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  1. He was just on loan to a Championship club so they probably aren't going to want him dropping to a League 2 club now.
  2. Did you read it about three posts above...
  3. Seems a strange move from Hearts. Recall him from a League 1 side and loan him to a League 2 side. Robbie Neilson wants him to play as a defensive midfielder, doesn't want him playing as a centre back so he is being loaned out in his new position.
  4. Jamie Stevenson had some last 5 minutes to the game!
  5. Graeme Brown scoring in the last minute against East Fife in 2001. Came on as a late sub to net the winner.
  6. Was it this goal? Lewis Milne late on after Chopper had been sent off :
  7. I don't think Queen's Park were anything special today but that's the sign of a good team - don't really get out of second gear and still win comfortably. I think they got lucky with the deflections on Gillespie and Murray's goals but take them away and it would still have been a comfortable victory - couldn't see where a Cowden goal was going to come from. Galt had a good game.
  8. I don't know the full story but surely Rovers must have known before 10am on game day that they didn't have enough players? I think any club in our league could potentially end up in the same situation though despite taking all the necessary precautions. I'd be quite happy for the game to be reschedules because I know I wouldn't want another team being awarded a 3-0 win should the same thing happen to us.
  9. The SPFL statement : Saturday’s Scottish League 2 match between Cowdenbeath and Albion Rovers at Central Park has been postponed after Albion Rovers informed the SPFL that they could not fulfil the fixture. Albion Rovers have informed the SPFL that, due to seven players and staff testing positive for Covid-19 and several other players self-isolating, they have insufficient players to fulfil the fixture. As a result, and in line with standard procedure, the SPFL has postponed the fixture pending an investigation into the events at Albion Rovers.
  10. That sucks. That would have been the only time we "scored" three this season.
  11. On YouTube? The game won't be streamed on YouTube this week - that was just a free stream the club did to test the water but loads fine for me.
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