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  1. The chances are that Celtic are going to get a big slice of that themselves. I remember SFSK not detailing anything about the Lindsay transfer to County in the first place, ‘out of respect of how Celtic want to do business’, or something to that effect. My favourite player since Boyce, I think he’ll be a more difficult player to replace than most of the rest of the squad.
  2. Hainault avi, talk of Lawson... are you my long lost sibling?
  3. Loved Raffa at Ross County. I had doubts about him being able to do the power of work that Jim McIntyre wanted his wingers to do, but in the final third I think he has the quality and decision making to more than make up for that in the Championship.
  4. Mario + Rabbids seems to spend more time on sale than at full-price these days! Definitely worth picking up nonetheless.
  5. He scored 20 league goals when he was in the third tier for Morton but hasn't been as prolific anywhere else.
  6. I might be in the minority of County fans to think that Boyce made Curran look better more than the other way around, but he was a still good foil for Boyce.
  7. I played Eve for a year, circa 2009-10. It was great fun being in a corporation of around 20 of us. I mostly played the markets, making enough income in-game to pay for my monthly sub and more, but went on the occasional raid in between hauling stuff across the system for the corp. The corp I was in used to go out on raids to spar against people, but we (they) ended up getting into corporate espionage and sabotage. The thrill of the heist was incomparable to anything else I've experience in computer games. It wasn't anywhere that dramatic most days but I still enjoyed it a lot. I was at a point in life where I wanted to be antisocial and sink myself into something. It's a huge timesink, as with most MMOs I guess. I generally don't see the appeal of MMOs but this hooked me because of how organic the politics worked with all of the corps existing within the one persistent universe. I looked at getting back into it, but learning the systems is a steep learning curve (helluva steep!), which I couldn't be bothered scaling again.
  8. I'm playing Deltarune pt1 just now, which is free and based in the same 'world'. No-one will replace Papyrus in my heart but some of the characters in this are pretty great too.
  9. I know what you mean. I think the writing of the characters is dynamite, but playing in a pacifist style turned into a huge bullet-hell chore that became very difficult. I got about 2/3 of the way through the game before giving up, then watched the rest on a YouTube channel. I'm glad I watched it through though, because some of the character interactions are very funny. Papyrus is a hoot! The phone calls with Papyrus and Undyne are worth watching/playing through:-
  10. Nothing more than a hunch. DKD is going to be away. I think he's too flaky for top-end Championship yet. 40 games around L1 level will be good for him.
  11. Branch Ton wondering why rubber snake and custom face mask ads have been replaced by debt collection agencies ETA: I'd put my house on DKD going to Falkirk.
  12. Stating the obvious: Polworth would be wasted on the wing. He has a peach of a cross on him but he's not going to run at a full-back.
  13. Between the rainbow stripe and the return of Foxy, it’s a good summer for mouth-foamers.
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