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  1. Wouldn't be surprised to see a few of those players at Kelty.
  2. Calum Antell made the exact same move. Went from playing every week in League 2 to being on the bench at Arbroath. Not a great move for Cammy. Could probably have stepped up and been a number 1 at a League 1 club.
  3. Exactly this. He won't be playing in the Lowland League next season. Will hopefully have some highlights in the next couple of days.
  4. If it's not Arbroath, it'll be another club. Cammy won't be at Central Park next season.
  5. Can understand the challenge of going to a top end Championship club and competing for the number 1 jersey but think it would take A LOT to move Gaston from the team.
  6. He was on loan at Arbroath before, wasn't he? Don't think he played though and would be unlikely to get in the team ahead of Gaston. Would be a strange move for him. Decent keeper though. Needs to be playing to improve though.
  7. Should be the same set up as the rest of the leagues - 10th is automatically relegated and 9th goes into a Play Off with 2nd, 3rd and 4th. The HL/LL set up makes that a little more difficult but as long as the LL aren't involved in figuring out a solution, it's doable.
  8. The striker who was serving the first of a three match suspension and not on the pitch? Good for you. You call out those actions by not saying anything. Hate to see it.
  9. I imagine the budget would be slashed for a LL campaign which would mean the manager's salary would be cut too. Will he want to do the same job for less money? Is he sitting comfortably due to EBTs and maybe doesn't need the money...
  10. Think it was Danny Denholm's podcast. It was years ago now.
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