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  1. Maybe they refused to sign new deals when they heard about Goodwillie...
  2. You will be able to. It's currently a work in progress which should be finished this afternoon and then an announcement made.
  3. Stevenson at centre back while Pyper on the bench seemed a strange one. Noticed that's Pyper away now.
  4. Was it a pint that fans were getting as part of the deal? Think the offer was a "welcome beer".
  5. I don't have much knowledge of the licening laws so maybe it can be done. I would have assumed that it being bundled in with admission and a pie makes the alcohol part of the deal. But I'm sure the clubs looked into it and it's all about board. If they have an licence then someone at the club will have gone through a course and will know what they can and can't do. Same applies at Cowden - someone will have done the course.
  6. So it wasn't actually much of a deal for fans then and more of a deal for the club. No wonder they only target this at away fans. £15 Away Day Combo - give us more money than you had planned and in return we'll bundle it as a package. Fans who wouldn't normally buy a pie or a drink have now given Berwick more money. Fair play to Berwick, that's clever marketing.
  7. I've no idea. £10 would be a great deal for fans as admission alone is £10. Not such a great deal for the club.
  8. Was £15 today but when you break it down, was it that great a deal? £10 admission, £3 for a bottle of beer and £2 for a pie? I don't actually know how much a pie is but £2 seems reasonable?
  9. We won't be able to due to Scottish licensing laws - it would be considered an alcohol promotion.
  10. M74 United Strathclyde Country Park FC Roundabout Rovers
  11. What makes you so sure it was an empty threat?
  12. Absolutely not. Never. Even if we were still in the SPFL. We need someone who knows this level.
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