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  1. Whilst I am inclined to agree that I prefer Kettlewell to either Brittain or Lawson on the form of this season, I doubt Adams will pick him. He was ignored for a lot of the time until Adams left, and sadly I see that happening again.
  2. I heard it was essentially a rip off of Identity?
  3. So I wonder what will become of Jocky in the blog now :(
  4. Was listening to Skindred's version of electric avenue and I couldn't stop laughing because the way the singer says higher sounded like hiya, hiya, hiya and I had to keep adding Leigh or pal onto the end of each one Damn you barry you've ruined that song for me See for yourself http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1cL5J9bW2U&feature=related
  5. Just played the start of heart gold on an emulator and it looks great especially having your pokemon follow you I do love my totodile if only I could read japanese it would make it alot easier to play so I guess I should wait for the european version so I can follow the story
  6. Just to let you know Marv was linked with accies today in the daily record mabey god has told him to go to that shit hole.
  7. My tag is Bragg92 funnily enough play loads of fifa on xbox used to be ranked about 3500ish if anyone wants a game send me an invite not been playing recently though
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