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  1. Stagsby is the Salt Bae of the Pie & Bovril crowd. You can't afford his taste, but if you won't pay for his ultimate VIP experience you might as well go home.
  2. White took his goal well, but otherwise was expertly marked by McCarthy. There were at least a handful of dangerous crosses where White was up against McCarthy at the far post but couldn't out-muscle his marker. Mckay was County's best player by a mile. Constantly peeling away into the channels, dragging the St Mirren centre-backs into areas they'd rather not defend. He hasn't showed this kind of form since just before lockdown last March. It's unfathomable that Mckay was taken off at 1-1 with Yogi trying to chase the win. Yogi brought on players better suited to counter-attack, squeezed them high up the pitch, lost control of midfield and got roasted on the break themselves. Atrocious game management, not for the first time. I've lost all confidence in Yogi keeping County up.
  3. I haven't seen any quotes from Yogi about Friday's match. He did a presser that is on the P&J website today, about the standard and attitudes of referees. https://buff.ly/39MpYC0 Some of that would be worthy of a notice of complaint from the SFA if it was in a post-match interview. Some juicy soundbites for the journalists at least, when he will want to avoid talking about performances and results as much as possible.
  4. Ross Draper inexplicably dropped and so Murray Davidson got the freedom of the park. Jim O'Brien utterly phoned it in and Greg Tansey couldn't move. The worst I've seen County play since Willie McStay couldn't buy a goal against Stirling or Cowdenbeath. What a diddy Owen Coyle was.
  5. When he was subbed on 66 minutes I thought he got through an appearance without being booked, I must have missed this! Seven yellows from 12 league appearances is some going. As is six pens conceded in 13 for the team.
  6. Not a fan of all these third party companies being gobbled up by the power houses, but that's the way of the world now. Arkane (Dishonored, Prey) have produced some of my favourite games of the recent generation of consoles and I like the look of Deathloop. I'm sure Deathloop still be on both PS5 and Xbox, but will I need to get an Xbox for future Arkane titles? Among the Switch, a back catalogue of PS4 titles and a 1080p TV that will need upgrading, I'm quite happy to wait out the first year of the next-gen to see how things go.
  7. Not playing all of the old guys together at the same time is a big help.
  8. Thanks but it was the streaming credentials that went wrong, despite working on Friday. The email support were prompt in dealing with it. Josh Reid looks like he’s been playing first team for years. Campbell annihilated County in last season’s penultimate match, it’s unfathomable to me that he didn’t start.
  9. After Friday's test broadcast worked for me, I'm getting invalid credentials now. WTAF.
  10. I made a DIY bender in a bun because Wimpy was closed for so long.
  11. In theory County’s line-up could be anything. In reality Ketts will rely on the old heads I think, even if they were annihilated at Fir Park in the penultimate match of last season. Morris didn’t feature in either of the weekend’s friendlies so I’m going to guess he won’t make this. Otherwise the two friendlies over the weekend showed little partnerships that hint at how the manager sees players being used together. Predicted line-up: Doohan Randall | Donaldson | Fontaine | Tremarco Mullin | Draper | Vigurs | Gardyne Mckay Stewart Average age of 30 The CB slot next to Donaldson is up for grabs if Morris is absent - a triumvirate of Fontaine, Tremarco and Gardyne would have an aggregate age of 102 years. I don’t see Motherwell being too different from their line-up vs Hamilton.
  12. Two pieces of retro video game music performed with aplomb: 1) Duck Tales on the Nes had a moon level with my favourite chip tune. I think this guy built his own 'chipophone'. 2) Sight-reading of Super Mario World's 'Athletic Theme'. Reminds me of the first encounter with Yoshi. Amazing neck-beard. Going by the comments the performer was in a car crash years ago and is in a bad way, sadly.
  13. https://tv.rosscountyfootballclub.co.uk/ Clearly not for public consumption yet - the thumbnail attached to the site has an Aberdeen logo on it. The £60 package for a delayed stream is what Aberdeen and most top-flight clubs have offered for years.
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