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  1. That is now the case. Think it was the English FA who made the decision.
  2. To think we were laughing at Killie for playing a suspended player in the league cup. If we do get chucked out (and I don’t see a scenario where we don’t) you’d like to think the club will arrange refunds for the fans who attended although that could be problematic as I think they just bought the tickets through Rangers website.
  3. That’s a fucking minter from the club. Really disappointing as we had a good chance of making at least the semis.
  4. While I agree Albinson did nothing wrong to merit being dropped , McAdams done nothing wrong vs Raith to merit being dropped either. As much as I agreed with most of duffys changes on Saturday that is the one change I didn’t understand. McAdams is a very decent keeper at this level and we don’t want him becoming irritated at lack of game time.
  5. Looking at getting train up to this one. What station is best to get off at Hamilton? Central or West?
  6. Just listened to David Smith interview with Graham Spiers and I don’t think Yogi Hughes is going to be our new manager sadly. While he recognises that this would be a very popular choice amongst the fan base he also talks about wanting to a manager who buys into the project and will be with the club for years to come. I’m not convinced that will be Hughes. Hope I’m wrong
  7. I’d certainly hope that’s the case. I’d be disappointed if Yogi and/or Neil McCann haven’t been sounded out about the job. I see Darren Young’s East fife team now sit bottom of league 1 following a 5-0 thrashing against Dumbarton so I think we can jump off that bus.
  8. I’m not overly keen on having Duffy long term as I think him (and the other 2) were part of the problem with Hopkin however if we continue with similar performances and results to yesterday then we can’t really complain if he gets the job to the end of the season. It does need to be mentioned how bad Dunfermline were yesterday though. My main worry is the club haven’t even advertised the job. Are we just seeing how Duffy does before we bother?
  9. As much as I sort of agree with your point. If we were to win this cup the kids that witnessed it could be hooked for life. They won’t think “aw well it’s only the challenge cup”
  10. Without getting carried away* there is a good chance we’re making the semis. * We’re winning the lot .
  11. If we beat Rangers B midweek who do we play in the next round. Im sure the route to final has already been paved out
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