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  1. Top of the league v Wee Morton

    Another big game for us. With United and County not playing it’s a massive chance for us to open the gap up to 7 points. We’ll probably need to perform better than we did on Saturday to do that- Morton are of similar level to QOS. We pumped them 5-1 up there which was glorious scenes but I can’t see the scoreline being as comfortable this time. Teamwise id go: Doohan Smith Bell Rose Harvie McDaid Kerr Murdoch Forrest Moffat Shankland Subs- Hare-Reid, Geggan, Adams, Docherty, Crawford, McGuffie, Moore Murdoch to put in another MOTM performance once again showing that it was the worst thing Ray McKinnon done in his short time with the club getting rid of him. Shankland to end his mini 2 game goal drought.
  2. Top of the league v Wee Morton

    Cheers Brother. Congrats on the win yesterday, love life, hate fife #AyrKirk
  3. Ayr v Queens

    Bit of a disappointing game yesterday. Queens came to Somerset looking for a point and they got it so fair play to them for that. Given the fact they pumped us at Palmerston I’d of thought they would of had more of a go against us. Before the game it was built up as the Lawrence Shankland v Stephen Dobbie shoot out but in reality both were off the boil. Can’t remember Dobbie doing much other that hitting the inside of the post from a shot out of nowhere, just shows the talent he’s got that he can create something from nothing. Luckilky for us, Ross County got beat however a draw would of probably been the perfect result in that game as Dundee United have really picked up since getting a competent manager. Neither County or United are playing on Saturday so a chance to open up more of a gap.
  4. Yes. Crawford has been gash recently and I don’t fancy Forrest on the wing and for some reason McCall doesn’t seem to fancy McDaid. I’d also loan out McGuffie to a Stranraer level team.
  5. January is massive for us, obviously the key is keeping Lawrence Shankland. McCall basically hinted that if we received a bid in the region of £250,000 we’d accept it. Luckily however I don’t think many(if any) teams would be willing to offer that for a player who can be signed for free at the end of the season. I fully expect David Ferguson to be moved on. He’s a decent enough player but is currently miles behind Liam Smith and Daniel Harvie who are both similar age to him. Also got Andy Geggan and Finn Ecrepont as options there. It may be slightly controversial but I wouldn’t be against moving on Ross Docherty. He hasn’t been fit all season and even if he was I don’t think he would be able to displace Kerr and Murdoch from the team. We again have the likes of Crawford, Geggan, Adams and Bell who can all play there. As he still remains club captain I suspect he will be kept. As for incomings I’d like to see a CB and winger brought in.
  6. Heard a wee rumour today from one of my mates that were looking at bringing in Joe Cardle, said he can sign just now but can’t play until January. Been released from Fylde.
  7. Ayr v Queens

    12(Twelve) points behind us already.
  8. Ayr v Queens

    Jamie Adams and Andy Geggan out for today so Ferguson and Higgins (if fit) to go on the bench. If Higgins is fit I’d bring him on for the last 10/15 minutes. I’m sure he’ll get a good reception from the Queens fans still in the ground.
  9. It appears the Super have went continental. Gerry McCabe has an absoulote stauner for us.
  10. Proof that Junior Football is an absoulote shambles. If we don’t stick brackets passed this rabble then McCall has a lot to answer for.
  11. Ayr v Queens

    The first of two back to back home games for us. We have a 100% win record at home and I’d be hugely disappointed if that changes on Saturday. Luckily I was on holiday when the teams met at Palmerston earlier in the season but I’ve put that down to a bad day at the office for us/ Dobbie being unplayable on the day. McCall again has a lot of touch choices to make, Who partners Michael Rose at the back? For me Him and Bell are our best partnership. Who partners Shankers up front? I didn’t think Moore was great on Saturday but it would extremely harsh to drop him after him scoring the winner although it was a tad fortunate with the goalkeeping error and lastly who plays on the wings. Personally I don’t think Geggan gives us enough going forward when he’s on the right wing. To summarise I’d go: Doohan Smith Bell Rose Harvie McDaid Kerr Murdoch Forrest Moore Shankland Subs- Hare-Reid, Geggan, Adams, Docherty, Crawford, McGuffie, Moffat. Queens Fans- Do you lot still take they weird rattle things to away games? Weird bunch.
  12. FIFA 19

    Everyone else’s servers fucked then?