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  1. Raging! Two league games in a row lost in the last three minutes. I know that's football but still. Hope SP and the boys can drop this losing habit and quickly. Too many memories of dark days gone by to not absolutely hate the idea of going back there.
  2. Commiserations to Airdrie. Football is brutal. We go again.
  3. Lovin’ that it’s Ivo on at half time in the Championship playoff final on BBC Alba. Guess they called the final wrong then. Next year maybe? E.t.a. Well adiós to the new money teams promoted to the Championship. Ola to the new money teams promoted to League One.
  4. First of all, Thanks to all at the Mo for another very good season overall. It is harsh to blame the management for Saturday but at the end of the day, the buck stops with them. Losing a three goal cushion with 20 minutes to go isn't just football; it is game management found wanting. As I saw it, Petrie subbed CJ and Gardyne because he was already thinking ahead to the final and wanted to rest them. Murray's subs, especially the big physical presence of Afolabi, who was giving the Mo defence huge problems, just piled the pressure on the Mo. That pressure ultimately yielded goals, however well the Mo sought to defend. Our attacking threat was neutralised. Rennie's goal was a crumb of comfort and fair play to the team for scrapping till the end. However, over the course of the season, I feel, with the games at Links Park at least, game management was an issue. We didn't lose many games but those we did and those others in which we dropped points, were down, at least in part to not killing off games while we were ahead. Next season isn't going to be any easier, so Petrie has to cultivate an absolute ruthlessness in the team, to learn from the misery of Saturday and never again squander the kind of momentum we had up until Airdrie's second goal. I clapped as enthusiastically as any other Mo fan on Saturday because I did feel the players gave their all. It wasn't for want of effort. However after emerging from a dazed and confused state of mind, I am past the stage of platitudes. I hope that the team aren't just disappointed but actually spurred on and angry from Saturday to develop a new determination to learn from a horrible experience and not allow the game to be turned the way it was. Kudos to Airdrie for never giving up. They were having a nightmare yet managed to turn the game round with twenty minutes to go. They deserved to win. Their nightmare became ours. This defeat was definitely harder to deal with than either our defeat to QoS or Morton. This had a different feel from the wipe out at Dumfries or the sickening Morton last minute winner. I really, really hope this won't spell the end of promotion playoffs for the Mo and that Petrie will learn and pick up the pieces and fire up the Mo to do better this coming season. As others have said, we maybe aren't ready for the Championship yet. It is easy to have our heads turned by the success of our neighbours to the south and good luck to them but I am really grateful that Saturday was a promotion playoff and not one for relegation. How much worse would that have been? League One is sure to be a really competitive league as the Pyramid is giving lower league football the kick in the pants it was needing. I always cherish the dream that football success is about more than having the most money and that Montrose FC can continue to punch above their weight for many a season to come. Hoping that if Arbroath do manage to get promoted and strengthen their side accordingly, we can benefit from that. Right, rant over. Back to normal life.
  5. That was a good shift by the Mo today. Falkirk were poor in the second half or at least they made the Mo look good. With Cove and Airdrie dropping points today, the performance today gives me a real sense that the Mo can go further than in recent seasons. One game at a time, though. Happy days!
  6. So probably more a case of Tchau than Ola then?
  7. Sorry to play the smart arse card but "white rhino" is a poor choice of example for a rarely seen animal, despite it being endangered. The reason being that whilst there are albino and white coloured species of animals, which are rarer than the dominant colour, the name white rhino is believed to relate to the Afrikaans word for wide, referring to its broad mouth, which distinguishes it from the narrower mouth of the black rhino. The black rhino is not actually black but let's not go there.
  8. Wow! I didn't see the Kelty Hearts game but never expected them to get past St. Johnstone. The performances of both Kelty and Cove certainly contrast with my recollections of really one-sided matches between the Mo and the likes of the Premier League teams, the latter pair were up against. Sitting out this weekend leaves me feeling a bit like I do when Scotland have failed to qualify for tournament finals: lamenting over what might have been. It isn't made any easier coming off the back of a narrow defeat from Cove and having to face a tough tie against a (possibly) revitalised Falkirk this coming Saturday. Still, no reason to get despondent. I think the Mo are in a far better place than back in the day we shipped 9, yes NINE on a damp and dismal night at Easter Road, when Mo legend Steve Kerrigan scored - for Hibs. Then there were the obligatory 3-0 or whatever, defeats at Perth, when however stuffy the resistance offered by Montrose, the cup exit at full-time was never really in doubt. Thankfully, "these days are past now and in the past, they must remain" (please). Really hoping that despite other teams strengthening over the January transfer window, (i.e. Cove's acquisition of Reynolds from the Arabs, undoubtedly for quite a pile of Riyals), the Mo can stay in playoff contention. No easy task, that's for sure but after the long years of living a Mo fan's enduring nightmare, daring to dream of even better days ahead seems like a risk worth taking.
