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  1. Did the bus leave Aberdeen without half the squad?
  2. James Fowler didn't come on loan until 2 seasons later.
  3. In fairness to Scullion, he was decent enough for us in his first spell. An absolute diddy in his 2nd spell. His first spell was last decade 😉
  4. GK - Thomas Flynn (this is the hardest position as we've had so many good goalkeepers this decade - Davie Hay, Grant Adam, Robbie Thomson, Jamie Sneddon) RB - David Cowan (could have had Dean Brett or Mark Baxter but I think Cowan was the most solid out of the three) CB - John Armstrong CB - Thomas O'Brien LB - Kenny Adamson (I don't think anyone else comes close to Kenny for the left back slot) RM - Marc McKenzie (incredible in our League winning season) CM - Darren McGregor CM - Jon Robertson LM - Jordan Morton (he was unplayable in some games during his 6 month loan spell. Maybe the last proper left winger we had) ST - Greg Stewart (one of the best players I've seen in a Cowden shirt) ST - Kane Hemmings SUBS - David McGurn, Joe Mbu, Scott Linton, Mark Ramsay, Lewis Milne, Gareth Wardlaw, Greig Spence
  5. GK - Craig Wight RB - Brad Donaldson CB - Aldin El-Zubaidi CB - Pat Scullion LB - Shaun Rutherford MID - Lee Sibanda MID - Sammy Stewart MID - David Robertson ST - Zeph Thomas ST - Liam Cusack ST - Danijel Jurisic SUBS : Michael Andrews, Jordan Halsman, Richie Vauls, Declan Hughes, Craig Sutherland, John Ferguson, Aiden Malone
  6. I'm quite happy for Megginson to have the goal. I don't know if Broxburn's equaliser at Central Park ended up going down as a Todd own goal but that would make it three for the season.
  7. Embarrassing today. Broxburn thoroughly deserved winners and it could have been 4 or 5. Bollan got it all wrong today. Switched from a back 3 which the players have been comfortable with to a back 4 with Robbie Buchanan as a right back. Robbie works as a wing back in a back 3 but is not a right back. That meant you had Buchanan and Swann as the full backs with defending not their strong points and Pyper who is a liability. Barr isn't a midfielder - yes, he's a classy defender that can play a bit but he doesn't have the legs for midfield. Thomas was pushed further forward but Renton was still completely isolated again. Obviously we were missing Mullen and the two Hearts boys but we shouldn't completely crumble when players are taken out of the team. That's worrying. But we are still sitting second and will have Hamilton and Smith back on Tuesday so hopefully we go back to 3-5-2 and Pyper on the bench.
  8. Just watched the highlights - looks like it might have been a Todd own goal for the equaliser?
  9. I wouldn't go that far. We were poor but Broxburn played well and deserved their draw. I don't remember our keeper having too many saves to make though.
  10. My favourite thing about this picture is the selection of chairs at the back of the stand - including a couple of thrones!
  11. Went to check this out and really enjoyed the exhibition. The documentary was the highlight - great watch. Well worth a visit before the end of the month.
  12. You did also suggest Barry Ferguson, Ally McCoist, Walter Smith and every other ex Rangers player who is still alive 😂
  13. I assume it'll mainly be our subs and youngsters getting some game time. Will Kelty be bringing their full first team?
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