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  1. Well I never... Looks like a few people need a visit from a few ghosts tonight.
  2. He has managed >19 games in a season once since 2014-15. I expect he will miss a lot of this season due to injury.
  3. I think one of the problems with 352 is it lets other teams double up on wingbacks, and reduces our attacking threat (all the more significant if its Mullin, arguably our biggest threat going forward, having to spend time defending the right flank against two left sided players) Could be a time and place for it tho.
  4. Sorry to see Semple go, came with a good reputation and was unlucky with injuries (amongst other things). Understandable though, hope he and QoS do well next season.
  5. Trying to decide whether or not to 'red dot' that is a surprisingly enjoyable agony.
  6. Always quite rated Alston, but was he not injured for most of last season? And as Comrie said, hes yet another midfielder...
  7. Mentioning the council money with Billy Ferries was a wind-up on my part. But even if it was relevant to Billy/Golabek/McBain the grant cant have been relevant to the later ones surely (Hislop Cowie Rankin Barrowman)? I could have got the grant wrong, cant mind if it was a one-off payment or staggered over years, etc.
  8. I've never really gotten over Golabek and McBain. Hislop was a sore one too. Still chuffed Billy Ferries told Stevie P where to go when they tried throwing council money at him too.
  9. Milan legend. Mark. Hately. Honda is going to happen, you just need to get used to it.
  10. Cant help but feel that the pals-act is either pretentious or cluless and I wish theyd put it in the fucking bin. Wishing Caley well isn't representative of the huge majority of fans. Huge majority of folk i know (including non-County fans) thought it was a terrible idea, admittedly a few didnt care, but I dont know any fan who thought it was a good idea. Also makes us look like (even more of) a small-time teuchter outfit. At times that is exactly what we are, but its nice when we're not, and shite like this make those nice times more difficult to achieve. Everyone i knew at the time hated Caley before the merger (albeit we were kids/teenagers). Thistle may have been their main rivals, but we certainly weren't cosy with either of them. I dont see the derby as a construct at all. They're quite clearly our rivals. Even from a cynical marketing angle, having a rival makes commercial sense, feeding off some tribalism for a meatier narrative and all that bollocks. On the seat wanks - its been made clear that the wanks who broke the seats are wanks, the club doesnt need to cosy up to our rivals to further reiterate the seat wanks are wanks. Normal folk can treat a football rivalry as the daft wee thing it is; forcing some friendly rapport between the clubs wont change the likes of the seat wanks. It also disassociates a lot of fans from whoever is doing the forcing. Its like a clueless parent forcing a playdate on their kids - instant loss of respect for every party involved, and nothing gained. Wasnt going to bother posting about this, and am actually a lot more "meh" about this than the above post implies. Its not a dramatic issue. But the majority of posts here were so "meh" that i got all riled up. Plus im procrastinating from finishing the kitchen and doing the garden... f**k it... i'll put my boiler suit on.
  11. Oh we've dabbled, in particular we've had to use a number of youth players. Dundee United arent though. Which is funny.
  12. Aye SueSue was pretty clear that they were moving from QoS to County at the same time as Semple. More the merrier, decent poster, very welcome as far as I care. Don't give a bollocks that they used to support QoS more.
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