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  1. Yes, but in the words of a prominent American golf course owner: "That idea would not be good, it would be bad.That would be a bad idea, a very bad idea."
  2. I'm for ending the league as is and still having the playoffs. Obviously it's a pity Montrose won't then be able to go up as Champions by right but relegating the Jags and keeping the Bairns/Diamonds down in the lowly seaside league will be some compensation.
  3. What Klopp said: https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/first-team/390397-jurgen-klopp-message-to-supporters
  4. I don't buy this "outdoor gatherings are not so bad" argument one little bit. It isn't just the fact you have 50,000 ugly sisters fans gathering in one place, it's the travelling from all over the country and beyond and milling around before and after game, using toilets at the ground, which are probably not that hygienic, queueing for pies etc. Like the other mass gatherings at Cheltenham, Europa League, Champions League, rugby, these events can only be viewed as opportunities for unchecked virus transmission. The experts argue that the social and economic cost of cancelling these is too high. That isn't a scientific judgement, it is an economic one. These events taking place will undoubtedly have led to the virus being spread more widely.
  5. I am out of the country but I am seething than that the Rangers v. Bayer-Leverkusen match will involve fans travelling to Glasgow from one of the most heavily affected areas in Germany. I don't like Rangers very much but I particularly take exception to the club significantly advancing the spread of Covid19 by allowing this match to take place as normal. This is absolute folly, surely? Can anything be done to stop it?
  6. If East Fife can do it, why can't others? I don't know the precise technical and financial challenges of doing this but in the past there hasn't been much incentive to do it. As they say: "necessity is the mother of invention". Maybe someone connected with EFTV could comment on this. I am really looking forward to watching East Fife v. Montrose live from New Bayview this weekend and have no qualms about paying for the privilege. I only wish I could watch the Mo every Saturday.
  7. Actually a few countries are taking more drastic measures in this part of the world (SE Asia). I think what I find difficult to accept is the cost-benefit analysis. Obviously a sporting event like the Cheltenham Festival involves millions of pounds for those involved. I heard around a quarter of a million people will visit the event in the course of the week. Surely, that is stirring the pot as far as spreading Covid19 is concerned but weighed against the economic cost of cancelling or even postponing it, the politicians feel this is a price worth paying. It would seem it boils down to accepting the inevitably of Covid19 spreading and not wanting to hurt the pockets of the government's supporters. Surely however, as I see it, if you take steps to quarantine people until they are no longer infectious, then you must check the spread of the virus. Limiting large social gatherings may not have a huge impact on the rate of spread but if this virus was particularly lethal to children, rather than the elderly, I am sure there would be more questions asked about allowing large scale events to go ahead. Yesterday on Radio Scotland, a Scottish health chief made some comment about wanting to attend a Stereophonics concert and talked about government policy "following the science". If his 79 year old mother, he referred to in the interview, succumbs to the virus, his words and the foolhardiness of meekly following Westminster's lead in this, are going to come back to haunt him. I too have elderly parents and if it turns out the politicians have mishandled the science for the sake of economic stability, or if the science is just bad science, which allows for certain people being expendable in the grand scheme of things, then I will struggle to forgive those responsible. Our elected representatives should be given the message that all human lives matter more than the "bread and circuses" of money and sport. If they stuff up, then they need to know there will be serious consequences for lives, needlessly lost.
  8. Would like to see all teams do what EFTV has done and introduce subscription for live games, should they move to playing behind closed doors. The restriction on UK fans watching live should be lifted for the duration of the Covid19 crisis. This would at least bring in some revenue for the clubs, who will take a hit financially. I suppose the alternative to closed door games is simply to postpone them but for how long? That option could be more disruptive and unworkable, should the situation continue beyond a few weeks. It would be good if the SPFL could help clubs deal with the financial repercussions of this through allowing live streaming of games on pay per view basis.
  9. £8 for a 4 year old seems steep. Back in the day, lifted over the turnstile. I am assuming you have twins? I take my invisible hat off to you if you can keep one/two four year olds happy for 90 plus minutes at the fitba. I have lingering memories of my dad taking me to matches and how bored and cold I felt after about three minutes. Mind you that was in the '70's, well before the advent of screen time, other than Glen Michael's Cartoon Cavalcade!
  10. Sorry, didn't see the earlier one, probably due to the frenzy of activity surrounding it! If we are officially P&B's February's most "buzzin'" club, there isn't too much evidence for this on the forum. I reckon we just buzz quieter than say, your average Clyde fan.
  11. Definitely seems to be some Bruce Almighty style jiggery-pokery going on with your defender though. Looks like he's trying to exert some kind of a force field on our player.
  12. A long journey on a week night for the Mo. Win would boost our bid for a Play-off spot. Hope SP can get the team to give 100% after Saturday's disappointment. Certainly would like better refereeing by all accounts. Also hope the weather allows the game to go ahead and doesn't spoil it. Stranraer pulled back a couple of goals on Saturday, showing there is still some fight left in them. They have more to lose than Montrose so they will certainly be up for it. Playing the Diamontes on Saturday will have a bearing on Tuesday's team selection but hopeful we can field one strong enough to get something from this game.
  13. There's a decent match report in the official Montrose FC Website for any Montrose fans interested. I wasn't there, so can't vouch for its accuracy but as other posters on here have made clear, there is no point greetin' about yesterday or criticising the Bairns or their fans. We move on. The team takes the positives and learns from the negatives. Arbroath have shown what is possible for a part-time club. Hopefully playing against full-time clubs in this league is good preparation for football at a higher level. We are heading in the right direction.
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