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  1. You can give her COViD at Christmas and by the end of January, be barred from her funeral in case you give anyone COVID.
  2. How will the nurses fit in their tea breaks?
  3. I was more meaning in the sense that the COViD vaccine is unlikely to give lifetime protection against COVID.
  4. I still don't believe the Scottish Government will do it. It would be one of the most nonsensical and maybe dangerous things a government could do. And the next issue with the vaccine will be how long immunity lasts. I'm not sure this has been fully worked out yet but I can imagine stories in the media about people being given the vaccine then dying of COVID months later
  5. I'm sure any deal will do just that. It's always been the case that 'no deal' really means 'deal at a later point, but with much worse terms for the UK'.
  6. That's true. But at least in August the cases were at a relatively low level. That probably won't be the case at end of December. Really don't understand why Scottish Government doesn't just hold the line and keep the restrictions in place over Xmas period, knowing fine well that they won't be adhered to anyway. That way, politicians can't be held personally responsible for future rising cases but people can choose to do what they want. Relaxing restrictions will leave political opponents the ability to attack them for COVID deaths in January,and I'm not sure how they can argue that it wouldn't be their fault given their rhetoric up until now.
  7. Relaxing the restrictions for a week at Christmas undermines the message that they have been pushing for the last nine months.
  8. Denmark just shot 17m of theirs. Surely Sturgeon must be looking at this as a strategy ?
  9. As much as I think people should be allowed the choice to WFH or not, it's not ideal in my situation. With a one year old now running round the house, the competing need to look after her and at least do some work is tough. I think I just about keep my head above the water work-wise, and whilst my employer is understanding, I have constantly got the fear that I am not doing enough.
  10. Will be very interesting to see which world leaders congratulate Biden. Johnson silent so far
  11. Is there anyone else in it? She's the only one they seem to show.
  12. More likely people will judge him for having a wife for over 50 years, rather than him being gay.
  13. What do you do with those that test positive?
  14. I don't believe for a second that the first time she has heard about the furlough being extended was tonight.
  15. Unlike England, we have got fairly substantial populations on remote islands that have not been affected too much by COViD, apart from Shetland early on. I'm not sure a Scotland wide lockdown is appropriate in the same way as it would be for England. It might also explain why Sturgeon has pressed ahead with local lockdowns even as governments around Europe have locking down.
  16. I have wondered if zero alcohol sales was coming down the tracks in Scotland - might go some way to stop the house parties that are apparently causing the virus to spread.
  17. Remember the Tier 1-4 framework earlier in the year? Quite nostalgic for it now.
  18. Scottish independence will lead both rUK and Scotland to become more right wing. If that sounds like an argument against independence to you, then I think you might be in for a shock pretty quickly after independence. I expect independence will allow the centre right in Scotland to get rid of the Tory name (helped by some ex SNP politicians).
  19. Scratching my head at what the problem is with the proposals- 25 percent of broadcast revenue to EFL. Funds ringfenced for football infrastructure (which should mean less money spent by the taxpayer), should guarantee the future of EFL clubs for years. Ending parachute payments may result in less kamikaze spending to get to the Barclays too.
  20. That's exactly what the Scottish Government are doing, especially when they don't have all the levers available to them to mitigate the damage.
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