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  1. Aye but we were in league 1 that season and Dumbarton were the 2nd seeds so makes it even more remarkable that we won the group.
  2. Thanks for narrowing that down for us given there is 3 league 2 sides in our group.
  3. It seems all other groups have their own thread so let’s go. We really should be progressing from this.
  4. Am I right in thinking top seeds always play 2nd Seeds at home last game? If so hopefully we also get Stranraer away. Annan away would be decent so no doubt we’ll get Albion Rovers.
  5. A massive cheer just erupted from the Corner Pocket.
  6. What makes you think that? Fans apparently allowed back in September
  7. Presuming fans are allowed to attend Kilmarnock, Partick, Stranraer and Albion Rovers would be the dream. Kilmarnock and AR at home with Stranraer and Partick away.
  8. The young team absoulotely hate the much more successful Ayr United so much so they were caught singing anti-Ayr United songs in a Scottish cup tie against Aberdeen. A bizzare episode.
  9. If it is Kieran Wright then that would explain why he’s started following us on twitter but didn’t Robbo hint that it maybe wasn’t him
  10. Wonder if we will have an interview with Kerr tonight after these two signings? He alluded in his last interview that we were wanting 5 more so obviously with these two signings needing another 3 (GK, CM, ST). If I’m being greedy I’d also like to see another CB and Winger come in.
  11. Been confirmed by Voice that Michael Miller has signed a two year deal.
  12. Surely in a 4-2-3-1 formation (which I’ve decided were playing next season so no arguments) both the centre mids will be required to sit back while the front 3 buzz about each other?
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