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  1. Hopefully the first of a few.
  2. The closer this game gets the more I’m dreading it. I genuinley think we could be on the end of a 6/7- 0 thrashing.
  3. Till the end of the season. Only players signed beyond then are Harvie, Ferguson, Docherty and Ecrepont.
  4. Despite being full time we’re still a fucking shambles off the pitch.
  5. McCall confirming on BBC Sportsound that Michael Rose was down at Coventry today to sign a pre contract with Coventry City. Geggan and Shankland going for scans.
  6. January Ins and Outs thread

    Ross County sign Callum Semple (Sheffield United) and Daniel Armstrong (Raith Rovers).
  7. There better be some news in the Ayrshire Post this weekend. Ross county and Dundee United have both stengthned significantly and McCall is sitting with his finger up his arse.
  8. Surely If we’re loaning him out this week then we’ll have at least one player signed before Friday.
  9. Atmosphere at games.

    Well that’s clearly not true. The atmosphere at home is dire however the away atmosphere is very dece.
  10. Aye, in fairness if we were to go out and beat Dundee United and ICT then that would go along way to getting the positivity back.
  11. Right....The dust is starting to settle on what was an embarrassing result for our club yesterday. Was it the worst result in our history? Quite possibly, it was certainly the worst one I can recall in 20 years supporting the team. The past eighteen months or so has been great supporting this club but there is no doubt yesterday result puts a massive dampner on that. The players have quite rightly received lots of plaudits recently but there’s no doubt every single one of them deserves stick for yesterday’s performance and I’m afraid they are going to have to suck it up and come back better due to the experience. Where do we go from here? It’s difficult to say. While we have dug meat from about 7 weeks or so so have the other challengers and there is no doubt we are still for the moment in the title race. This week is a massive week for us, Dundee United at home on Friday followed by ICT also at home. I think we’ll have a fair idea come then whether or not we have a chance of the title or will be clinging on for a playoff place come then. It was quite evident yesterday that we need a few faces in to freshen things up. The signing of Bell last January was massive and really pushed us on to the next level, hopefully similar happens this month. We definitely tried to sign Erskine so there must be some money there. A signing this week would give the fans a bit of a lift ahead of Dundee United. Our result yesterday has probably knocked a couple of hundred of the attendance. This may be a long shot and slightly unreasonable but as an apology for yesterday it would be nice to see the club subsidise some of the £ for the buses for our next away game.
  12. There’s more chance of me shagging Ariana Grande than us getting even a draw from this.
  13. A few reasons 1) We are on a shite run of form which is showing no signs of changing 2) We’ve got injuries- No idea when Shankland is going to be back. Didn’t sound like he’ll be back for Friday 3) Doesn’t look like we’re signing anyone and if we do McCall has only said there will be 1. Based on today that will not be enough.
  14. Will probably just watch this game in the house with a couple of pints. Our season is finished as far as I’m concerned.
  15. Yeah it’s as if losing to Junior Jobbers should just be laughed off.