  9. I don't think there's anything wrong with showing up at Cove because the Don's aren't playing, even arguably, if they are playing away. I occasionally go to Pittodrie for a midweek game, very occasionally, as I was living abroad until recently. I "support" the Dons to the extent that I want them to win but the key difference between this and my support for the Mo, is that an Aberdeen defeat, while disappointing, doesn't ever have the potential to ruin the rest of my weekend. I think Cove are always likely to have a fair number of "part-time" supporters unless they end up competing in the same league as the Dons, in which case people's true loyalties would be tested. I think people in the north east do tend to be more reserved generally. Even in Aberdeen FC'S heyday under Fergie, as I remember it, their support was always more vociferous on the road, rather than at Pittodrie.
  10. I think that's harsh. Montrose played better in the second half but looked less threatening in attack than Cove. In fact despite having noticeably less possession in the second half, Cove still had the best of the chances. It was a tight game which Cove shaded and I don't grudge them the points. They fell away for much of the second half and I felt it was inevitable that Montrose would turn pressure into a goal but it just didn't happen. Cove defended well, which undoubtedly played its part but in all honesty, unlike Partick Thistle, who utterly demolished us 5-0 at Firhill last season, I cannot say Cove look a class above the Mo. When Megginson and Logan left the park, they looked there for the taking and if we had a natural striker, I am pretty sure the outcome would have been different. If Megginson's injury recurs and everything is down to Macalister, I can see this run of 1-0 victories ending. True, they weren't troubled as much today as I would have liked but I certainly don't think their lead is unassailable. Time will tell. Without (ahem) away fans, the atmosphere in the ground was pretty dire. Noticed quite a number of Dons fans (wearing the Dandies merchandise) there too. Aberdeen obviously has the population and money to sustain more than one "big" team so good luck to Cove in trying to fill that role. Meanwhile the Mo press on with their League campaign. Sair een to lose the day but there are another 8 teams to beat in addition to Cove, so we learn, we improve, we progress. E.T.A. Steeves was complaining to the far side lino. about his late decisions, which he claimed had led to Annie's injury. (Thought Fleming did okay).The Cove fans, were pointing out that there had been a rule change, that offside could only be flagged once the player concerned connected with the ball. Is this correct? If so, could someone explain the reasoning for this change, as it seems bizarre.
  11. Actually Montrosians and other coasters north of Inverkeilor are bilingual. We speak "South Northern" Scots, which is closer to Doric than the Scots spoken in southern and western Angus. The dialect is being lost because unlike north of the North Esk, the Scots being promoted in schools is from further south and is unlike the language spoken here, now mostly by grandparents. Teuchter power!
  12. Tickets still available as of this evening (Thursday).
  13. The actual match coverage and commentary were okay, other than the five minute dropped connection before half-time. Sad hearing Liam so glum though. Hope East Fife can stay up and not just because we seem to take points off them.
  14. Due to Cove's location, to the south of Aberdeen, there really isn't much difference distance-wise between Peterhead and Montrose respectively. I think people more acquainted with the central belt often fail to grasp how distances between centres of population further north tend to be greater. When I visit places further south, I have the opposite problem, coping with driving through what seems like endless suburbia before finally arriving at my destination.
  15. I thought East Fife played some decent football in the first half but didn't show up in the second. Fair play to Montrose for taking their chances and playing some good one touch passages of play. Thought Elijah Simpson looked strong and useful and happy for Blair Lyons to get on the scoresheet again. Just a pity MacAlister grabbed an 87th minute winner for Cove up at Peterhead. Still, that's their business. All Montrose have to do is attend to their own. Another clean sheet thanks to Lennox and the pretty solid back line, marshalled by Dillon is another pleasing aspect of the game, from a Mo perspective. All in all a fine start to a Happy New Year, 2022!
  16. Is there a game this afternoon or is everyone too hungover?
  17. Nae complainin' like. Pleased to keep hold of him.
  18. Happy Christmas everybody. Just reminiscing about my misspent youth as a sheep. I switched back to the Mo after a cup game between the two sides at a snowy Pittodrie tested my true allegiance. I watched a good many 2-0 wins there back in the heyday of McLeish and Miller. The Dons played pretty badly at times and yet still managed to carve out a win. That resonated with how I felt about our recent game against the Blue Toon. Looking at the league table, I see that we have the lowest number of goals against. I remember reading somewhere that a team that defends well is more likely to achieve success than a more free-scoring team that doesn't. That was certainly true for the Dons back in the early eighties. I like to think that while we could always do with finding another out and out striker, if we remain really strong in defence, that could prove crucial in this league campaign. Sure Cove's defence is also pretty stingy but I reckon ours is better. Also strikers seem to lose their mojo more readily than defenders. This is just one reason why a glance at the league table gives me a bit of hope that 2022, could be a good one for the Mo. A lo-o-o-ong way to go but pleased with the season so far, that's for sure.
  19. We had a whopping great 193 for our recent midweek game against Airdrie played during Storm Barra. We had more for the game against QP on Saturday which could have been abandoned because of fog. To be honest a five hundred limit wouldn't be a disaster for quite a number of clubs in Leagues 1 and 2.
  20. I thought the coverage of the Montrose v QP game was bad but this one really needs to be played using a ball with a bell in it!
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