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  1. Really, really annoying to drop two points today. We were the better side, even though we seriously rode our luck at times. Our defense, other than for the second goal was as amazing as Falkirk claim their side was poor. Falkirk's defence was kamikaze at times and for stretches of the game, Falkirk weren't at the races. As for the ref. - from a Montrose perspective, he was lacking in generosity towards us, contrasting markedly with his disposition to the visitors. Overall good shift by the Mo. Only hope the frustration of today will spur them on next Saturday and we can get a more satisfying result.
  2. He was on. At the moment just getting game time. We did need a striker but we also need a psychologist to instill some decent game management.
  3. Yes, Milne's penalty was brutal. I don't think Alloa were particularly good, based on that showing but then they didn't need to be. We spurned chance after chance, making wrong decisions in and around the box, over-hitting passes and crosses and otherwise showing ourselves to be toothless in attack. Unusually we were highly suspect on occasion in defence too and on two occasions out of three we were punished for it. Alloa were gifted the first goal through sloppy defending. Their second was a peach of a goal but their player had acres of space in which to unleash his shot. Alloa on the other hand stifled our frequent forrays inside their box very effectively. Yes, they were big and physical but they had enough skill to cause us problems and frustratingly broke up our usual pattern of play. Sammon was a handful. Their full-back was also big and physical but lacked pace and should have been punished for this but sadly this weakness was not capitalised on by the Mo forwards. Newlands the referee was par for the course: poor, often times allowing his association with Sammon as fellow members of BA (baw-heids anonymous) to become apparent in his decision making skills. Fair play to Alloa though, they took the chances they were gifted and at least tried to play football along with their time-wasting in the second half, minus the clownschool theatrics of the "absolute shower" on show a couple of Saturdays back. Plus for me was the fact we didn't ship a third goal, when the defence was all at sea near the end of the game. SP, please, please, please (I'm down on my knees) sign a striker!
  4. When I post on this thread it isn't really meant for opposing fans but feel free to visit and get a free education.
  5. This is so true. I was amazed at how composed the players remained in spite of the shockingly inept performance by the match officials. Fair play to the good number of Dumbarton fans who while they no doubt were delighted with the win, were less comfortable with the excessive theatrics and time-wasting that for long periods of the second half in particular, ruined the game as a spectacle. It was literally anti-football, which any half-decent match officials should have dealt with rather than making a bad situation even worse, which is what their abysmal non-performance resulted in yesterday.
  6. Just to say that today's game was absolutely ruined by the poor performance of the match officials. The opposing team should have been severely punished for their antics. That they were not is nothing short of disgraceful. Full credit to Stewart Petrie and the Montrose team for sticking to the task in hand, when a less disciplined outfit would have lost their composure and vented their inevitable frustration in a less measured way. I am really sorry they did not get any points from this game but whatever the outcome, I think they emerged with immense credit in the circumstances. I am proud of them for retaining their sporting integrity. I am sure this level-headedness is going to stand them in good stead throughout this season and that future results will bear this out.
  7. We were off the pace in the first half. Too many passes not finding their man. Dumbarton were hard and up for it and because we were below par, I didn't grudge them their half-time advantage. Second half, Montrose dominated but couldn't find the net and that failure cost us the points. Yes, the referee was appalling and the less said about the opposition the better. It simply doesn't matter how much is stacked against us, there's no point greetin' about it. The Mo need to defend better against set pieces and get the ball in the back of the net, plain and simple... if only!
  8. Well done the Mo. East Fife looked dangerous at times but seemed to lose their way. In the end the win was deserved and quite comfortable as the Mo seemed to be able to mop up any East Fife goal threat and always looked capable of scoring on the break. I do wish they could put away more of their chances though as there are other teams who are going to be less generous in providing such opportunities. East Fife didn't appear to be a bad team but they are clearly some way off of finding their mojo.
  9. Hello. We are top of the league. Well done the Mo today for another good performance.
  10. Enjoyable game today from a Mo perspective. A much better outcome than last week too. Would have liked more of the chances to have been put away. Cove’s demolition of East Fife was foreboding and shows the difference having a proven striker or two makes in burying those chances. Still, I think we’re in a better place, having a strong squad overall, rather than having to rely so much on a talismanic goal scorer to get results. If the players we currently have can get their shots away on target more often and the defence keep mopping up like they were doing today, against more potent forwards, then maybe we will be just fine as we are.
  11. That was refreshing in the sense that I could only watch it not in full screen mode and had to keep refreshing the page. Terrible streaming compared to Diamonds TV last week when I was able to stream it to the telly with hardly any buffering. As for losing two goals / points in two minutes which I couldn't really see because of the useless stream, just an absolute scunner. No excuse for throwing away a two goal lead like that so late in the game. It is just plain sloppy and I hope the players get the message learnt ahead of next Saturday. Ragin'!
  12. BBC News - Scottish Leagues 1 & 2: Things to look out for this season https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57934783 Not a peep about Montrose FC. Just the usual hack BBC "journalist" fanboy dross we have got used to over the years. While it would be good to see SP and the team recognised more for what they are achieving, being perennial dark horses is something I can live with, especially if they end up ahead of the more fancied teams.
  13. Absolutely champing at the bit to get back to LP once quarantine ends on Monday. When I think back to the worst match I ever saw when I was back on a visit here against East Fife in Methil during the shambolic Black era and contrast it to how things are these days with the buzz of anticipation around the club, I honestly have to pinch myself to believe it's for real. Incredible turnaround. Amazing work by all concerned. Okay, it is only the start of the season but while I want my expectations to be realistic, I can't help but feel optimistic that this particular bubble may not pop for a while yet. I really do hope this season does turn out to be Montrose FC's finest yet!
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