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  1. Hopefully that doesn't mean the end of Harvey Swann.
  2. He's a left back. That's all I've got for you. Was named Albion Rovers POTY so I assume had a very good season. Got 10 yellow cards last season so he'll fit right in.
  3. Still very raw but would be an upgrade on Pyper. Having Mango, Toddy and Bollan would be three solid centre backs.
  4. The Cowdenbeath FC Goal Of The Season is on Facebook and Twitter. Tough choice - some good team goals.
  5. Here's some more keepers for you to rank that played the same amount or more games than Stephan Gollasch, Kyle Allison & Youseff Bejaoui : Robbie Thomson Lee Wilson Ludovic Roy Grant Adam Jamie Sneddon Craig Wight Colin Stewart Seb Usai Joe McGovern Alin Roman Kevin Dabrowski PJ Morrison Joshua Rae Jamie Pyper probably has the same amount of goalkeeping appearances as Gollasch.
  6. And Craig Wight and Ryan Goodfellow. All three only needed a couple of games for you to see how bad they were. I wonder whatever happened to Joe McGovern. Looks like a decent player before his injury.
  7. Maybe I'm missing something here but why are Rangers so bothered about this? If the season is played to a finish then Celtic are still going to win the league. It makes no difference to Rangers. Hearts on the other hand, I understand their grievance.
  8. Why would LL get two teams promoted and the HL only one?
  9. http://www.cowdenbeathfc.com/index.php?act=viewDoc&docId=69
  10. McGurn - £4 Armstrong - £3 Bradley - £1 Morton - £2 Stewart - £5
  11. Annan Athletic 2 - 0 Cowdenbeath Cove Rangers 3 - 1 Brechin City Edinburgh City 2 - 0 Albion Rovers Elgin City 1 - 1 Stirling Albion Stenhousemuir 0 - 1 Queen's Park
  12. You're right! It's probably more to do with the ridiculous amount of money that they have spent on a full time manager and players.
  13. If Bollan was just planning to play him at right back again then we're a better team without him on the pitch and an actual right back playing, i.e. - Fraser Mullen. If Hamilton plays at centre back in a 3-5-2 then he's essential.
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