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  1. This isn’t a rumour or anything but I’d hope we offer Daniel Armstrong something. He’s from Ayr so a move closer to home May suit him more.
  2. Aye, I know a lot of people myself included are on the fence about renewing their season ticket. A couple of decent signings could convince people.
  3. I see he did have a loan spell at Livingston in 2017-2018 when Hopkin was manager there.
  4. I heard he was Dundee bound. Have you heard different? That would be a terrific piece of business.
  5. As I said with us having five of last seasons imposters in the starting 11. All 6 of our new signings simply have to work out or were in big trouble.
  6. I’m pretty worried about it. He’s said he wants 6 new players which already has alarm bells ringing as it means we’re going to have 5 of the imposters from last season starting. We simply need to get every signing we make spot on.
  7. I still think McKenzie is a bit raw and could do with a loan to a league 1 club for the first half of next season.
  8. Hopkin has said he wants 6 new players. Every one of these players need to come in and make a positive impact or we could be in deep trouble again.
  9. There’s yer Mark Durnan left Falkirk. Back 3 of him, McGinty and Buchanan sending us straight to league 1
  10. Going to be class when Gregor Buchanan and Sean McGinty are our centre half pairing next season.
  11. Get any talk of Sean McGinty straight in the bin. If that is the level of signings that Hopkin is targeting then we can prepare for another relegation battle. ETA: Only players I’d be happy to see us sign from Morton who are out of contract is Kyle Jacobs and Aidan McAdams.
  12. Hopkin in the AP saying we want up to 6 new players (Personally I think we need a good few more than that but here we are), Tom Walsh will be spoken to about a new deal. Luke McCowan is weighing up options from elsewhere. ETA: Also says a few deals are quite far down the line and there should be news soon. It mentions planning to overhaul the heart of defence.
  13. As much as Zanatta was shite letting Craig McGuffie go was the correct decision. Not good enough for this level.
  14. We need another 2 without a doubt. Can’t rely on Moore to stay fit and I also wouldn’t be against loaning McKeznie out for the first half of the season.
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