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  1. If a poster doesn't get banned for that, what's the point of mods?
  2. Outgoing, extroverted people are excruciating to watch on youtube
  3. It might be chivalrous to wait until Harry and Meghan have broken up first.
  4. Noel Phillips is probably the best of the genre. No awkward interviews but also endearingly geeky- which all decent niche youtube videos are. See also Geoff Marshall, who is trying to visit all train stations in Britain. And Themepark Worldwide too
  5. Lower league at home to Premier League is always likely to be picked. I wonder if Liverpool, given their massive advantage over their rivals in the EPL, will prioritise the FA Cup over the league? They might as well.
  6. Architectural Digest- estate agents shows viewers round $100m homes in US. New England Wildlife and More - man opens cans of food and drink from decades ago, tests them and sometimes eats the contents. Knowing Better- guy discusses history from a.political and sociological standpoint. His discussion on why Gandhi was a shit is quite good. Lollujo, WorkTheSpace - Football Manager vlloggers
  7. I dont give a shit what is played at my funeral because I will be dead.
  8. The defining question of our age
  9. The mind games commence. Fully expect Mr Weir to be Captain in ICTJohnBoy's team.
  10. All the Tories that would block the deal are gone. It's why it is so vital that they don't get a majority.
  11. Data is 2 weeks old. Looks like a hung parliament to me. Duncan smith and raab in danger too.
  12. I suspect tactical voting will cost the Tories their majority now. Hopefully. My gut feeling is the group of voters that the Tories 'Get Brexit Done' slogan alienates the most (ages 18-34) is also the group most likely to not have a problem switching their vote.
  13. The MRP one is being updated and will be released at 10pm Tuesday or Wednesday next week.
  14. I would be highly sceptical of the MRP. When you look at the constituency MRP results from Scotland in 2017 the model still massively over predicted how well SNP would do and entirely missed Labour taking seats from SNP. Midlothian, for example. SNP predicted to get 40% of the vote to labour's 28% in 2017. In other words, way out as labour took seat with 36%. Looks to me like it was actually pretty lucky to stumble on broadly the right result in 2017
  15. 'What have you got in the bag for our chefs to cook today?'
  16. It looks like it is blowing back in their faces already. Javid being asked to defend Islamophobia in every press conference. Muslim Council urging investigation into the tories.
  17. Rest of the campaign is about persuading remainer Tory voters to vote smart to avoid no deal. The jump in the polls for the tories was due to Farages surrendering. The only way is down for the Tories from here. It's why they've got the rabbi to try and shore the vote up in London seats.
  18. Was this in the 'Origin of the Species: More Better'?
  19. I thought the Tories would get nearly wiped out in Scotland but Sturgeon's insistence on a second independence referendum as a price for a Labour deal will probably end up saving them. And remind Tories to vote tactically against the SNP.
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