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  1. Musonda has been a great signing for us. Only mistake I can remember him making was actually against you at Starks where he was turned far too easily by your striker. He’s currently injured. I’m currently abroad so not sure if anything has been said about when he’s due back. Hopefully sooner rather than later as our other centre half, Alex Kirk was stretched off last weekend and is expected to be out for 2-3 months. Our only other centre half is Sean McGinty who seems to be the scapegoat with most of our fans.
  2. Hope we smash these diddys. Ruin their big night out.
  3. Aye, Kirk being out for that length of time is a massive blow and one that risks derailing our entire season. We’re going to have to limp to January with Musonda (who is currently injured and pretty injury prone according to Raith fans) and McGinty who can be okay is prone to bomb scare moments. We’re probably now looking at needing 2 centre half’s and a right back in January.
  4. Think it was the fact that he played on after the knock that really fucked him. Hopefully we got Chalmers off the pitch early enough.
  5. Was it not confirmed as concussion? Reeks slightly of the Craig Moore situation. Hopefully not as severe.
  6. Doubt Thiste will empty McCall as much as I’d love to see it. He’s a yes man for Jacqui Low and co.
  7. What we thinking? Dobbies for a real tree or do we go for an artificial one that we can use again next year?
  8. Couldn’t make it up today, watched it on a dodgy stream with a dodgy camera so no idea how we actually played. Couldn’t care less though given the result This group of players and coaching staff are really likeable and one we can get behind.
  9. The thought of winning the league still seems mental to me given we’ve narrowly avoided relegation the past two season however I’ve seen every team and there’s not one I’ve seen who look better than us. In the games we’ve lost it’s more down to a poor performance from us than anything the opposition has done. There is probably about 7 teams who will feel they have a chance of the title/play off spot. You’d think Dundee, Thistle and Queens Park will have the spending power to significantly strengthening but given their is a real ambition from our club at the moment I’d expect us to do the same. I fully expect us to be in the mix come the end of the season but maybe a bit early yet to book the Low green
  10. Darren Brownlie was terrible for us and while still employed at Ayr said he wished he had stayed at Motherwell. f**k him imo.
  11. A solid enough pairing that seen you relegated to league 1? Okay m9.
  12. After the Talbot debacle I’m taking nothing for granted. I’m sure you boys will bring a decent support.
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