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  1. While your here, Hows Craig McGuffie looked for you?
  2. Aye. He got 13 minutes.
  3. Had a look at the fixtures: Inverness play Partick tonight and Alloa at home on Tuesday. Dunfermline play Dundee United on Tuesday. If results go against us we possibly will need to take at least a point next Friday night at EEP to avoid dropping out the playoffs.
  4. That really is a class piece of business. I have no doubts that he’d have offers from higher up the food chain. Fair play to McCall and the board for getting it over the line. AFAIA, that’s us got Muirhead, Harvie, Ferguson, Murdoch, Docherty, , McGuffie and Ecrepont signed up. From the rest I’d only look at getting Moffat, McDaid, Kerr and Geggan signed up the rest can go. Would obviously love to get Doohan back on loan.
  5. The Race for the Play-Offs

    You being one of them?
  6. The Race for the Play-Offs

    Not sure we’ve got a “solid platform to improve”. Our better players will all likely leave and we’ll be left with the poorer players.
  7. Second was gone long before last night. We’re destined to finish 5th.
  8. The Race for the Play-Offs

    It’s not the fact we will have missed out on the top 4 it’s the manner in what we will have done it. As already said ourselves and Ross county, Dundee United were comfortably ahead of the rest a few months ago. Take your own mob for example, You have been pretty awful for a large part of the season however it’s looking likely you’ll finish above us. I think it’s just getting a bit stale with McCall, His inability/unwillingness to play players in there correct position really annoys me. Teams have worked out the way we play and we have no Plan B.
  9. The Race for the Play-Offs

    Disagree with this. While at the start of the season it hink every Ayr fan would have taken survival targets change given how good the team are doing. Ourselves, Dundee United and Ross County have been comfortably ahead of the rest for the majority of the season so for us not to make the playoff would be a complete embarrasment. If we don’t make them it will have meant we’ve bottled it and McCall should be sacked.
  10. 6870 v 89 Title Decider

    Any excuse to get back to the Student union
  11. 6870 v 89 Title Decider

    This on Alba or anything tomorrow night?
  12. From our remaining games I think if we manage to win 3 or 4 of them we’ll probably be in the playoffs. I also don’t buy the argument about having a small squad. When everyone is fit we have a squad of 23(3 of them currently out on loan) plus some youngsters. If anything I’d say we have a larger than most squad in the league.
  13. The Race for the Play-Offs

    What ones?
  14. Ayr v Queens

    With ICT games tonight being postponed this is now a massive to chance to put a bit of breathing space between ourselves and them. Dunfermline host Dundee United so one of them is going to drop points. We have something like two wins in 13( I can’t even be bothered going to check) while Qots have lost seven games on the bounce so this has shitefest written all over it. A draw should see both teams immediately demoted to the Lowland league. I’m not confident at all- Loser mentality has well and truly set in with this bunch and is showing no signs of lifting. On paper and given the form QOTS current form this is probably the easiest game we have left and if we can’t get the win then we simply don’t deserve to be in the promotion playoffs. Teamwise Forrest is back in the squad after a long injury layoff which is a massive boost however Geggan and Moore remain out but are both expected to be back for Dunfermline game. I know QOS are in the middle of a bit of an injury crisis. Big fan of Nicky Low and Josh Todd so I’m glad they are out. GN will also have a bit of a decision to make in regards to who starts in goals after the incident with Alan Martin on Saturday. From our perspective I’d like to see us line up: Doohan Smith Muirhead Rose Harvie Miller Kerr Murdoch McDaid Moffat Shankland Subs:- Hare Reid, Adams, Bell, Docherty, Crawford, Cadden, Forrest. Watch us start Crawford/Murdoch wide and have 3(Three) wingers sitting on the bench.
  15. 6 Nations Prediction Game 2019

    Italy vs France Result = France Points = Over Margin = 8+ 1st Score = Kick, France Tries = 4+ MotM = Back, Fofana Wales vs Ireland Result = Wales Points = Under Margin = 0-7 1st Score = Kick, Wales Tries = 4+ MotM = Back, Liam Williams England vs Scotland Result = England Points = Over Margin = 8+ 1st Score = Try, England Tries = 4+ MotM = Back, Elliot Daly