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  1. Unlike Dr Alex, Danica is actually putting a shift in. Fair play to the boys for saving her. Ekin Su and Davide are 4/1 to win, this seems a bit of bargain given that they seem to be the least horrible couple and the shows been edited to present them as going on a 'journey'. Can't see Ekin Su going for the wee boys they've put into Casa Amor either.
  2. Wait til you find out that people with centre-right views vote for the SNP to achieve independence. To put it another way, John Mason and Mhairi Black are not going to find themselves in the same party after Scotland votes Yes. As many as a third of SNP supporters voted Leave.
  3. Many people don 't primarily see Scotland as 'their country'. It's quite difficult for some Scottish independence supporters to get their head round. They might not even think of themselves primarily as 'British'. Nationalism, British, Scottish whatever is a bit of a scam which has its roots in getting people who don't give a shit about you to fight for you in wars. See also: religion. I see a vote for independence as precipitating the elections of right wing governments in Scotland that have jurisdiction over health and education policy. Without having to worry about cutting or raising taxes (to any great extent), pensions and benefits the Scottish Government can concentrate on spending our money in a left of centre manner which I prefer. Independence supporters get quite sheepish when you suggest that Scotland won't always vote for left wing parties.
  4. The main result of independence will be that right wing parties will end up in charge of policy that is devolved at the moment.
  5. One thing that hasn't happened in 8 years is more than a handful of opinion polls showing a lead for Yes.
  6. Scottish Parliament has has much legal right to hold a referendum on independence as it has to start a war with a foreign country or give up nuclear weapons - ie none. On that basis and on no other, the SC is guaranteed to reject the SG's request.
  7. A massive gamble by Sturgeon that probably should only have been taken with Yes comfortably ahead in the polls. It might pay off, but probably not.
  8. Labour would have NS in Johnson's pocket in every subsequent election leaflet.
  9. Like what happened in Catalonia in 2017.
  10. A wildcat referendum would be like Christmas for unionism.
  11. A very lucrative day for abortion clinics not situated in America's Deep South.
  12. Gemma would be bigger. Really hope that happens tbh.
  13. I think it will be at the Millennium Stadium.
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