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  1. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Looks like the Albion Rovers/Berwick Rangers board have been reading this thread!
  2. Blair Henderson's goal tally

    QOTS and Edinburgh could be in the same league next season.
  3. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    When Scott did play for us, he was played as a number 10 or as a lone front man (like against Hearts). I think one game he even played left midfield. He was rarely played in his position of central midfield which explains why we didn't see the best of him. It's not difficult, play players in their positions and you'll get the best out of them.
  4. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    I believe to register a player as an amateur, you need to wait 30 days from when the player was last registered as a pro. So Cove have probably signed Scott as a pro. Unless the amateur rule does apply to Cove either?
  5. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    I think the only way round that would be to sign for Club 42 as an amateur and then he could only claim expenses? My understand is that if he signed as a professional, he wouldn't be able to play until the next registration window opened.
  6. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Which is absolutely fine. But as Cove (and all other LL and HL clubs) are fighting for a place in the SPFL, they should follow the same rules as League 2 clubs. In that scenario, they couldn't sign Martin Scott or any other player under contract when the window closed. They have now potentially gained an advantage over Club42 who also may have wanted to sign Martin Scott.
  7. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Which shouldn't be allowed. They are now part of the pyramid system and should be governed by the same rules as League 2 to stop any advantage when it comes Play Offs etc. Not that it helped them last season. They couldn't stop Sheerin taking out their keeper for the winner. So sweet.
  8. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    I heard Fotheringham smashed him as well. I can't reveal my sources though. But it definitely happened.
  9. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    You were reporting facts.
  10. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    He was fine but looked like a CB playing at LB. He got caught out a few times as his positioning wasn't great but that's to be expecting when playing in an unfamiliar position. Talbot won't play again this season so may have played his last game for us.
  11. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    When I saw the line up, I assumed that we were going 3-5-2 but we went went a back four and had Deas playing left back. Deas doesn't look comfortable there at all and it shows. He's our best defender, possibly our best player so why are we forcing him out to left back to accommodate Todd (who isn't great) and the manager's son? Play your best players in their best positions.
  12. 9th versus 7th

    Hi Jordyn.
  13. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Fotheringham had some good touches when he came on. Played far more advanced than I thought he would and looked decent.
  14. Cowdenbeath 2018-2019

    Is this the same Renton that set up Cox's goal? You sound like a broken record!