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  1. The apathy towards the club due to the managerial decision has started to set in hence the poor crowds. The only thing that is going to increase crowds is getting back to winning.
  2. Watto, I think you’d be better suited to cricket or rugby if you get offended by a part time footballer giving it the giruy. Personally I love that sort of behaviour.
  3. Is he likely to be backed in January though? Has he been told there is money available to strengthn?
  4. As poor as were were I don’t think we can be overly critical. The conditions were a complete shambles and it was a lottery at times.
  5. If a dug meat Partick Thistle team can go up here and win then surely we have a chance.
  6. Was thinking this earlier if we had Shankland (fully fit) just now do you think we would win the league this season?
  7. Just watched the interview with Kerr. Calum from au media makes reference to 3 possibly 4 players being our long term. Who are the 4? Adams and Murdoch are obviously two. One isn’t Bell as he makes reference to Bell being back on Saturday. ETA: Is one Ross? I know he’s gone back to Aberdeen but unless the loan gets terminated he’s still available for us right up until January.
  8. I think you’ll find I praised the club/squad after our wins against Partick and Morton? But never mind im Mr Negative. It’s a football forum for people to express their opinions. If I’m constantly negative towards the club then why am I constantly defending them whether opposition fans have a go at the ticket system? Think your comment is therefore unfair @Robbo63
  9. Nah, I don’t think so. McIntyre is an experienced manager I think we would need to have paid him more than what we’re paying for Mark Kerr.
  10. I have a season ticket but the scanners at the turnstiles at hospitality weren’t working. Boy was just marking it on a bit of paper.
  11. Aye your spot on. I’d rather the team I support gets beat so I can be proven right on an Internet forum with people I don’t know.
  12. He was the cheap and easy option. It’s quite obvious. Already at the club.
  13. Yes and we have lost 3 of them. What’s your point caller?
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