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  1. No matter what they say, none of the employees in these restaurants or take away places can possibly be social distancing properly.
  2. Numbers are tiny, p values for smokers at least are way above what is acceptable to reject null hypothesis (0.05). Coupled with small sample size means study has limitations at best, and should be cited with care.
  3. Make your own. There's plenty of unmade graphs involving the Scottish figures.
  4. It's not even about Cummings any more, it's about Johnson's judgement.
  5. The way this four year old child is being used as a shield is utterly despicable.
  6. Imagine it is cancelled at last minute. Wouldn't surprise me. I think they might put Cleverly out to bat.
  7. ....It has been known for months . Certainly before the start of lockdown in uk.
  8. Wonder what horrors the Tories are trying to hide?
  9. There really should, at this point, be no one going to a shop without a clear idea of what it is they are going to buy and how to find it rapidly and get out. That said, I pissed away about 9 or 10 unnecessary minutes in Morrisons yesterday as I had mistimed my landing run on the beer aisle for 10am Not got a clue why 'click and collect' isn't mandatory for shops that offer it.
  10. I'd quite happily self isolate with Nikki Kanani.
  11. The difference between England and rUK isn't that there are different measures . It is that the measures are being taken earlier - mainly because England is further along the curve than rUK. That's not to say the measures aren't unwise. But I suspect there will be plenty of issues when restrictions are lifted in Scotland .
  12. I don't think its been done because he is a shitebag (although he is) but because he can't be trusted to deliver a clear message at a press conference.
  13. If the NHS is being overwhemed, it is already too late for a lockdown, given that there's a three week gap between getting covid19 and dying from it. I don't think we will see a full lockdown again. Especially as there's some evidence they don't make a difference - sweden, Iceland etc.
  14. The SNP is, like every other major political party, is a party of coalitions. It always has been. The trans Vs non trans division is the latest iteration of a divide that has existed for as long as the SNP has existed, but in different guises - see section 28, for example.
  15. Same problem applies to doing this as with the backstop (remember that?) There's over 300 roads between NI and the ROI. Farms right on the border. It is completely impractical.
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