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  1. The LTHV debacle also arguably signalled the Mo’s appalling tailspin into the near abyss that was the relegation playoffs. This time I hope history will not repeat itself and we can shake off the losing mentality that has afflicted us of late. I am wondering if there’s a YouTube video out there, other teams have just newly discovered on the subject of “how to tear the Mo. defence a new one… the step by step guide.”
  2. I already posted on the League 1 section of the site. What is going wrong? More to the point; can the rot be stopped before we crash down to the foot of the table?
  3. Well, back to the SPFL after yet another "crash and burn" in the Scottish Cup. Shipping this number of goals in the last month is shocking. What on earth is going wrong?
  4. With the cost of living crisis and rising energy prices, a trip to electric lady land is going to set you back, that's for sure and judging by the album cover, they certainly need to wrap up warmer against the cold or they'll either catch their death or be facing very large fuel bills i.m.o.
  5. Anyone at the game care to comment on what took place from a Montrose supporter’s perspective? The score line certainly suggests it but was it as bad as the Airdrie game? Two absolute scuddings on the road. Was the Kelty result a blip? What do you think went wrong? Did the same things go wrong or was it “crapness” of a different sort from the Airdrie fiasco? Amazed we’re somehow still fourth, despite shipping so many goals.
  6. Difficult one to call but based on the Airdrie debacle, the Mo don’t travel too well. I was told that big delays caused by the rail strike etc. and hiring a coach without enough seats, meant that the team arrived in Airdrie later than expected and they certainly looked out of sorts. I really hope Saturday’s journey to Dumfries is far more straightforward and that they are firing on all cylinders from the kick off onwards. Hopefully a good game in which both teams give a good account of themselves but we nick the points.
  7. I am confused. Twice in the Peterhead interview SP refers to a game on Tuesday night; one time related to Aiden at 2:03 and another mention of a "game on Tuesday night" at 5:55. Just as puzzled why asking my question got me a reddie for the earlier post.
  8. What match was on tonight that SP referred to in the post-match interview with Ross? Was it a friendly? Anyone know anything more about it?
  9. I feel that is a bit harsh but I agree that fortunes have changed since the heady days when the Blue Toon were League Two’s big spenders. The rise of Cove and other teams in the north east like Formartine, may be the reason for Peterhead’s declining fortunes of late. Jim McInally has been there such a long time and isn’t a bad manager but perhaps like during Heggarty’s time at the Mo. perhaps his age means he may no longer have the contacts to get better players in. Not sure if changing managers is going to make much difference if other teams in the area continue to be more attractive options for part-time players. What do Bluetooners think is best way forward to get their club out of the doldrums?
  10. Still in shock after yesterday's horror show. Not as horrendous as the nightmare on Playoff Street but bad enough. Was anyone who watched the match able to make sense of it because other than us just not turning up, I am at a loss to know why things went down the Swanee following their goal? It could be argued that this was against the run of play. An Airdrie fan suggested that their (formerly oor) Cammy had highlighted our weaknesses and this led to our (un)doing. There may be something in that but our defence just couldn’t match the pace of their forwards. In fact we looked lethargic and less sharp than Airdrie most of the game. Losing Gardyne after 68 minutes, leaving us down to ten, signalled the end of any remnant of hope of a comeback. The third and fourth goals were down to bad defending. The difference in performance between yesterday and last Saturday was like night and day. Nothing seemed to work for us. Airdrie were even spared a comedy goal when their goalkeeper slipped and the ball trickled just past the post. The fact this was our best and practically only chance of the entire second half, says it all. Grim!
  11. It certainly has existed from some Falkirk fans since they first visited the "Seaside League". I think it's understandable King Joey tars Pars fans with the same brush, even if it is less of an issue with them. We have put up with the "how low have we sunk, losing to the likes of Montrose" nonsense for the last few years, when the reality is that Montrose have been in the playoffs, bar the season, there weren't any, every year since we were promoted. I think Pars fans, (or at least the one I met in Laos), have more respect for a team managed by Stewart Petrie than Falkirk fans do because they recognise like we do, he is gold dust as a manager.
  12. Second large glass of wine, so don't know if this qualifies. We have made quite a bit of progress since our whipping boy, laughing stock days of not that long ago. So I am very happy, with or without wine.
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