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  1. I wore my new Ross County jacket and didn’t dress for the weather.
  2. Tony Dingwall was kept on two years past his sell by date. Tom Grivosti has been kept on and is a legit first team squad player, albeit a) he is arguably fourth choice centre back even if many think he is better than that, b) he is currently injured and c) he is out of contract in the summer so will probably sign for someone else.
  3. Well done Ross MacIver. He was a cracking prospect for County’s u20s, scoring goals from every position in a 4231, all types of goals as well. He was their captain latterly. I don’t know why he wasn’t kept on but then trying understand County’s youth and transfer policy is not an easy thing to do. I bet Roy McG will be seething tonight though.
  4. I wasn't holding out much hope for Fontaine and Morris vs Kamberi and Doidge, but they coped admirably. Fontaine looked ropey in parts of the first half but it was his best game in ages. Kelly's 1v1 defending was really good, if he can start blocking more crosses then he will have completely won me over. I thought Harry Paton was excellent. He's a better player than Ewan Henderson is at the moment and is hard done by not to have gotten more minutes to date. There aren't many Ross County midfielders that can carry the ball between the lines while looking up for a pass.
  5. Boyle deliberately selected to face up against Kelly? If County are going 442 that shape is so wide open that they’ll need to score three to get a result. As much as Stewart isn’t a winger, I’m hoping that Gardyne will be inside of him here in a 4231, but that’s less likely.
  6. Mind that time Kettlewell and Ferguson turned down the chance to get Naismith back on loan because they wanted to use the resources elsewhere, so he went to Hibs and they brought in Foster anyway.
  7. It's not often that the best players on the pitch get on the scoresheet, but I thought both McLoughlin and Foley were better than the others. Flynn was good as well, coming in off the flank unmarked to cause carnage. Stewart tried something similar but his carnage was very different. It felt like I was looking at the sky more than the grass in the first half with the way the ball was aimlessly punted forward. In the second half there was a more concerted effort to pass the ball into feet, but we might as well have had the hoofball throughout given the way that Mckay, Graham and Stewart failed to hold the ball up. I lost count of the number of times McLoughlin was able to nip in and dispossess Mckay, or Graham passing to the opposition, or Stewart's first touch giving the team no chance. Stewart is never a winger: I saw the sense of putting him up against Waters initially but County didn't even try to get 1v1s against him, it seemed to be more about Stewart loitering at the far post but the crosses never arrived. Foley bossed it. McGinn will never have an easier game. Mullen didn't give County a moment's peace whereas County looked like they were playing at 80% tempo in the second half. Abject performance, sadly. I'm slating the forwards but the rest of the team were not much better. Pass marks for Morris, Baxter, Kelly and Henderson.
  8. I thought Friday’s show was dynamite, my favourite one yet. I appreciate the 90s nostalgia trip with the title music, but IMO Firestarter suits the sequence way more than the other songs. I’d suggest using that permanently with my tuppence. Love the different audio beds for introducing the panel, you never know who is going to get the cute upbeat one or the thrash metal one. CGT’s expressions are more funny by the week. The Telfer v Borthwick meme is a bit forced for me (as much as I enjoy that segment), but the other reactions are great. More Duncan and Duncan please!
  9. I only occasionally use VPNs, Windscribe works brilliantly for me and gives 10Gb/month for free. That is all I need it for.
  10. Terrible shape to the defence though, Watson just switched off after dealing with the header. It’s usually Fontaine that happens to.
  11. Some thoughts from a RC perspective: Kelly (and Fontaine) were simply outpaced by Horgan for the opening goal, but I thought Kelly was County's best player from the starting XI. He was the only player - save for sometimes Gardyne and Henderson - to show gumption to pass and move. His best game since the start of the year. Hibs really should have capitalised more on Naismith repeatedly bombing beyond Gardyne in the first half. County had a better shape about them than last week, but at a cost of not being able to do anything with the ball. Things happened when Gardyne, Kelly and Henderson linked up, but if the ball was across the pitch at Draper, Spence, Fraser and Foster, forget it. I get why the team was picked as it was: after losing 6-0 Foster on the right with Draper and Spence in the middle weren't going to collapse early on in the match. However the only thing Foster offered going forward was occasionally beating Stevenson in the air. I would have put Mullin on earlier. Henderson showed good touches and was on the end of some professional fouls, but he's very inexperienced and needs another 20 league games to show his potential IMO. His best touches were mostly on the half-way line, but looked more involved in the final third as the team pushed up, just as he was subbed. Maybe it just suited the match circumstances, but the Draper-Chalmers combo looks as good as any others in the squad just now. I don't know if it's confidence-related or if it's the calibre of opposition, but it's not happening for Mckay just now. Brian Graham took his goal really well, then in typical fashion missed a better chance immediately after (the pass by Gardyne to allow Kelly to cross first-time was a lovely move). I'm guessing Ross Stewart must have an injury, but where is Lee Erwin? He hasn't been seen for weeks.
  12. Jeremie Frimpong might well roast every winger in the league, but you can add him to the list of right-backs who Gardyne has no hope of keeping up with anymore when they are on the front foot. I don't see the sense of playing Gardyne on the wing away from home against the top six teams and that was the case two years ago. I don't mean to particularly single Gardyne out, because some of those goals yesterday were shockers, but it's an obvious area to improve on.
  13. Ross Tokely is still playing football in the region, for St Duthus in Tain. Imagine being the nippy inside-forward coming up against this:
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