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  1. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    Really confident about Saturday. Got Ayr 5-0 at 33/1 and Ayr 6-0 at 66/1
  2. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    After Saturdays result and performance I’m totally buzzing to get to Coatbridge (first time anyone has uttered that sentence.) McCall has hinted we’ll rotate the squad a bit throughout the group stages. Docherty is also back in full training so would give him half an hour from the bench on Saturday with a view of giving him 60 minutes against Stenny midweek. i’d go: DoohanFerguson Rose Bell Harvie McDaid Murdoch McCowan Crawford Moore Shankland Subs; Hare-Reid, Geggan, Kerr, Docherty, McGuffie, Forrest, Moffat Prediction:- Got nothing against Albion Rovers as a club but after one of their posters on here accusing us of racist chanting on our last visit to Coatbridge I hope we smash 8 past them. No mercy.
  3. Didn’t no drug dealing was your thing.
  4. The Carrick is the place to be my friend.
  5. My man. Fancy a pint in Maybole sometime?
  6. Aye, draped in the Stars and Stripes flag wearing my #makemaybolegreatagain hat.
  7. Slag Maybole off, I dare you.
  8. Not much knew information. Said he wants to sign a CB in the next couple of weeks.
  9. I’m at the hospitality suite tonight, will probably pick something up from the Eighty 8 before heading home.
  10. How about logging off here, throwing all your internet-connected devices in the sea and never posting again? Harsh. but fair.
  11. Claims to not know who Ally Morrison is but knows who Dryhorce is. Interesting developments.