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  1. Just days before window shuts and Malky in the papers stating he’s not going to sign players if they are no better than what we currently have in the squad fair enough but how bad a player is he looking at that is no better than A Samuel. I find it a bit embarrassing when a top flight club has insufficient numbers to make up a bench makes us look very tinpot. After Livingston cup game & Dundee Utd game I think it’s obvious we have insufficient players with injuries & suspensions in this busy period we desperately need extra bodies and please no more loan signings
  2. This is worrying where is all the signings we have been promised every week for the last 6 weeks?
  3. If Donaldson starts you will definitely get a penalty happens every game. * Striker drags ball back Donaldson’s kicks standing leg. Is there any stats on who’s given away most penalties Coll must be in with a shout with Keith Watson not far behind.
  4. Wanted new Tonto to join the Loan Arranger HiHo Silver away
  5. I may be wrong but I think the six player loan restriction is only if they come in from other Scottish clubs. Malky still has time to have a full team of loan signings before the window closes allowing the fans to feel fully invested in “our” club really enjoy developing players for other clubs. Looking forward to Sunday The Loan Arrangers vs The Rangers. Ryan Kent must be petrified facing RCC or Randall. #shambles
  6. Good grief so much for trying to regain our identity another loan signing.
  7. Quick anyone got a book of excuses for this one …. Maybe we should have stuck with the Covid-19 route at least each defeat is only 3-0. I am personally going with not enough time to integrate new signings into system. How many signings next week? , may I respectfully suggest signing a left full back oh the heady days of Hugh Robertson, Evangelos Oikonomou or even Ricky Foster and I know it’s old ground but seriously Randall kept over Naismith baffling.
  8. Sorry don’t like loans no sense of identity for the club develop players to sell on not for other clubs. NO MORE LOANS
  9. “Myself and my coaching team all have good experience in England and when you phone a trusted source then it gives you a good and true character reference. “That helps because I want to make sure the culture is right and that means bringing in the right characters. “Once you get enough of those characters you see the club really grow.” Maybe I’m being a bit simplistic with my thinking and should be excited about another ‘loan’ signing from the English Premiership but how can a club grow developing players for other clubs.
  10. One plus of having a small squad the players not picked won't take up a lot of room in the stadium, leaving more seats for the paying customers. Well played Malky
  11. I'm lead to believe that the new season tickets are to be hand delivered by all the new signings that are coming in.....
  12. Would my synopsis be correct we are waiting to later in the window to sign players as we are looking to get the ‘right’ players in. Or we are waiting to later in the window when players are panicking that they can’t get a contract elsewhere and might as well sign for Ross County for a season until they get a better option closer to home. Personal opinion not a big lover of the loan signing developing player for another team surely the best business model is a Ross Stewart or Jackson Irvine identify a ‘good’ player keep him a season or two and sell on.
  13. Regardless if Kelly is fit now it’s a very flawed plan to go into a new season with a Chocolate solider at left back sign another option IF Kelly stays fit he can compete for the starting berth.
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