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  1. Malky is on to a good thing at Ross County, all things considered. He is well backed by the chairman and, despite the initial furore, his strategy of completely avoiding the elephant in the room has worked. Having said that, he will have seen from Goodwillie's move to Raith Rovers that it isn't as easy to launder your reputation through being good at your job as maybe it used to be. County have a mostly mild-mannered , ageing support and don't typically have the volume of people to stage an effective protest: a good environment for someone of his reputation to work in. I think he is aware of that and would have to choose his next job very carefully.
  2. My guess at the line-ups: Carson Fraser - Shaughnessy - Dunne Strain -- Baccus - Erhahon -- Tait Kiltie Ayunga - Main --------------------------------- Hiwula Owura -- Dhanda -- Sims Callachan - Tillson Purrington - Iacovitti - Baldwin - Johnson Laidlaw Any one of Main, Grieve and Brophy up front with Ayunga? Gallacher will be suspended, but I think Fraser and Tanser are close to returning to the first team. I'm going to guess that only one of them makes it. Does O'Hara displace any of Baccus, Erhahon and Kiltie, which appears to be St Mirren's strongest unit in the team? County went with a very specific shape and tactics against Celtic. I think they will now return to something resembling what we will see most weeks. There are eight nailed-on starters I think. I'd be surprised if two wingers don't start, Sims appears to be preferred so far from a small sample. Owura Edwards is brilliant. Any one of Callachan, Dhanda or Dom Samuel could play as the more attacking midfielder. Samuel was hooked at HT against Celtic for tactical reasons, but he was surprisingly excellent in pressing and dispossessing the opposition high up the pitch vs Hearts. Callachan could play there, if there is a want and need for more attrition in the centre (freeing up space for another central midfielder behind him eg Cancola). Or it could be Dhanda's opportunity to get his first league start, which is my hunch. Dhanda's service to the wingers in the final group stage match is hopefully a sign of things to come.
  3. Among the St Johnstone support, yes. But among the mainstream media, or at least some of those with a tendency shout the loudest, I think there would still be a big backlash if he went just one match into the season. I remember County getting pelters for sacking Jim McIntyre 18 months after winning the league cup, even though he should have been sacked at the end of the previous season because the rot had already set. It was the correct decision in the end (but replacing him with Coyle wasn’t).
  4. A quarter of the match into the season, Owura Edwards already looks like he is as as much a step above the rest as Harry Clarke was last year.
  5. Likewise. He shined as the #10 at County but rarely got the chance to play there. That changed at Plymouth.
  6. The next things I did were a) to set up Xbox Cloud Gaming, so that I have a portable streaming Game Pass machine. It works surprisingly well - the image quality is a bit fuzzy but lag isn't a concern. b) to set up Emudeck, which is an all-in-one solution for emulators working through the Steam OS, with the emulators listed as if they are any other game in the Steam library. This is some piece of kit.
  7. It took 11 months to arrive but I got one last week. Cracking big handheld. One of the first things I did was put Champ Man 01/02 on it.
  8. Spittal. Sweet right foot, potent left foot too. Juicy passing range. Succulent shots. Delivers from any angle. Best used either on a flank accompanied by a substantial full-back, to give him time to set, or as one of a trio in the middle with some beef and game to complement him. Too lean as a main course for most occasions, but when served appropriately is the most delectable on the sheet.
  9. I maintain that had Derek Adams not put Paul Lawson on the naughty step for four months (using Fotheringham as his replacement), County would have eked at least another four points from their fixtures. If all else was equal, they could have finished third.
  10. Speaking from experience, not attending matches on moral grounds is shit crack, but needs must sometimes. I feel for Raith Rovers supporters who intend to take a strong stance on this, because going cold turkey on your favourite team after years of being a die-hard is a difficult transition. I still feel like I've done the correct thing for myself, despite nearly everyone around me having softened their stance a long time ago. I am happy to see @Sherrif John Bunnell find another team to go along to, he's a good egg who I was glad to regularly bump into at the football. I have a toddler to keep me occupied on a Saturday but I don't half pine for it by 4.30pm. It's the drama in the last phase of the match - when the result is in the balance - that I miss the most.
  11. Stagsby is the Salt Bae of the Pie & Bovril crowd. You can't afford his taste, but if you won't pay for his ultimate VIP experience you might as well go home.
  12. White took his goal well, but otherwise was expertly marked by McCarthy. There were at least a handful of dangerous crosses where White was up against McCarthy at the far post but couldn't out-muscle his marker. Mckay was County's best player by a mile. Constantly peeling away into the channels, dragging the St Mirren centre-backs into areas they'd rather not defend. He hasn't showed this kind of form since just before lockdown last March. It's unfathomable that Mckay was taken off at 1-1 with Yogi trying to chase the win. Yogi brought on players better suited to counter-attack, squeezed them high up the pitch, lost control of midfield and got roasted on the break themselves. Atrocious game management, not for the first time. I've lost all confidence in Yogi keeping County up.
  13. I haven't seen any quotes from Yogi about Friday's match. He did a presser that is on the P&J website today, about the standard and attitudes of referees. https://buff.ly/39MpYC0 Some of that would be worthy of a notice of complaint from the SFA if it was in a post-match interview. Some juicy soundbites for the journalists at least, when he will want to avoid talking about performances and results as much as possible.
  14. Ross Draper inexplicably dropped and so Murray Davidson got the freedom of the park. Jim O'Brien utterly phoned it in and Greg Tansey couldn't move. The worst I've seen County play since Willie McStay couldn't buy a goal against Stirling or Cowdenbeath. What a diddy Owen Coyle was.
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