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  1. I'd take a 0-6 thrashing by one of the ugly sisters any time rather than the beyond painful embarrassingly patronising guff that is any kind of press interest ahead of the game, of which the Saint and Greavsie clip was possibly the supreme example: cringe factor = infinity and beyond!!
  2. http://www.bbc.com/sport/football/51931719 My mascot turned out to be Smokie Joe - I am absolutely gutted, especially considering I'm vegetarian!
  3. Wrong Petrie, thankfully... Headline on my phone BBC News app: Petrie steps down for heal.. (Picture was a giveaway though.) No news is good news on the Mo front but it feels like a l-o-n-g time till October! BBC News - Rod Petrie: Scottish FA president steps down temporarily for health reasons https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53240830
  4. Montrose FC aren't taking legal action because we are an awesome club.
  5. As a Mo fan, I can't find much to be happy about with 14-10-10-10. Obviously suits other teams better than us. I feel League 1 is being downgraded from what it would have been without reconstruction. We lose Partick Thistle and Falkirk for Cove Rangers and Edinburgh City! All because some clubs just won't take their medicine. Ragin' at the farce that is Scottish football.
  6. Yeah, how many others stands have enormous football windows like ours? Sheer class, min!
  7. Yeah, was lying in bed the other morning, when the thought occurred to me that the photo had to be more recent than the eighties because it looks like the new stand in the background. What year was the new stand built?
  8. Marc Bolan? Nah, it would have been a feather boa rather than a cardie round his neck. Would hazard a guess it is from the 80's but probably wrong on that count too.
  9. Yes, but in the words of a prominent American golf course owner: "That idea would not be good, it would be bad.That would be a bad idea, a very bad idea."
  10. I'm for ending the league as is and still having the playoffs. Obviously it's a pity Montrose won't then be able to go up as Champions by right but relegating the Jags and keeping the Bairns/Diamonds down in the lowly seaside league will be some compensation.
  11. What Klopp said: https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/first-team/390397-jurgen-klopp-message-to-supporters
  12. I don't buy this "outdoor gatherings are not so bad" argument one little bit. It isn't just the fact you have 50,000 ugly sisters fans gathering in one place, it's the travelling from all over the country and beyond and milling around before and after game, using toilets at the ground, which are probably not that hygienic, queueing for pies etc. Like the other mass gatherings at Cheltenham, Europa League, Champions League, rugby, these events can only be viewed as opportunities for unchecked virus transmission. The experts argue that the social and economic cost of cancelling these is too high. That isn't a scientific judgement, it is an economic one. These events taking place will undoubtedly have led to the virus being spread more widely.
  13. I am out of the country but I am seething than that the Rangers v. Bayer-Leverkusen match will involve fans travelling to Glasgow from one of the most heavily affected areas in Germany. I don't like Rangers very much but I particularly take exception to the club significantly advancing the spread of Covid19 by allowing this match to take place as normal. This is absolute folly, surely? Can anything be done to stop it?
  14. If East Fife can do it, why can't others? I don't know the precise technical and financial challenges of doing this but in the past there hasn't been much incentive to do it. As they say: "necessity is the mother of invention". Maybe someone connected with EFTV could comment on this. I am really looking forward to watching East Fife v. Montrose live from New Bayview this weekend and have no qualms about paying for the privilege. I only wish I could watch the Mo every Saturday.
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