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  1. The MRP one is being updated and will be released at 10pm Tuesday or Wednesday next week.
  2. I would be highly sceptical of the MRP. When you look at the constituency MRP results from Scotland in 2017 the model still massively over predicted how well SNP would do and entirely missed Labour taking seats from SNP. Midlothian, for example. SNP predicted to get 40% of the vote to labour's 28% in 2017. In other words, way out as labour took seat with 36%. Looks to me like it was actually pretty lucky to stumble on broadly the right result in 2017
  3. 'What have you got in the bag for our chefs to cook today?'
  4. It looks like it is blowing back in their faces already. Javid being asked to defend Islamophobia in every press conference. Muslim Council urging investigation into the tories.
  5. Rest of the campaign is about persuading remainer Tory voters to vote smart to avoid no deal. The jump in the polls for the tories was due to Farages surrendering. The only way is down for the Tories from here. It's why they've got the rabbi to try and shore the vote up in London seats.
  6. Was this in the 'Origin of the Species: More Better'?
  7. I thought the Tories would get nearly wiped out in Scotland but Sturgeon's insistence on a second independence referendum as a price for a Labour deal will probably end up saving them. And remind Tories to vote tactically against the SNP.
  8. Honestly think the Tories are fucked from both Leave and Remain. They've cancelled Brexit twice now (this hasn't yet been measured in the polls) so will lose votes to Brexit Party. At the same time, remainers will desert the party as they did in 2017, which cost them their majority.
  9. Wales beating England in a World Cup Final would be utterly beautiful.
  10. Has anyone mentioned Hayden Panetierre yet? Edit: they have
  11. That wee boot that sounds like Orville and dresses in the same colours as him, is unlike anything I've seen before.
  12. Who would pay money up front with a travel agent in administration? You would need your head examined.
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