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  1. I was referring to signings and new contracts. Of course a fully fit Vaughan is quality.
  2. I hope you're right but I have major concerns. As I've said before hard work is all well and good but you need quality to go up and I don't see from the signings and re-signings, Hendry and McKay apart, that we're going to be anywhere near good enough. Time will tell and I hope I'm wrong but I just don't see it.
  3. Gillespie to sign for Falkirk now and be player of the season. It's amazing how many of the players that we've either released or fans are happy to see leave have or look likely ending up at higher league clubs. Not necessarily a berometer of ability but surely would show given the right management should have been successful with us. Davidson will start next season guaranteed alongside Benedictus. He's not being signed on as a coach but as a full time defender. He should not be anywhere near the starting 11 and going by this McGlynn comments that's where he'll be. Amazed at the lack of concern from the fans at the state of the squad. Pining hopes on the same defence and 2 players both of whom have or will be coming back from serious long term injuries and who won't have kicked a ball competitively for months.
  4. Only Rovers fans could say they were ok with their best defender leaving to their rivals whilst re-signing a calamity who gave away countless goals last season. We should be bracing ourselves for a defence of McKay, Davidson, Bene and MacDonald. Also I know Davidson was keen for a testimonial last year so I wouldn't be surprised to see that announcement very soon.
  5. He's on a very good wage at Clyde and told he's rejected offers from clubs higher up than us. Put it in the no chance in hell department.
  6. Maybe a short career etc but once you decide to sign for rivals he should get pelters. Shows how far we've fallen that we're wishing them good luck now.
  7. No cause not everyone said Dumbarton were the best. Yes hard work will get you somewhere but generally quality will always tell in this division.
  8. Would disagree they were the best. I thought Arbroath had best squad right from the start.
  9. Ok let me rephrase... we've signed a journeyman lower league player in Victoria and a player who our fans were all ok with leaving a few years ago, is now 33 and has spent the last 2 years mostly on the bench at Peterhead and Stranraer. Falkirk are signing players who are proven at a higher level. That sound better? If Anderson, Victoria and the others rumoured were signing for anyone else in the league we wouldn't be worried in the slightest. Yes a man manager can make players better and the most talented players don't always make the best team but when was the last time in this league a team who was not deemed to be the best win it? I'm going to suggest given that Murray was being looked at by several higher league clubs in Scotland and a team in League 1 down south that he might be a bit better than our fans are giving him credit for.
  10. No idea how anyone can deem the signing of 2 journeyman "attackers" whilst at the same time losing your best defender from the past 2 years as anything other than concerning. Don't get all this "McGlynn will make them better" chat on the basis of what he did a decade ago especially if the one player we all agree should be let go, Davidson, has been offered a new deal. I fear we are down in this league for the foreseeable future especially given the signings Falkirk are now making.
  11. Only worth it surely if we use the money to sign a decent replacement though. I do seriously worry though if we're losing 2 of our best players from last season and replacing with likes of those being rumoured. All for building a team but you still need quality and someone like Anderson just won't bring that at his age.
  12. I'd have kept Buchanan so not entirely correct. Nt wasn't his fault he was misused for 2 seasons. Under Barry Smith he was subjected to long falls against 6 foot centre backs and last season he was told to chase down balls like a guy in his early 20s. He is a penalty box striker with a good touch and should have been used as such, maybe as an impact sub more often. Anyway he's away now and given he always gave 100% I wish him all the best.
  13. Exactly. Give information on the club strategy and what they are looking to achieve and leave the players to the manager. Comments like that just not needed and come across as unprofessional.
  14. Unless Sim decided to bankroll a proper season of full time football then I agree no alternative...and there's probably more chance of Barry Smith being made honorary president than that happening. My point is I just feel the feeling that we're suddenly going to have all the best part time players out there for next season is extremely unlikely. Which free part time players out there and and available are we suddenly going to attract in the next month?
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