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  1. ***Me coming onto the thread seeing it’s ‘Hot’ and expecting some transfer discussion only to be disappointed it’s DKB painfully trying to troll***
  2. Apologies if this has already been discussed as I’ve not read the thread however how many more players do you think we’ll bring in? I’d say we’re 2 possibly 3 players short. We need to bring in a centre half and an attacking midfielder as a must however another striker would also be ideal but not essential imo. If everyone is fit we’re probably looking at something like this: McAdams Houston Musonda McGinty Reading Murdoch Dempsey Bangala O’Connor Akinyemi Mitchell-Lawson Subs: Albinson Ecrepont McAllister Hewitt Smith McKenzie Ashford Bryden Moffat
  3. At airport waiting on flight home from London. Delighted with Musonda, JML is obviously an unknown. Slightly disappointed #Sibbz hasn’t been announced yet.
  4. Sitting bored at the airport waiting on a delayed flight home so have added our two recent signings Frankie Musonda and Jayden Mitchell-Lawson who have both signed two year deals. Have also updated the ages of all the squad accurate as of 30/06/22. Club have posted a few pictures from our recent preseason friendlies so I’ll go through these in the coming days and add/amend any squad number changes I can see.
  5. Surely if we’re signing both Sibbald and Crawford then Sibbald would play on the wing (where he played a lot of the time for Falkirk IIRC) and Crawford as the most advanced in a midfield three of him, Murdoch and Dempsey.
  6. In an ideal world it will be Dempsey and Murdoch with Sibbald further forward. A front 3 of Akinyemi and another wide with Adeloye through the middle. Ashford and O’Connor also fighting to get one of the wide spots.
  7. Aye, if there is genuine interest in Gyasi and this guy it suggests we will be going with a front three this season.
  8. If we re-sign Tomi and sign Craig Sibbald then we’re sorted in the attacking and midfielder areas. All we’d be be requiring then would be 2 centre backs and were sorted. I’d imagine any further additions would be loans.
  9. Disagree with this, need to be in for the Elgin game imo. If they are then fair enough.
  10. If we’re seriously saying the like of Sibbald and Popescu are unrealistic signing targets then we might as well throw the towel in as it’s going to be another season of turgid shite.
  11. Popescu would be a very good signing for us. Had a really good season for Accies last year. He’s been released by Hearts and I’d of said Accies would be in pole position to get his signature but they are in total disarray just now and I’d be disappointed if we haven’t at least approached him. On Charlie Fox I know nothing about him however QP fans seem really keen on him re-signing. Given QP we’re able to outbid us for Dom Thomas then I suspect if it came down to a straight shout out between us and then then he will go there.
  12. Not sure if it’s common knowledge anyway but Ian McCall was on OTB today and you apparently close to signing 3 players. Two loanees and a Goalkeeper.
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