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  1. The scary thing is, you never know. Nobody saw Kerr coming, and it was his good interview that got him the job. If Strain gets an interview... The board will know themselves that Mark Kerr was the wrong appointment at the wrong time. They’ll surely know it’s an experienced guy at this level they need.
  2. He certainly applied last time. Not sure if he got as far as an interview. I’d hope not.
  3. Not wanting Peter Murphy. Hasn’t done anything at Annan which suggests he’ll do well here.
  4. James McFadden is a horrific shout. It’s an experienced manager we need not a punt.
  5. If Stewart Petrie is even slightly interested we should be going and getting him asap
  6. Doubtful. Cameron was always far too loyal with managers.
  7. For appointing a women as manager? It’s the 21st century mate. Get a fucking grip of yourself.
  8. Ian McCall won’t be our new manager and I’m pretty glad about that. Best keeping the past in the past.
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