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  1. I think what is frustrating about McLean's case is that SP was prepared to stick by him and there were signs he was beginning to develop into someone in the mould of Chris Templeman: a tall player to act as a target man, hold the ball up to provide service for strikers and with enough skill in the box to finish the job if needed. If he had chosen to stay and improve further, he could have been a real asset for us but it was not to be and as has been said, we move on and hopefully find a better alternative.
  2. I remember being particularly non-plussed with the Blue Toon's "ambitious" habit of tempting away our better players with the fishlthy lucre. That was when we were really struggling and it felt like a kick in the teeth. I thought these days were past and frankly the manner in which we won League Two at their expense was ample payback. If the money on offer wasn't enough to stop him wanting to leave us to turn out for the footballing equivalent of I.M. Jolly's eleven, then fine, well and good. He may yet turn out to be a brilliant player and cause us grief next season but I won't be losing too much sleep worrying about that. Much too positive about the rest of the squad who have the nous to stick around when they know they're onto a good thing, especially Cammy Ballantyne, to lament one that got away. Wish him well, except when he plays against us.
  3. You have probably seen this already but I was pleased to find a clip featuring Craig Brown, a young Montrose player with a famous granda talking about supporting Scotland... BBC News - 'Come on, we can do it' - Supporting Scotland across generations https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/57444731
  4. Interesting developments 9 miles up the road. Seems like rather than go down the "sensible" route of shifting player recruitment north and getting in someone with a knowledge of the Highland League and more north based players, Brechin are going for bust and throwing everything at getting promotion back to the SPFL Two. I saw in the Courier that their Chairman mentioned trying to get a Community Trust going, like Montrose. I suppose if we were in their shoes and had some benefactor in the wings willing to splash the cash to get out of the HL, we wouldn't say no but for me there is a major disconnect between being a community club and being one that's bank-rolled by somebody with little obvious connection to the club. I don't know where the money is going to come from, other than it being linked to Mackie's "connections" As someone who is generally kindly disposed towards our other Angus clubs, I hope I'm wrong, but can't help thinking that the approach being taken has all the ingredients of being a slo-mo car crash in the making.
  5. What impressed me about AQ was the way he seemed to slot in fairly seamlessly when Kerr Waddell was injured towards the end of the season. He and Dillon clearly had a good understanding. Waddell has been criticised for his tendency to punt the ball out too readily rather than keep possession but I for one can live with that degree of caution. I do not know how either of them would do at a higher level. Partick Thistle at their very best blew Montrose's defence apart. Against Morton, the defence coped reasonably well for the most part. I think having Sean Dillon to marshall things at the back is a major contributor to Montrose's success. It is difficult to assess whether Quinn and Waddell would cope as well, not having the likes of him around.
  6. You both underestimated Montrose, who barring a last minute fluke/wondergoal stood a reasonable chance of being promoted via the playoffs (if judged by Airdrie's poor showing against Morton). Having said that they did ride their luck in achieving a top five finish and making the playoffs. Not complaining, like. Happy to see my team overachieve rather than "do a Falkirk". Also happy that League One only has two "new teams", same as last season. Even with new management and players, opposition is more of a known entity. Hopefully the Mo can continue to build on what has been achieved over the years since SP took the helm.
  7. After the frenetic finish to last season, close season seems particularly devoid of excitement. Yet even amidst this dearth of footballing news, the announcement of the reinstated rebranded "SPFL Trust Trophy" seems even more underwhelming than usual.
  8. Too right! Compared to the Brechiners, the Vikings were like community workers.
  9. Black swan mate. There's always one! Clearly doesn't know the "game in this area" like myself, being as I currently am holed up / locked down in a Southeast Asian backwater. As they say in Montrose: "Take your washing in, the Brechiners are coming". So not at all surprised at Hedgecutter's off the wall claim.
  10. So Angus clubs are to bear the consequences of the Highland Clearances*? The north of Scotland is much less densely populated than either central or southern Scotland. Until that changes or enough people south of the Tay give up football for e-sports, there is always going to to be this disparity between the LL and HL. *The Highland Clearances probably have had little impact overall on the present day population of the Highlands. Things like better job opportunities elsewhere and lack of affordable housing have been far greater factors, so apologies for any offence caused.
