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  1. First time on here since Tuesday. Fully expected to be logging on to see we’d sign at least 1 or 2 players but hey ho. 4 days of the window to go and still 3 players short.
  2. I’m going to Mexico tomorrow and no idea what the policy is these days of turning of for your flight gassed but if McGinty is off then I’ll be on the cans. I suspect it’ll more likely be Fjortoft if any of our centre backs go.
  3. We now need another centre mid however good to get that imposter off the wage bill.
  4. Slow Joe is his nickname here so make of that what you will.
  5. We won’t be signing Paul Watson . He’s signed an 18 month deal with Falkirk.
  6. I keep seeing this line being trotted out by certain posters on here and it’s simply nonsense. ideally we’d want to move the fringe players on but like you say who would want them? We simply can’t afford to be relegated this year. If we are then we will be down in league 1 for years and crowds will dwindle.
  7. If your meaning on a technicality then yes he is a new signing but he shouldn’t be classed as one. If the club are classing signings from the academy as new signings then I’d say that’s very disingenuous.
  8. Nah, you simply cannot class a player who has been promoted from the academy as a new signing.
  9. The January Transfer Window has been a complete shambles so far. We’ve lost a player who most of our fans rated and replaced him with an unknown. He may turn out to be decent but it remains to be seen At the start of the window I was of the opinion that we needed 3 new players as a bare minimum and also replace any player that leaves. It’s looking highly unlikely this is going to happen.
  10. Morton have improved massively since appointing Imrie, whether that’s down to the new manager bounce or not remains to be seen but if it isn’t then I fully expect them to go on and overtake us. Dunfermline will chuck cash at it and should be alright The only team I can realistically see us finishing above unless we get at least 3 players in is QOTS and even that isn’t guaranteed as they looked mikes ahead us of at Palmerston.
  11. Like D’Jaffo says any other article I’ve seen says it’s a loan.
  12. A medical gets done regardless of whether it’s a loan or a permanent.
  13. I’d argue can we afford not to get 3 players in? Without getting a CB, CM and Striker in we’re almost certainly going down. We also need the Adeloye situation resolved asap. The quotes of we might get 1/2 in is very worrying. I hope it’s just a case of the club understating as a negotiation tool.
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