkeld, sure he’s not very good at football but he gives 100% every game. We’ve had plenty of talented players who look they couldn’t give a f**k
  9. Good to see Super Joey Chalmers getting some respect put on his name
  10. Wullie Gibson is typically one of these players who is happy to give it out but can’t take it when fans give it back to him. Dont get me wrong if fans were chanting that he should die in his sleep then they should be called out on it.
  11. What the Wullie Gibson and Aero Muirhead story? People* need to know * I
  12. Turning over Queens in their big cup final. You hate to see it happen.
  13. I have purchased a stream (season ticket details wouldn’t work) and have my code but when I click view match nothing has happend. Tried explorer, chrome and edge.
  14. What internet provider are you with? I’m with BT and having issues.
  15. I’ve just tried the stream on my phone and getting the England message. I’ll try on my laptop once home but how do I get round about this @Finlay21
  16. According to Ayrshire Post, McGinty, Houston, Hewitt and O’Connor are all out.
  17. McGinty, Hewitt, Houston and O’Connor all out according to Ap.
  18. The club also need to be making it clear that this is just a test event and you’ll get in regardless of your vaccination status.
  19. Aye, I’m not sure how they’ve managed to get past the data confidentiality/data protection with this one.
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