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  1. Was there another somewhat temperamental player called Michael (can't remember his last name) in the same era? I can't remember if he was from Aberdeen or not but a shoe in for the Mo all-time "some mothers do have'em" eleven, methinks. Re. the age thing, when all of us were younger, I suppose I didn't give the kind of dog's abuse hurled at players a second thought, especially if the players seemed to bring it on themselves. Now I'm older and have children playing football, I certainly wouldn't them to have their confidence shot to bits like that. Changed world in many respects from not all that long ago. Overall, probably for the most part, for the better.
  2. Hegarty, please stop the horror show now. I was prepared to give the Hearts loanee the benefit of the doubt for a shakey start on Tuesday night but coupled with our keeper's fragility, the current arrangement is a total liability. I don't know what's going on in the loan player's head but he doesn't look like he's got his mind on doing the job in hand. If that's the case then he's doing nobody a favour by showing up in the team. He must have shown some sign of having ability or he wouldn't be with Hearts but if he's got issues, then shipping him off to us to sort him out certainly doesn't seem to be helping. Combined with the goalkeeper situation - not good at all. One game away from bottom of the league (if we leak enough goals) and a horrible, horrible feeling of deja vu.
  3. From a Montrose perspective there were no highlights. Such was the team's ineptitude, we made a competent third division side look like world beaters.
  4. v.bad tonight. Defence torn apart. Attack toothless. Midfield not much in evidence. Poor in every department. Some may have been worse than others but overall can't begin to analyse that performance rationally. There must be lessons to learn but I just want to forget all about it. Credit to Q.P. they went about the task of demolishing the crumbling edifice with some degree of (and I know they won't like me saying this) "professionalism".
  5. After Scottish Cup embarrassment/disaster, can we please move on and avoid another dismal league campaign.
  6. LTHV is one of the longer team names along with the likes of the slightly dodgy sounding "Young Boys of Bern". What team would win the DDDBM&T award for a team name that is a bit of a mouthful?
  7. I thought he did okay. Adds height to the team and seemed reasonably competent on and off the ball.
  8. mehbees naw... Rave on Stirling Albion. Whatever happened to the guitar man?
  9. My dad has supported Real Madrid all his life, I remember how when I was a small boy, he would drag me along to the Bernebeu but I just didn't get it. It was only while inter-railing as a student, that I happened upon the team that have since been the only one for me. I was heading for Aberdeen to meet up with my then girlfriend, who was studying languages there on her year abroad. The train unfortunately developed a problem. The train had been stopped about half an hour and I got up to take a look around.The view I saw took my breath away. There was this small town with a church tower and behind it, it looked like the sea and in the distance were golden fields and distant hills. Call it a moment of adolescent madness if you will but there and then I decided to jump off the stationary train and walk down to this place. This happened in the days when you could still open train doors by opening the window and pulling the handle. To cut a long story short, I noticed the floodlights and wandered in their general direction. I could hear the sound of loud groans coming from the ground, so I realised there was a match on. I remember being struck by how little it cost to get through the turnstile. As I somewhat nervously walked towards the covered enclosure, where most of the relatively tiny number of fans were congregated, I could smell the aroma of what I later learned were delicious meat pies. I was captivated by the whole experience, which was so real, so raw, so engaging of those fan's emotions. From that day onwards, I made following Montrose Football Club, part of my life. Although I am ridiculed by my family and my wife has threatened to leave me many times on account of what she calls my crazy obsession, I have never regretted for a second, that day, which turned my life upside down. Then I woke up and it had all been a dream. Actually, I'm from Ferryden and my dad supports Montrose.
  10. Typical blanket, wall-to-wall, over-indulgent, done-to-death, verbose, flogging a dead horse, über-exposure, just typical of BBC's Lower League coverage i.m.o. edited to add: fantastic close-up shots too!
  11. Yeah, and it's not like it hasn't happened before...
  12. Okay Mr. Grammar Policeman: "neck" is a countable noun. The post should be sub-titled "Too many rubber necks". Frankly I don't think there would be enough monkeys with enough typewriters to correct all the errors on this forum! That is all.
  13. Livingston - all the posts merged - The Pie Coonter When will the Livi appeal be made public?
  14. That's a pity, as I would have liked them to rack up exactly 37 goals - can't think why? That is all!
  15. Should the Shire not just do a Estonia v Scotland style Talinn special, namely kick off against the Danny Invisible and his pals a.k.a. Livi. and take the points! I know it's a total farce but the precedent has been set, so why not? (Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I couldn't be bothered reading all 750 pages of posts re. the Livi. swan song.)
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