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  1. His level being the Championship. So not a player you'd be interested in? No.
  2. Iain Davidson is an awful, awful football player. Connor Murray has looked pretty decent anytime I’ve seen him. Michael Doyle has found his level at Queens.
  3. If Craig McGuffie is anywhere near our starting 11 next season we can look out the bucket and spades already.
  4. Well that’s extremely disappointing. Sounds like they aren’t able/willing to back McCall in trying to build a team to compete for the title.
  5. What did we all have for dinner tonight then? Homemade burgers and chips for me.
  6. Aye, interestingly enough I think this is the first time since he’s joined that McCall has had a dig at the board. He’s clearly ambitious and wants to take us to the prem but is unsure if the board will give him funds to do this. Hopefully a reasonable compromise is done ASAP to allow us to build a squad for next season.
  7. Quote from McCall in AP “all signing targets are on hold until he can sit down and crunch proper numbers”. Also said we’ve already lost Smith, rose and Shankland so not wanting to break up entire squad and start again. Also reiterated what he said to au media on Saturday, he can’t be bothered building a squad for 8th and he wants to have a go at winning it. Had a slight dig at the board saying better dialogue from the top is needed in terms of what he can and cannot do with regards to targeting players for next season. Jamie Adams has been offered a appearance based deal.
  8. Hope the Dabs win this and gain promotion. The way I see it is they have a far superior budget to anyone else in this league (other than than the already promoted RC) and with them going up and hopefully Hamilton Accies coming down it will be a much more level playing field next season with all teams on fairlyish similar budgets.
  9. And rightfully so, With the likes of Dunfermline and Morton having budget cuts we have a big chance to make a push for the title/top 4. Hopefully Dundee United go up at the expense of Hamilton and the league will be wide open next season.
  10. As @RedEd says, the top 4 get into Europe.
  11. Rudden would be a very decent signing but surely given he’s had a year at this level if Rangers were looking to loan him out again it would be to a bottom half premiership club?
  12. Wonder when we will find out who’s been let go/offered new deals for next season.