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  1. I'm another who is in a similar position to DC. At no point did we consider driving down to get support from grandparents. I'm livid as many others are. This guy is basically acting PM. The rallying around him is ludicrous.
  2. So grown men aren't allowed to have an opinion on what is, going by the graphic, an absolutely honking effort. Pretty sure most fans were kids at some point who still get excited about the new kit launch in their adult years. Let's hope it looks better in the flesh. I'd have preferred the pattern to be over the full strip and without the red groin lines.
  3. Trying to stay positive but last few posts have killed that lol. Reality is kicking in.
  4. In any other team in any other league Griffiths would have been sent off.
  5. Biggest game at TFS for some time which is a sorry tale in itself. Unfortunately Saturday showed we cant defend anything remotely out of the ordinary. Both centre halfs are poor and Hall needs to start the remainder of the league games. That being said we do carry a physical threat so you never know we could knick a goal from a set piece. Looking forward to this albeit I think we will be edged out. 3-1 Hearts
  6. Hope 'Alfie' is ok. I'd be sleeping with one eye open if I was him [emoji3574][emoji533]
  7. young_bairn


    Great final episode. My only regret is that its finished.
  8. young_bairn


    My Mrs is fed up of me saying how good this is. EP8 was just fantastic. Cant believe nobody is watching this.
  9. young_bairn


    It just ticks every box for me. Looks great, acting great, soundtrack is amazing, geek lore everywhere. Episode 8 should be amazing .
  10. young_bairn


    Aye it's good. Very good.
  11. young_bairn


    Didn't need to know what was in the briefcase [emoji1787]
  12. young_bairn


    This is so good. Wish I could binge it now!
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