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  1. Checked and don't seem to have that facility. Maybe it's only for platinum members or on the app? (I use the browser version.) Thanks for trying to help anyway. Appreciate it!
  2. I don't think this facility exists but if it did I would be tempted. I generally find there's a high correlation between attention span and the level of interest generated by the material.
  3. ...and frankly rather tedious! Always great to hear from fans of "bigger" clubs condescending to spout voluminous, erudite wisdom in our humble, lower league abode.
  4. From the BBC website: "SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster said his organisation "supports the Scottish FA's proportionate and appropriate response to the worsening situation across the country". Oh well, must have been the right decision then!
  5. It does seem rather arbitrary and I am very disappointed. I do not know if the SFA have been put under pressure to do this because of "elite" sport, particularly Celtic being such a focus of attention. I realise this is being done to reduce social interactions and travel but it makes very little sense in terms of being a commensurate response to the threat posed. The number of people involved in putting on games in Leagues One and Two is surely tiny, compared to the numbers involved in other permitted workplaces. Set this against the positive impact for fans of lower league teams of having football games to watch and I am struggling to see much justification for this.
  6. Away again! (if we get past Nairn) Gives us an insight into what life would be like in a parallel universe in which Garry Wood missed and we'd ended up in the HL.
  7. Bonnyrigg Rose did pretty well against Dundee, so maybe last year's defeat was not as big an underperformance as it felt like at the time. Disappointed that the Nairn match was postponed. If it goes ahead on Wednesday, that definitely doesn't help with preparations for the showdown with Falkirk on Saturday. Hope Arbroath can do better than Alloa did. Cove seem to have ridden out their wobble, since we ended their winning streak. Still, hopeful we can progress to round three without damaging our chances for Saturday.
  8. I am glad that the Nairn game is happening when it is. It means an extra week to work on things ahead of the Falkirk game. No disrespect to Nairn but I think it is a better draw, even allowing for the long distance travel, than having to play a Championship side prior to resuming league business. Arbroath away is surely a bigger ask for Falkirk, even if there is literally nothing separating the teams. Hoping we put in a decent shift at Nairn and don't pick up any injuries. I still groan inwardly when I think of how injuries picked up in the Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale cup tie were a contributing factor in the 2015 relegation playoff season. Another concern is that it gets played on Saturday, as a jaunt up to the highlands on a wintry Tuesday night would be especially brutal ahead of a crunch Saturday game. E.t.a. Heard that live streaming of cup tie from Nairn will be an option but nothing about it so far on Nairn County FC website. Was interested to see on there that they have been responding to restrictions brought about by "Covid18"!
  9. Yes, I had completely forgotten about that.
  10. Forfar definitely seemed more up for it having been weak in the first half. Montrose on the other hand, seemed off the pace, compared to the first half, which they really dominated but lacked a cutting edge. Forfar could easily have nicked it and with Cove and East Fife both winning, this definitely has a feel of two important points dropped from a Mo perspective. Fair play to Forfar though, their second half performance probably merited the draw. This was not the kind of performance Montrose wanted ahead of weekend after next's showdown at the Falkirk Stadium. They simply must make their possession count. Tippy-tappy football might be pretty to watch but it's goals that win games. Hoping the Mo can rediscover their scoring ways by 3pm next Saturday, please! (Cup game with Nairn County)
  11. I know "Forfar Athletich"! What's that about?
  12. Ha! You won't fool me for one with your tricky mind games.
  13. Thought I would get a thread started and coincidentally wish all supporters of the Mo and Forfar a Happy New Year. Having just watched Only An Excuse on catch-up and the mockery of lower league football, which granted at least afforded Montrose a 0-2 win at Glebe Park, I wondered if there was ever a time when the broadcast media could ever have been accused of focusing too much on teams beneath the second tier of Scottish football? The reason for the Morecambe and Wise "Forfar four..." joke was down to all the Scottish results being read by James Alexander Gordon on the main BBC Radio channels, including the World Service. (I remember listening for the Montrose result on a crackly shortwave radio perched on the back of an ancient Bedford truck near Isiolo in northern Kenya.) Then, due to protests from I suppose, mostly English fans, that precious air time should not be wasted on teams with only a few hundred supporters, even such limited coverage as giving the final scores stopped. It was presumably argued that coverage on the BBC website more than adequately compensated for this. As for print media and associated websites: The Courier's coverage of Angus teams reminds me of the Reeves and Mortimer Show item with tumbleweed blowing through town and eerie silence other than the howling of the wind. Such is its non-entitiness. As a supporter living abroad, I am really glad that P&B exists, particularly following the enforced demise of the Montrose FC website's messageboard. It's also pretty amazing watching matches live, even allowing for the shortcomings of Pixelot. As for the match itself. I expect a typical tight derby game. Last time, early in the season, it went down to the wire at Station Park. I would dare to say Montrose have improved since then. I don't know how fair a reflection Forfar's current league table position is of their current form, in what is a very competitive league. I hope that Montrose will shade it and take all three points. A draw would be disappointing but just gonnae no lose!
  14. For any of you who miss Ricky Fulton at this time of year...
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