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  1. 15/16 Dunfermline (League One side) away, when Joe Cardle and El Bakhtaoui should have buried County but it finished 2-2. It was the first match shown on Sportscene that night and got about 10 mins of footage. The replay in Dingwall was dull but De Vita scored a sweet volley for the winner. 16/17 beating Dundee United (Championship side) 6-2 at home in the fog.
  2. Top-six and a league cup win in 2015-16, the season that United were relegated with Japanese world cup reserve goalie Kawashima in their team.
  3. It's lunchtime and pissing down outside, thank you for being considerate though.
  4. Paul Hanlon and Ryan Porteous completed 160 passes combined last night. Livingston beat Aberdeen 2-1 and the whole Livi team completed 138 passes combined. Makes you think.
  5. Iacovitti’s homage to Porteous is quite something.
  6. County have gone to Edinburgh and Glasgow with 5-4-1 setups for years, but for once they have a couple of midfielders who show for the ball and don’t want to launch it to a triple-marked striker. Keith Watson is in a hoofing mood tonight, which is no bad thing now that they are ahead. Hoping to see Edwards in a race vs Stevenson this half on the counter. Harmon is some find.
  7. When looking for more stats to fuel my pro-Dhanda propaganda, I noticed just how little Gogic was involved in the match. His defensive numbers are similar to the rest of the back five. However he touched the ball considerably less than the others (18 touches compared to 46 by Dunne on the other side of the back three). His passing stats though: ooft. County's passing accuracy % among the centre-backs was a good 10% greater (collectively) than in Paisley. Having a back three and Loturi in front of them forming a diamond allowed them to pass through Main and Ayunga, which was a massive contrast to when Main and Ayunga harried the back-line in Paisley.
  8. I think he shapes his crosses better than Purrington.
  9. it was 3-4-1-2 from the start. It looked lop-sided because of the personnel. It worked well in these circumstances but maybe not for the next couple of matches.
  10. Loturi and Dhanda aren’t perfect, but there’s no way County would have kept the screw turned in the build up to the winner without them on the pitch.
  11. I thought ref-moaning was BobbyF’s niche among the St Mirren crowd.
  12. County have two keepers on the bench(?!). Could we splice them into one upgrade on Laidlaw?
  13. Outstanding hit by Strain for the equaliser. Was Laidlaw slow to get across?
  14. County playing a different system today, 3-4-1-2 with Edwards at right wing back. Good idea because Marcus isn’t normally going to beat Edwards the other way.
  15. I'd drop Cancola before Tillson if Loturi was to play, but there's not a strong case for either at the moment.
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