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  1. Bought 4 GameStop shares for £200 on Monday- cashed out at opening today at £800. Don't think I've made much easier money. Most delicious part is that the rise in the share price is now being caused by the hedge funds reversing their short position and buying shares.
  2. Been folowing r/wallstreetbets since last week. They've caused the price in Gamestop shares to nearly double in 2-3 days. Sorely tempted to buy on Monday,but probably won't as against all my instincts. But price will most likely go to something ridiculous again.
  3. Professional football teams traveling round Europe won't concern public health people. If it did, the Champions League wouldn't be taking place.
  4. Being so far ahead in rolling out the vaccine and then not lifting restrictions is going to be fun to watch politically, especially given this has happened after Brexit. But I suspect you are right.
  5. They already did that with Christmas Day
  6. Its pretty remarkable what's been achieved in a year. Read today that there's over 160 vaccines at different stages of development currently. Obviously not all will make it but it's really encouraging nonetheless Limitless amounts of money and study participants . High prevalence of COVID makes wider trials easier too. It's not something that all clinical trials can replicate. But the hope is that the work on COVID will have implications for the treatment of other conditions too.
  7. Not sure it is really news. The idea that COVID will be around as long as humans exist has been mentioned a few times by scientists , which implies a discussion of how many deaths are tolerable .
  8. I predict the UK wont have lifted restrictions before mainland Europe in spite of the current vaccination lead . There will be some sort of f**k up.
  9. I sometimes wonder if the dissenting voices criticising the SNP from within the party helps the SNP maintain their support from outside the party/ wider independence movement. For example, Alex Neil criticising the party's stance on Brexit showed that it's possible to think not being in the EU and still supporting independence is a legitimate stance to take. Especially when a fair chunk of SNP members voted Leave in 2016.
  10. Ironically the safety first end of the spectrum also involves probably thousands of deaths. People getting a bit too excited about number of deaths today. I think number of deaths is a reflection of increased testing when compared to the spring. The excess deaths number is the important one, and I believe the excess deaths during second wave is far closer to the 5 year average than the first wave.
  11. There's absolutely no chance a version of Brexit that didn't involve ending freedom of movement would have been remotely acceptable. So hard Brexit or no Brexit were the only two outcomes.
  12. It would be good if Turkey wanted some form of access to the UK for its citizens as part of the deal, given that the idea of preventing marauding Turks from taking our benefits formed 80% of the Leave campaign.
  13. Agreed. It's too simplistic to say that FPTP stops extremist parties being elected. What FPTP does is create gigantic parties full of different factions -those extreme points of view are hiding within those large parties. Take the BNP. There's now quite a few BNP policies adopted by the Tories but the BNP is dead as an electoral entity. Farage put a blokey face to these policies, called his party UKIP/Brexit Party then basically gifted the Tories their 80 seat majority in 2019. As if to prove this point, former UKIP councillors have become current Tory MPs.
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