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  1. 1-0 Elgin but for some great goalkeeping and poor finishing, it could have been a lot more. Mango going off early was a blow but playing Harvey as a centre back was a strange move for me - taking away an attacking threat. It would have made more sense to move Thomson to centre back and play Mullen at right wing back. We have nothing going forward. Renton could be out for a while so we need to find some funds to bring in an attacker from somewhere. Buchs is totally isolated.
  2. I'm not sure how reliable this is as there's no way Nicholl lost 53 games in his first spell as he was only there a year.
  3. Did he not leave Notts County after making a racist remark?
  4. He was very angry. And also part of an underachieving management team along with Gary Bollan. I believe the players really enjoyed his training though.
  5. Gary Jardine would be a decent shout. I think Martin Canning would be worth a punt. Did a good job at Accies given the resources. Jim Weir? Not sure how popular an appointment he'd be.
  6. http://www.cowdenbeathfc.com/index.php?act=viewNews&id=2994
  7. Mahady is very raw and unlikely to start ahead of Buchanan and Renton. Coulson is one of many left sided attacking players - Swann, Bobby Barr, Collins. Coulson has looked capable in spells but drifts out of games.
  8. That's more a given than a prediction. I don't know why Ainslie Park is so cold.
  9. Coulson has had some decent spells in the team but he did go missing in the games he started. Mahady is very raw and not likely to start ahead of Buchanan or Renton.
  10. You're playing the perfect team then. We'll help you remember.
  11. Bollan needs to go. The "tactics" are the same every week regardless of who we play and he doesn't know how to change it when it isn't working.
  12. And 3 of those came in the 3-3 draw in 2011.
  13. Coulson had a good first 20 minutes on Saturday and should have had 2 goals. Faded after that though and wasn't really in the game in the second half.
  14. I thought he did well. DIdn't shy away and was looking for the ball. Think Ross Clarke and Ross Pollock both had good games as well.
  15. Stranraer and Forfar both play in blue. Away kit in en route but might not be launched until September. It's a beaut.
  16. I think it might have been AI so possibly Pixelot? The camera didn't like the far side of the pitch and whenever the ball went over there, it got lost and was tracking quite a bit behind play. Poor coverage.
  17. That was the decision made by the officials. Thomson's shot came back off the post and Buchanan was flagged offside when he put the ball in the net. This screenshot is Thomson hitting his shot.
  18. It looks like it was missed from the highlights package but here it is : https://streamable.com/ezuqra
  19. Barry Ferguson leaving Kelty is the best thing that could have happened to them. Without Ferguson they will walk the league.
  20. One of our best loan signings of recent times. Played in the middle of a three man defence for us but think Hearts want him played as a defensive midfielder. Very positionally aware, not the tallest but a good jump on him and covers every blade of grass.
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