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  1. cheers for the reply Bing. hopefully the elements dont take their toll...should be a cracking game if its on
  2. Apologies if this has already been asked in this thread, but can the Auchinleck boys tell me how they rate the chances of the game going ahead on Saturday....any weather concerns? cant be bothered to read through such a dry convo as who states attendances or not to find out if its already been asked. cheers
  3. Congratulations Beith. Thoroughly deserved victory
  4. people moaning at people moaning at people moaning at people moaning.....ive lost track of whos moaning at who now?? these decimal places are now giving Pi a run for its money! brilliant!
  5. you are right...we arent a staying up club. we should be fighting for the league title every year. Given the past few seasons where we have finished 8th (2 points from relegation) 10th (play-off survival) and 11th (relegated); the pollok supporters didnt expect to win the league this season. Staying comfortably in the league and competing was our main aim. we have worked hard to bring the club back into a position where it can at least put up a credible challenge again. Whatever happens at the tail end of this season in the league, there will be no complaints from anyone at pollok. we are in the scottish cup final (1st time for 18 years) it has been a very good season all round.
  6. let it go. Enjoy our teams win and the fantastic occasion it was. Don't stir up old shite which has been discussed to death
  7. its unfortunate that the game is off. with the weather being relatively decent this week, you would of expected there to be a good chance the game was going to be on. I suppose in a good way the fans have plenty of notice that the game is cancelled. i dont know if its standard practice to get the ref down as early as 24+ hours before kick off, but fair play to hurlford for raising their concerns. no point in playing a game of football on a pitch which isnt ready. a) its dangerous b)stops football being played c) no doubt we would be complaining at the state of the pitch and quality of the football as a result if the game was to go ahead
  8. With a bit of rain overnight, just wanting to know how the ground is looking at the moment. Do Hurlford have any concerns about the game going ahead tomorrow?
  9. aye, nowadays its pish, but the ground itself was good back in the day.
  10. what you actually achieving here?
  11. great appointment by the club. both will do well at the club. wish them all the best
  12. yeah losing 6 is not a title winning season...especially in a 22 game league. Everyone is taking points of each other though so it's all still to play for!
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