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  1. The SPFL statement : Saturday’s Scottish League 2 match between Cowdenbeath and Albion Rovers at Central Park has been postponed after Albion Rovers informed the SPFL that they could not fulfil the fixture. Albion Rovers have informed the SPFL that, due to seven players and staff testing positive for Covid-19 and several other players self-isolating, they have insufficient players to fulfil the fixture. As a result, and in line with standard procedure, the SPFL has postponed the fixture pending an investigation into the events at Albion Rovers.
  2. That sucks. That would have been the only time we "scored" three this season.
  3. Brad Smith played Saturday past though.
  4. On YouTube? The game won't be streamed on YouTube this week - that was just a free stream the club did to test the water but loads fine for me.
  5. What's the streams been like so far? There's only been one stream so far which is on the Blue Brazil TV YouTube. Camera work isn't great in the test stream but the regular camera man is back for Saturday's game - he wasn't available for the last game.
  6. Cowdenbeath v Raith Rovers stream now available to purchase at www.bluebraziltv.co.uk.
  7. Now available to purchase at www.bluebraziltv.co.uk
  8. They were both injured at the weekend. Hay might be out for the next 6 weeks.
  9. Always been impressed whenever I've seen him play but having looked at his record - it's not great 😂
  10. I second this. Jonny Court was also be released. Might be worth a punt?
  11. All feedback is welcome - positive and constructive.
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