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  1. I suspect Javid will quite rightly, be pointing at the trajectory in Scotland as justification for no new restrictions.
  2. Agreed. I can't see how social distancing can be reintroduced without a resumption of the furlough scheme. Which I simply can't see the Tories going anywhere near again.
  3. A rowing back of restrictions in England would be a complete disaster for the Tories electorally (who am I kidding CON +7)
  4. Has it got something to do with nailbars?
  5. Guaranteed the whole thing would just blow up in their face.
  6. Why not? As a replacement for the HoL, this is an excellent idea
  7. Perhaps not, but the indefinite extension of emergency COVID powers might be.
  8. The relationship is more like a divorcee desperately trying to help their destructive ex-partner.
  9. I'm still not sure why anything that results in someone becoming an MP makes them any more likely to make a good decision that will affect the future, as you say. No-one knows what will happen in the future. I want to be governed by people who admit they haven't got a clue either and are able to make decisions based on evidence put in front of them. For instance, is NS basing decisions on how it might impact independence. Or Boris Johnson with Brexit? Probably, and I wouldn't blame them since they owe their jobs to them supporting those issues. Sortition takes these issues away.
  10. At Clan Sturgeon home matches, it takes 10 hours for injured players to get stretchered off.
  11. In that case, I assume you think the jury system is a bad one? Sortition already happens in some political contexts, for example some caucuses in America. Whenever a politician promotes 'citizen assemblies', they are promoting sortition. If you want to select the prime minister you have to pay a subscription to the Tory Party. I don't see why that's a better system than literally asking random, incorruptible people to make decisions.
  12. This is the original form of democracy used in ancient Greece. Using elections is essentially a watered down form of democracy by comparison. I can't see why, if it's ok for the legal system, why it can't be OK for politics.
  13. He's playing a completely different game from every other politician. It's not worth getting worked up about him acting liking a twat during interviews.
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