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  1. Okay, the dust may have settled after Saturday's debacle(s) but gonnae no close the discussion just because some eegits get over-excited and indulge in post-match shenanigans? Are Montrose going to post their highlights soon? (I am of course referring to the match itself and not the aftermath.) "The decision to withdraw Blue Story was not one taken lightly or without careful consideration of our experience across the country," the spokeswoman said.
  2. Injuries can happen in any game to be honest so am not buying that at all if that's the excuse Not an excuse. I would gladly take an early cup exit to concentrate on league business rather than our previous form of p1ss poor league performance, coupled with occasional (short) cup runs with inevitable pumpings by bigger teams. 0-9 at Easter Road for example.
  3. Lol.....What a load of shite Just what I was told. If you remember what happened at LTHV game, in the aftermath of which several key players spent much of the season injured then you'd realise why.
  4. I heard it was an attempt to shield younger, less battle-hardened players that he opted for a different lineup.
  5. Ach well, that’s the pesky cup nonsense out the way for another season! Bye bye “big money-spinning tie” hello Raith of the Rovers. Only hope we bounce back on league duty. Just gonnae no dae a post LTHV calamity, just gonnae no, please!
  6. The only certainty is that a team with "rose" in its name will go through. Trainspotter type non-football related link between Montrose and Bonnyrigg, I mentioned in a previous post, is that in the 70's and '80's, a current director of MFC had clothes shops in Montrose, "In Style" on Murray Street and also stocked a colleague from his work in Edinburgh's shop, "Life Style" in Bonnyrigg. So both towns appeared on carrier bags for the former, along with Tranent, Broxburn and Blackburn*. (London, Paris, Rome, New York and Tokyo did not feature.) Anyone old enough to remember Sta-Prest, Harrington's, Ben Shermans, Crombies, even the dangerous in high winds, Birmingham bags may have faint recollections of the shops. In Montrose, alternatives were Fraser's Fashions of Brechin and the Emporium. Other options further afield were JayTees in Arbroath, who I remember advertised at the Pictures. It was also the era of Dickie Dirts in London. I am ancient! *Blackburn, W. Lothian, not its much bigger, Beatle-quoted, holey, Lancashire namesake.
  7. Glad I didn't see it but it was excruciating watching so-called live updates on BBC website and Montrose Twitter wasn't exactly stellar in the update department either. According to the stats, we appear fortunate to have got anything from Balmoor today, so while we dropped points for the first time in a while, glad we didn't lose.
  8. This wouldn't be original but a few seasons back I went to a midweek game at Pittodrie and watched Aberdeen win against Hamilton. It was their seventh win in a row and as the stadium emptied, they played this over the p.a. https://youtu.be/yulmgTcyulmgTcGLZw A pity we're away from home if the Mo do make it seven but if upwards of 200 Mo fans do make the journey up to Balmoor, I reckon with a bit of practice on the bus on the way up, they could do a pretty impressive acapella version for the team. Just saying...
  9. Absolutely agree, Montrose were playing great football under Weir, when the interfering Kenny Black gave him his jotters. The tailspin that followed could have led to the club’s oblivion, were it not for Hegs and Marvellous Marv. fashioning our great escape.
  10. Good luck with that! Sure, nobody within the UK, would miss the chance of being at the Bayview Maracana in person, so doubt you will have too many "unusual" orders. I know that as Richard Gordon keeps on reminding me, when there's a match on BBC Radio Scotland, it's for "rights reasons" that I can't get access from abroad. Who is it actually has the rights to show live games in SPFL L.1 in the UK? If they never actually show them, isn't this a nonsense? Would you recommend other clubs offering a similar package? Highlights packages are a big improvement on what we had before: namely, waiting for a new team called SEVCO to play in your league before your team got shown on the telly but now we have better internet and the technology is available, why not make the most of this?
  11. Delighted that I can hopefully (technology permitting) watch a live Mo. game, courtesy of EFTV and coughing up the required fiver. Great service. Pity it wasn't available across the division. Only available to watch live to viewers outside the UK, sadly, which suits me but as you probably know there are means of "virtually" leaving the country.
  12. On a barely football-related '70's Montrose trivia matter... There is a link between a MFC director, Montrose and Bonnyrigg (and Tranent) but you would have to be oldish to know what it was. (* Warning, this is a minority interest post, so please don't take umbrage if it is irrelevant to you.)
  13. So how do Montrose FC "barely resemble a football team"? Admittedly our goalie did seem to more closely resemble a dodgeball player for your goal. So here's the argument explained in simple steps for you... The o.p. expected Falkirk to win the league, while predicting Montrose to finish tenth, describing them as "barely resembling a football team". GableEnder21 responded by suggesting this assessment was "disrespectful" considering that barring a ridiculous goalkeeping error, the teams would have likely shared the points in the only fixture, they have thus far played together this season. This was the only ground for comparison and so to claim that on that evidence alone, when you claimed your team were "absolutely atrocious" and somehow justify that they will win the league, while Montrose will finish tenth seems an altogether weaker argument. I do hope this helps.
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