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  1. Saw this and wondered about its application in lower leagues. I noticed even Spartans are wearing "wonder bras": those performance stat. gathering halter tops. I suppose in a game of fine margins, as they used to say at Tesco: "Every little helps". Of course once every other club adopts a particular piece of tech. or a proven technique it ceases to be an advantage but those clubs open to making use of or even pioneering new developments in the game are surely going to reap rewards. I like to think that as SP gets older, he will continue to get better by being open to new developments as well as doing the tried and tested to the utmost of the team's abilities. I wonder if there are people in the coaching / scouting set up at Montrose who are progressive in their outlook, so that progress doesn't just depend on old school solutions? https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/23543833.mathematical-brighton-system-behind-genius-roberto-de-zerbi/?ref=ebls&nid=1221
  2. Commiserations on Clyde's departure from League 1. Their fans have been long suffering, which as a long-in-the-tooth Montrose fan, I can certainly relate to. Hopefully their fortunes can be turned around before too much longer.
  3. Well done Airdrie. You really have kicked on this season and thoroughly deserve your promotion. Though Clyde have gone, we still get to visit New Douglas Park, how good is that?
  4. I know it isn't unique and it is comparing apples to pears (no entendre intended) but is it not strange in a good way, having the women's team in the highest tier, playing against the likes of Rangers and Celtic women and Glasgow City, and potentially having matches from Links Park televised, while the men's team are faced with a year of consolidation and rebuilding in the third tier? I really hope the women's team do better next season than the Glasgow Women team did this one. I don't know if their games were all as one-sided as the league table suggests but null point, is not a good look in Eurovision nor football. Hopefully the women's team can leverage some cash from somewhere to help maintain their progress and success.
  5. I think the turning point this season when things really started to take a turn for the worse, was the away match Vs Airdrie, the Saturday after we had inflicted the season's only defeat on the Pars. The team bus had been stuck in traffic, due to a train strike, having had to take the long way to the ground via the Forth Bridge. Having played so well against Dunfermline and being told by the management, they had little to fear from an Airdrie team, with only "boys on the bench", the Mo that day were outclassed and offered next to nothing in response. It was the first time I had witnessed such a heavy defeat since Petrie took charge. I also felt really disappointed that with Airdrie staying down courtesy of Queen's Park last season, we at least had an opportunity to try to extract some sort of revenge on them, following our catastrophic failure in the away leg of last year's playoffs. How far-fetched a wish that turned out to be! Was it just a blip, a bit of complacency following the high point of the victory over Dunfermline? Nope, the next away match, we were again completely scudded 4-0 by QoS. My memory of the Petrie revival up till this season is that when we lost, it was usually narrowly, other than in the Stephen Dobbie victory over us in the first playoff semi final away leg. This season has been different. We have definitely gone backwards and I am wondering if that includes the ethos of the team. I wonder if, without naming names, bringing in players, who have somewhat mixed reputations on and off the park, presumably on substantial wages, has been counter-productive? I am wondering if the feel good vibe about the club has been compromised as a consequence? It has been less than a stellar season for all the Angus teams, for different reasons. I think for Arbroath and ourselves, we have both suffered because, bigger teams have got their acts together and we haven't been able to secure and retain the same calibre of loan players. Plus this: losing one Cammie Ballantyne is bad enough, but losing two is just downright careless! That's my tuppence worth on a really meh season. Desperately hoping Stewart Petrie can rebuild over the summer and make us competitive again.
  6. Disappointed Brechin fell short in this one. I would have liked them to see them back in the SPFL, if only to prove that bounce back for clubs that had hit the skids can happen. It seems incredible to be in the position of being a Montrose fan pitying City, considering our respective positions a few years back. I hope Brechin make it up next season.
  7. Never say "Never"! The standard in League One is higher this season and we have struggled against full-time opposition more than in previous seasons. Arbroath have done amazingly well to stay up for five seasons. My congratulations are genuine. I think it is fair to say that in terms of achievement both Arbroath and Montrose have had a tougher season as clubs with far bigger budgets have eventually got their act together. We have definitely lost out to these in getting in and keeping quality loan players. Dunfermline, Falkirk and Airdrieonians and to a lesser extent Alloa and latterly Q.o.S. are all better sides now than when you last played them. Whoever joins you in the Championship is unlikely to gift you with an easy three points.
  8. Congratulations on your Championship survival.
  9. So excited by this one. Can the Mo clinch 6th? Not likely! Can they finish the season with a late flourish? Not holding my breath. Can they do better than last Saturday? I would certainly hope so. Will Clyde be resting players ahead of the playoffs? This game really counts for hee-haw.
  10. But in other news, our Women's team are champion-ees! Come on ye WoMo! Amazing!
  11. Who was in goal for the Mo in the dodgeball ricochet goal fiasco in our first L1 game at the Falkirk Stadium? Wasn't that against Sammon too?
  12. "Those were the days, my friend" Couldn't watch livestream today despite virtually popping across to Amsterdam for it. Saved myself £12.50 and what seems to have been a miserable afternoon watching another evisceration of the Mo, getting stung for four by the Wasps. Really rubbish end to any kind of last gasp push for the playoffs. I've already vented on the match thread. Might just waste a bit of money heading over to the dead rubber next Saturday to see if there is any kind of response from the team to try to end the season on slightly less of a low.
  13. I wasn't able to watch this online as planned. Glad I saved the £12.50 on what appears to have been a total damp squib of a match from a Mo perspective. Well done Alloa. You tore the Mo a new one yet again. Results like todays, show how far off the pace we have fallen this season. The first since we came up that I sense we've gone backwards rather than forwards. Stewart Petrie has earned the right to be cut some slack, bearing in mind what he has achieved up till now. He needs to show his mettle now though and rebuild the team, moving on those who have served well but who now need to make way for players who have as much to offer now as the old guard did a few years back. Experience is great but it has to have legs that can do something with it. We need new players, better players if Stewart Petrie can get them in to play for us. Finishing seventh this season, isn't going to make that task one bit easier as we are seen as a team avoiding the drop instead of pushing for promotion. This ship needs turning round and it isn't going to be quick or easy.
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