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  1. According to AP Cammy Smith will hopefully recover in time for Saturday and Tom Walsh has a chance of making the squad.
  2. Just a pity she didn’t sign the petition to save the badge.
  3. Straight after a game emotions are usually running high.
  4. I’ll give you Hearts, Dundee and Dunfermline but I think our budget will be fairly similar to Inverness.
  5. For me it should be Muirhead and Baird until January and we can evaluate the state of play then. We giving up on Cameron and Anderson already? I thought Cameron changed the game in our favour when he came on against ICT. He was really poor yesterday as were the whole team. Anderson is a weird one, dunfermline fans raved about him and he started off on fire albeit against poor opposition however since then he’s cut a frustrated figure up front.
  6. This is a great post and sums up my feelings better than I could ever post. I still maintain that Kerr should never have been appointed and was the cheap/easy option and the jury is still very much out on him and is probably edging closer to the GTF than the Kerr in at the moment. We’ve looked a shambles defensively in most of our games so far and this has been particularly highlighted in our games against Morton (which like @WATTOO says has probably been our best performance so far) and yesterday against Livingston. We really should of signed another centre half when Bell decided to move on. Ive deleted my comment from last night as it was maybe slightly harsh on Kerr however his post match interview was very disappointing and he did seem to be passing off yesterday performance as a one off which clearly wasn’t the case. We have been ranged from poor to meh in the majority of games this season. ETA: I fear where we’d be without Cammy Smith. A very dece player. Hope his ‘knock’ doesn’t keep him out too long.
  7. Sinisalo is a strange one. He can pull off a remarkable save then 10 seconds later start flapping at a ball. From what I’ve seen so far I’d say he’s a good shot stopper but not great at commanding his area.
  8. Roscoe is far, far worse than Baird. Both are shite though
  9. Make sure you have ticked to agree to terms and conditions. It’s easily missed.
  10. Another good listen. Moff is a top boy. Our next game is Alloa away. Raith is the following week.
  11. Happily. I love that guy. Aye, Kerr confirmed both are eligible. Apparently the knock out stage of this competition is regarded as a different competition to the group stages.
  12. I see excitement has reached fever pitch for this one. I’m looking forward to it and think it should be a really tight game. The game last season certainly was an end to end battle which could of went either way. Teamwise I’d mix it up a bit as we really have nothing to lose imo. I’d go with a 4-3-1-2 with Cameron and Anderson upfront together and Cammy Smith playing behind them. How are Livingston fans feeling ahead of this? Happy Holt is away? How have the ex Ayr boys done?
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