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  1. Beginning to look like 'Alba' should be pronounced as 'DUP'.
  2. Asking the Tories for a referendum would have been a start to deciding that.
  3. The SNP have had 5 years to do this, and haven't.
  4. DMX the Mother Theresa of 2021. Now that the masterchef final has been cancelled, at least we will be able to see at least one Greek dish about to go into the oven tonight .
  5. BBC already repeating the same interviews to fill time.
  6. They've written those articles quickly
  7. Of course the tickets would be cancelled to give to someone else - all the available tickets have been sold. So UEFA/ whoever will have to buy the tickets off people (probably minus the booking fee) so they can give them to the Scottish Supporters Club in your scenario. Had, for whatever reason, members of supporters clubs been unable to enter the ballot for tickets in the original general sale, I think I'd be with you. Had I been a member of the SSA I woukd entered the general sale as well - don't understand why you wouldn't.
  8. Nicola's done such a great job hasn't she?
  9. Heating on, windows open and you should be OK.
  10. I don't think it will. I think most people can live with their ticket being cancelled because of public health concerns. Less so if their ticket is being cancelled to give to someone else, whether they are in a club or not. Two months isn't a lot of notice to give people that their tickets are being cancelled too. I suspect you may be disappointed.
  11. You've presented an argument for giving members of the SSC a medal for their service to the Tartan Army, rather than an argument for taking tickets off people who have already bought them.
  12. Tickets shouldn't be given to any supporters club (Scottish or otherwise) if it involves cancelling tickets already sold to people. Especially as other countries can't guarantee that those fans will be allowed to travel to Scotland in June.
  13. It's almost as if the SNP agree with the Tories on more issues than they would have you believe.
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