  11. This: Supporters of the Pyramid are keen to bring about change in the Scottish game. Agreed. However when it comes to the boundary line dividing the country between LL and HL, suddenly it is as immutable as the Laws of the Medes and Persians, irrespective of how bad this rule is. If you are so keen to bring about much needed changes in Scottish football, why are you so glaringly inconsistent on this? No Angus club thinks it is the right decision. It is unanimously agreed by anyone who knows the game in this area that the line should be drawn at the North Esk not the Tay. The decision to make the Tay the boundary needs looking at again for this reason. Not really that hard to understand, is it?
  12. First of all, congratulations to Kelty Hearts. Sorry to see Brechin lose the tie and get relegated. For years Brechin were a shining example of a well run club which spent most of the last twenty odd years above the lowest "national" tier, while Montrose seemed to spend much of the same period bumping along the depths. In fact as I watched the game last night, I recalled being up in Brechin one Saturday and seeing all the cars parked near Glebe Park. It must have been when they were in the Championship (not the last time round) and it was a "big" team that was visiting and I remember feeling envious that Brechin were amongst the bigger fish, while we were perennial strugglers. If anyone had told me back in 2015 that being relegated from the league into the Highland League wasn't absolutely disastrous, I would have disagreed in the strongest possible terms. It certainly would have been unprecedented back then, which would have made it worse. I appreciated how some supporters of other Angus clubs came along to Links Park to show a bit of solidarity with Montrose in their fight to stay up. The pyramid makes sense, as does sorting out the parallel universe of "Junior" football etc. I hate its fanboys who take an unhealthy interest in goading supporters of struggling clubs, like vultures circling round a wounded animal. I do think that there will always be clubs that are anomalous vanity projects like Gretna was. It is also inevitable that ambitious clubs from larger centres of population are going to find it easier to attract financial backing from ticket sales, merchandise and businesses than those from smaller towns. It is incredibly naïve of people who think otherwise. Eventually the pyramid should work better, as clubs which are able to buy their way up the leagues leave the lower divisions and some kind of normality returns. In my opinion, the Angus clubs should be playing in the Lowland League because historically that is the area they are linked with. The Tay boundary it seems was chosen to allow a greater chance of some existing League Two clubs being relegated to the Highland League. Whatever league Brechin City are relegated to, it is going to be tough for them, just as it has been for the Shire and Berwick. The parachute payment amount I'd heard mentioned will help but not much. Of the two leagues, the Highland League is going to be less impacted by any kind of mass desertion from the Juniors, so Brechin could find that a slightly less difficult route to climb out from. I also think there should be automatic relegation from League Two for the bottom club, with the second bottom facing a playoff with the loser of the HL Vs LL playoff final. That would help get more movement between the leagues and hopefully counteract a situation where one of either of the leagues consistently dominates the other. As was said of Montrose, Brechin has no right to remain in the fourth tier because of its past, however I hope that despite a different outcome in the playoff final, Brechin too can dust themselves down and turn things around. Will continue to keep an eye on how Brechin, as well as the other Angus clubs are doing, as I have always done.
  13. I think you are being a bit harsh on clueless middle managers in banks to be honest. As someone who has taught English (as a second language), my gripe is the repetition of "deliver", but overall that is just a symptom of a statement which is business "jargonese". We put up with clichés from players, managers and pundits because they are usually speaking the language of football. This is what she could have said... "We were needin' fresh legs an a thought it was the right time for Laurie tae step up. I'm sure the boy's got what it takes to make a right good go of things at the club. Me and Laurie are gonnae be workin' side-by-side tae ring in the changes needed tae bring mair success on and off the park."
  14. "Laurie and I will work together to deliver long-term, sustainable structures and cultures to deliver success to Queen's Park." Leeann and Laurie have so much fun, working together to get the sustainable structures and cultures (job) done. So now at least you know who your manager will be.
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