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  1. I think I heard that it costs supermarkets 20-30 quid to deliver each order. People don't pay that obviously. But it's a case of 'adapt or die' - unless supermarkets are involved in online delivery now, they won't have a future when people stop going to physical shops and prefer to shop exclusively online for groceries. Otherwise they'll become the supermarket equivalent of Blockbuster.
  2. And dig a hole for him to piss in as well.
  3. What happens if you meet in a restaurant? Or to put this another way, are you only supposed to be eating out with people you live with, or can family or friends be involved too?
  4. Without a commitment to extend the furlough from the UK Govt, I can't see how the Scottish Government can impose lockdown measures that involve closing peoples' workplaces.
  5. I hope the Yes vote gets to the levels where they can feel comfortable having these discussions on austerity prior to the referendum. I am not sure the SGC has enough cut through to persuade Yes voters that they have been told about possible austerity after independence, especially ones who think we woukd have left wing governments in perpetuity.
  6. It might because there's an election in May.
  7. I think Celtic were onto plums after their players Covid indiscretions. That plus the pathetic but almost inevitable bleating from the other cheek if they were to be allowed fans at a game first lead me to believe that they would not be awarded the initial test event for football. That said not heard too many other clubs pushing for it. Maybe other clubs' stadiums are too small/ don't have as many entrances and exits to allow that to happen. That being said, all joking aside I don't quite understand how you couldn't fit all season ticket holders for Kilmarnock, for example, and leave plenty room for social distancing.
  8. Deaths can be registered numerous days after the event- so likely to have occurred a few days ago. The number in ICU will be up to date.
  9. I don't think they are the problem. But a couple of posters have suggested that not having exams doesn't seem to be an issue to universities or employers. So what is the point in them then?
  10. It won't affect admissions one iota. You either had a conditional or unconditional offer which will be honoured assuming in the case of Conditional offers the conditions were met. Logical conclusion of this is that exams were never needed in the first place. An imaginative Government might have used COViD to entirely reshape how exams sit within the educational system. Perhaps that might still happen since a precedent has been set.
  11. Biggest mistake the Government could make now would be to consider the matter closed. How will the 2020 cohort of students' "exam" results be considered by employers and universities/ colleges going forward?
  12. Unless they do that, quarantine is essentially pointless. If you get off a plane and go through an airport, maybe go on public transport etc, then it's surely not worth doing.
  13. I absolutely agree that it is far from ideal. But I would argue the worst of all options is penalising students who would have done well, as the moderating seems to have done. Hopefully the appeals process corrects some of the more overly officious moderating.
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