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  1. So you’ve bought an extra ticket, realised you don’t need it and are now not going to sell it at face value meaning someone who is crying out for a ticket misses out. Poor show.
  2. Alan Lithgow was decent enough for us, one of the better ones that season however if you told me back then that in a few years he’d be a starting CB in the premiership i’d of laughed in your face. Looking back that was a really shite time to support the club, we made the playoffs that year despite being dugmeat and that was during the spell where we were losing players to the likes of Stenny and Brechin.
  3. Alloa vs Ayr

    You’re a dribbling simpleton who has an almighty stauner for claiming to be ITK.
  4. Alloa vs Ayr

    Cheers for this. I’ll be lumping the house on a Ayr win now.
  5. Alloa vs Ayr

    Missed the last two games while on holiday so looking forward to the Super hopefully being Super. Alloa have had an okay start to the season with impressive draws away to Inverness and Dunfermline and a decent point at home to the Arabs however they will be wanting to secure their first win of the season asap to drop this ‘The next Brechin City’ tag which has properly unfairly but understandably been attached to them. Big Jim Goodwin had McCalls number last season, securing 7/12 points from us. I still wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweats thinking about the infamous 2-1 defeat in the 2nd last game of the season. Had Raith not bottled it the following week then I reckon I’d be receiving full on councilling at this stage. That was the single worst I’ve ever felt leaving a game of football and I include losing to Killie at Hampden and Harry Kane’s last minute equaliser in that. I genuinely thought the league was over for us and it would be another season in the seaside leagues for us. I’m not convinced Alloa are any stronger this season than they were last game. They have lost the likes of Callum Crane, Ross Stewart and Jamie McCart who were among their better players and I’m not sure they have replaced them with better quality. Id be disappointed with anything less than three points and with the top two facing each other in a Highland derby it’s a massive chance to move up at least once league position. Teamwise id go: Doohan Geggan Rose Bell Smith Forrest Kerr Murdoch Crawford Moffat Shankland Subs: Hare-Reid, Ferguson, Higgins, Docherty, McGuffie, McDaid, Moore
  6. Ayr vs Falkirk

    I'll be on a plane home from San Diego when this game is being played. Also missed the QOS game so hoping that was just a bad day at the office and we'll bounce back on Saturday. Teamwise I'd go: Doohan Smith Rose Adams Ferguson McDaid Kerr Murdoch Crawford Moffat Shankland Subs: Hare-Reid, Geggan, Bell, Docherty, Forrest , McGuffie, Moore
  7. Ayr vs Falkirk

    Falkirk are a bunch of top boys. Had Morten fans seething all week and fucking hate the Pars. I obviously hope we win this game however if we drop points to kick start Raymond's revolution then I would be ok with it.
  8. People still not understanding that even if we beat Queens Park we wouldn't of been guaranteed to play TNS I see.
  9. No apology, no surrender brother.
  10. QOS fans gagging to form some sort of rivalry with us. Very Sad.
  11. Queens v Ayr

    We're still a bigger club than QOTS tbf.
  12. Queens v Ayr

    Who should Higgins replace on the bench? Presuming Adams starts?
  13. Queens v Ayr

    Have you not heard? James Forrest is signing tomorrow.
  14. Queens v Ayr

    Good to see McCall has a fully fit squad to pick from for the the first time this season. I’ve thought long and hard about the team and and I’d go: Doohan Smith Rose Adams Harvie Forrest Kerr Murdoch Crawford Moffat Shankland Subs: Hare- Reid, Geggan, Bell, Docherty, McDaid, McGuffie, Moore If McCall decides not to play Adams on plastic then I expect Bell to come in and Higgins to replace him on the bench. Realise this is extremely harsh on Geggan who was very good on Saturday but in Smith we’ve got potentially the best RB in the league.