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  1. European Election - 23rd May 2019

    They are committed to delivering Brexit, it says so in their manifesto.
  2. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Jerome Varielle is probably preparing his application as we speak.
  3. Question Time

    Two Hull Newspapers were merged together moved to London and called the Daily Mail in the 1890s. At least try and Google properly
  4. Question Time

    What are they?
  5. Question Time

    It was created via merger of other papers- not to support the Tories. Very interesting that not a single newspaper has been mentioned to counter my argument. Almost like there isn't one.
  6. Question Time

    The Daily Mail wasn't created to support the Tories. That's a statement of fact. They may have done throughout their history, but it wasn't why the newspaper was created.
  7. Question Time

    All? The only 3 daily newspapers that fit those criteria, I believe, are the daily mail, the express and the telegraph. The record and the sun in only 4 years have supported multiple parties. The Record in particular now supports a party that argues the exact opposite of all 4 of those policy positions
  8. Question Time

    I said the national was created to advance a particular political point of view. Saying that the daily express supports leaving the EU in 2019 doesn't invalidate my original point.
  9. Question Time

    That's one way to spin it I guess.
  10. Question Time

    Nope. These newspapers editorial stances have changed multiple times throughout their history.
  11. Question Time

    No UK national newspaper has been created to advance a particular political point of view except the National. The Sun changes it's stance every election. The National will never do that.
  12. Question Time

    That's not what a plant is.
  13. Question Time

    They weren't created to advance those views. Daily Mail was aimed squarely at women when it was first created, now it objectified them. The National will never support the Union.
  14. Question Time

    A unionist supporter would just point to The National as evidence of bias, the only newspaper created in the UK to cater for a specific political point of view. That's part of being a supporter of a political party I guess.
  15. Question Time

    There isn't a single supporter of a political party that thinks the media is biased towards their point of view.