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  1. Well I have enjoyed the World Cup being at this time of year. It would have been better to have longer before the world cup started with no club football. Does this mean that the world cup should only be held in countries where you can play in reasonable temperature in June/ July?
  2. Arbitrary limits to heading in training without any evidence backing up the rationale for doing so is no use especially when it looks like theres no way to assess whether the measures taken will work and won't be known until players are much older. Would be better to just ban it completely, though this would need to be done by the organ grinder (FIFA) rather than the monkey (SFA). Study cohort is professional footballers, but it would be interesting to see if amateur level players are affected too.
  3. It also includes isle of man as part of UK, when it isn't .
  4. Can't help wondering if Belgium, like England, have pissed away a world cup winning generation of players due to their shite manager
  5. Yes, indeed. Tories are using Brexit in the exact same way the SNP (and Tories too) are using possible Scottish independence.
  6. You can't use Scotland's constitutional status to pay your bills.
  7. They should be doing this stuff when Yes are at 60% in the polls.. Using greivance might well get Yes a small majority in the end but it's storing up resentment for the future. For example, Sturgeon wants to campaign that a vote for SNP is a vote for democracy at the next election. Does that mean that a vote for a Unionist party makes you anti democratic? It's very Farage in his Brexit Party years.
  8. Scottish politics hasn't spent enough time talking about potholes on the B7076 and too much talking about independence. Sooner we can stop talking about the constitution the better. Making the constitution the most pressing issue in peoples' minds when they think about politics is probably Salmond's greatest achievement. The way people just dismiss all other issues at the expense of whether Scotland should be independent or not is quite remarkable. People in Scotland weren't thinking like that 25 years ago.
  9. They might if whether Scotland is independent or not isnt the most important issue to them.
  10. There's not many players better at doing well against teams like Amiens and Troyes.
  11. Pro-Union parties will attempt to delegitimise the strategy by talking about issues that aren't independence. This might be slightly inconvenient for the single issue vote.
  12. Or alternatively, the SNP shouldn't put stuff the Scottish Parliament doesnt't have jurisdiction over in their manifesto.
  13. They also didn't manufacture the polls not moving because of it. It's been a good day for NS and the SNP, less so for the wider independence movement.
  14. This in fact is the only route to independence. SNP trying to cut corners manufacturing grievance when they start with only 45% Yes is absolutely no use. Win the economic argument on independence and independence happens. I personally think they can, but it's very difficult.
  15. Grievance doesnt move the polls though.
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