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  1. Accountable, certainly. Progressive, probably not. Devolution has given us a parliament that essentially decides how to spend money and doesn't need to think too much about how to raise it. This has meant Scotland has elected left leaning governments since devolution. As soon as control over benefits/ pensions/ VAT are decided at Holyrood I suspect Scotland might just decide to vote for right leaning parties.
  2. The one thing I can guarantee- the Tory membership will not be allowed to pick the Tory leader again.
  3. I suspect a sniff of a labour win will see SNP voters tactically vote for Labour at a general election. Which should get Labour a few seats in the central belt. Essentially this happened towards the end of the 2017 election campaign too.
  4. The 'they said our country was shite but this parade proves them wrong' takes are everywhere at the moment.
  5. I'm not saying she's dead but Duff and Phelps have just appointed as the administrator.
  6. Southgate's return to club management will probably be at a mid table EPL team. The top 6 wouldn't even look at him imo.
  7. That the best English manager of the last 10 years is Sean Dyche is utterly remarkable
  8. Imagine a Spurs manager achieving what Tuchel has in just over 18 months at Chelsea- they would name a stand after him.
  9. They spent nearly £100m on Lukaku last summer alone.
  10. Wonder how much Johnson will charge for Cameos? I reckon £100
  11. She will have her hands full dealing with gas prices / inflation. It will involve chucking money at people one way or another, so she will have a job then proving to Tory hardliners that she really just wants to cut taxes. Meanwhile the Red Wall will look on incredulously and boot her in the baws in 2024.
  12. This feels a bit like early March 2020 when Johnson was still pushing the idea that lockdowns wouldn't happen whilst continental Europe was two weeks into theirs.
  13. Has Truss worked out how to get out of that conference centre yet?
  14. That action to help people with their bills has to wait for the Tory Party to choose their new leader is one of the biggest scandal of our times.
  15. TV companies can dress ex footballers in all the suits they like, but they are still thick as mince idiots. They should expect this kind of behaviour. You wouldnt catch Gabriele Marcotti or Fabrizio Romano belittling women's football or spitting in someone's face
  16. A rooster has just moved in next door. Hoping someone rings its neck before I do.
  17. Came to post this, actually glad I didn't need to bother.
  18. 10000m field was relatively poor. McColgan came 10th at the 10000m in Eugene and won pretty easily the other night. Muir is one of the best in the world at 1500m and has been for a while. Muir might well be the best Scottish athlete of all time.
  19. Enjoying Hayley Simmonds being on screen though. Predictably the Welsh wifey that just had the bairn that the bbc had their wee piece on just before the race started did nothing. The presenters asking 'just what is going on in your mind here' with every pundit is really annoying.
  20. Love island dates are like a virgin's idea of what a date is
  21. They need to travel a few miles as thei post office in the village has been shut. She is essentially Johnson with a comb. And I think the Brexiters / hard right Tories backing her are going to be looking very silly in a few years. Her bluster about the protocol is a good example, as it's not possible to avoid further damage to the economy without further alignment with EU rules. As a result, I expect her to align with these rules before triggering Article 16.
  22. Interesting. But canny NI politicians should be doing everything they can to attract businesses there with the unique ability to operate in both markets. It can be a good thing, as long as all parties commit to making it work.
  23. Telling Tory members that Brexit has been shit is probably inadvisable, even if you believe it to be true.
  24. Leaving aside questions about her competence, Truss is still a Remainer. The Tories voting her are going to be left humiliated as she brings the UK further into line with EU.. In fairness, had she come across a party in 10 downing Street during lockdown, she would have been angry and told whoever was there not to do it again, which is definitely an improvement..
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