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  1. Should've won yesterday given chances we had in 2nd half but you can't fail to turn up for halves of football constantly and expect to win these matches. First half was very poor and it seems we just turned up there expecting to win. You could tell after the first 5 minutes we weren't quite a it and Forfar's goal sums that up. We were all over the place at times with some pathetically slack passing by nearly every player. Davidson and Tait should bury their chances and Bowie has to at least connect with that header. I know it's easier said than done but we desperately need to find a proper goalscorer. It's great having goals come from around the team but take Gullen out, which is now likely to happen, and our top league goalscorer has 4. Eventually that'll catch up with you. We also need Miller back in asap. As good as it is to see a young player who is a fan like Watson come in I just don't think he's at this level. Yesterday Forfar just seemed to leave him alone as they knew the threat was on the left with MacDonald.
  2. First half horrendous and no idea how we got in at 0-0. Second half much more even but still very poor. Goal out of nowhere but a great finish from Spencer. Not heard as much abuse to McGlynn when he hooked Baird. Think if we'd lost things might've been bad. Still not sure the subs, other than Grant Anderson, worked. Grant should have been on from the start. I'll take the points all day but we need to massively improve for the next 2 weeks.
  3. Can only echo how awful that was. McGlynn once again clueless tactically. Where the hell did that formation come from. Virtually 4-2-4 but playing 2 wingers who aren't wingers when 3 are sitting on the bench. Bowie our best goal threat stuck out wide to squeeze in the worst striker at the club in years. Passing all across the back in the slowest fashion to then just launch it. Absolutely horrendous. We don't even look like we have anything better fitness being almost full time. Wonder what excuses will come tonight.....
  4. Haven't read the thread so all I can say is the following... How the hell did we win that! Peterhead were superb and should have won easily. Davidson in midfield.... where did that come from?!? Bowie is better than Allan Let's all laugh at East Fife and the Par [emoji1787]
  5. Just now will feel like 2 points dropped but to come away not losing today after that 2nd half might just be a point gained come the season end. Clyde changed it up and we didn't react. Players thought the game was won and mindset from them was completely wrong. McGlynn also didn't react quickly enough when it was clear our midfield had gone. But as I said having played like that and down to 10 men to come away with a point I'll take it. Hopefully this is a massive reality check for us and we play and are fully concentrated for the full 90 from now on. Fair play to Clyde and Lennon and after that 2nd half they'll feel downbeat about not taking the full 3 points.
  6. Gutted, just gutted. I was really hoping what I was told was right. The lad will know the whole club is behind him but it's going to take something special mentally to pull him through it this time. We all have to stick together now and do it for Lewis. Show him that he has something to fight back for.
  7. Just had a message from a guy who was involved with medical side of things at Forfar today and he's saying it's a dislocated knee cap. Would still be serious but nowhere near as bad.
  8. I was referring to signings and new contracts. Of course a fully fit Vaughan is quality.
  9. I hope you're right but I have major concerns. As I've said before hard work is all well and good but you need quality to go up and I don't see from the signings and re-signings, Hendry and McKay apart, that we're going to be anywhere near good enough. Time will tell and I hope I'm wrong but I just don't see it.
  10. Gillespie to sign for Falkirk now and be player of the season. It's amazing how many of the players that we've either released or fans are happy to see leave have or look likely ending up at higher league clubs. Not necessarily a berometer of ability but surely would show given the right management should have been successful with us. Davidson will start next season guaranteed alongside Benedictus. He's not being signed on as a coach but as a full time defender. He should not be anywhere near the starting 11 and going by this McGlynn comments that's where he'll be. Amazed at the lack of concern from the fans at the state of the squad. Pining hopes on the same defence and 2 players both of whom have or will be coming back from serious long term injuries and who won't have kicked a ball competitively for months.
  11. Only Rovers fans could say they were ok with their best defender leaving to their rivals whilst re-signing a calamity who gave away countless goals last season. We should be bracing ourselves for a defence of McKay, Davidson, Bene and MacDonald. Also I know Davidson was keen for a testimonial last year so I wouldn't be surprised to see that announcement very soon.
  12. He's on a very good wage at Clyde and told he's rejected offers from clubs higher up than us. Put it in the no chance in hell department.
  13. Maybe a short career etc but once you decide to sign for rivals he should get pelters. Shows how far we've fallen that we're wishing them good luck now.
  14. No cause not everyone said Dumbarton were the best. Yes hard work will get you somewhere but generally quality will always tell in this division.
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