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  1. I'm convinced the Sun makes half of these stories about Balotelli up. There are thousands about him on their website, ranging from him swimminh with dolphins, to wanting a balcony built on his flat so he can have a hot tub and a high powered telescope installed.

    If you were 20 years old and made as much money as Lichtenstein every year I dare say you'd have some madcap ideas on how to spend it.

  2. That's my point. Everybody goes on about Supras defending him to the hilt, there's guys on that link who see him every week defending him too.

    There's quite a difference between it being done by City fans, honour-bound to defend their own players, and Supras, ostensibly a neutral able to tell it like it is. And anyway, the point is not that people are disagreeing over it: there are plenty of people who don't think Balotelli was a waste of money and who think he'll come good. That's quite different from suggesting that his getting subbed on and then off again is not a talking point, or that he plays well in every game, or whatever else his resident defendor has come out with of late.

  3. Carlsberg Export, for a change. Was on a better deal than wifebeater. I'm not a fan of regular Carlsberg at all, but this is at least bland enough not to make you sick and strong enough not to make you feel you've wasted your money. Still, if I were a Danish customs officer I'd probably be more interested in imports.

  4. Supras must not be bored enough to come onto this thread again and debate, which is a shame because he loves debating football . :(

    Is it possible that he's just stuck somewhere with his hand stuck through the head of a bib and thus unable to type properly?

  5. A quick search shows that DundeeBarry has 940 green dots, surely that can't be beaten?

    I'm surprised it's that low.

    It'd be interesting to see how different "team" choices break down in terms of green dots. I'd imagine Dundee would be at the top purely for Barry (although there are a number of funny b*****ds in the first division forum), with either Livi or Celtic at the bottom thanks to the sheer number of total roasters sitting on -300 for both.

  6. Anywhere in Glasgow that sells a world-wide selection of beers bar (no pun intended) Clockwork and Bier Halle? Carry out shops included. Cheers

    Peckhams usually has a decent selection of global beers. Until the fucking SNP ruined everything it also sold offsales until midnight, which was excellent.

  7. Ok, my question relates to WiFi. Basically for Nintendo DS Lites you can connect it to the internet. But I tried to connect it to my router (Bt Home Hub 2.0) but it says that the DS can't connect to it and I don't think it supports it. But you can buy USB sticks that plug into the pc/laptop, they're intended for people with wired broadband and it makes it wireless. My question is would that allow me to connect to it?

    Doubt it. It'll be a config problem. There's no reason the Home Hub wireless won't work directly.

    Either that or is it possible to change the security from WPA to WEP? I have no idea what either means.

    Have you followed the guide here?

  8. RandomGuy in "totally fucking wrong" shocker. Nobody saw that coming.

    Whether or not Arsenal can win the league, that they are still in with a shout when Man U have been all but invincible this season is a glowing endorsement of Wenger. Spurs have spent big and played attractively under Redknapp but they're definitely not going to win the league. Chelsea and Citeh have spent fortunes under managers with excellent pedigrees and yet neither of them are as likely to catch Man U as Arsenal are. Arsenal are on an excellent financial footing and are not known for sacking managers on a whim. Wenger has the job for life if he wants it, and he's the best man for the job.

  9. I've broken my laptop :(

    Dropped it on to the power input socket and can no longer charge the battery. Which is now flat (it only lasted for about 10 mins anyway). The socket has been pushed into the laptop, if that makes sense.

    The quick question is, is this fixable? I opened it up before but couldn't get to relevant part.

    I assume it's out of warranty? If you want to have a go of opening it up to push the socket back out, download the service manual for the model in question (you'll either get it off the manufacter's website or off Google) and be prepared to keep track of a lot of screws as you remove components trying to get to the socket. Or you could just take it into Kustom or somewhere in the town to see if they'll have a go.

  10. STOP: c00002180registry file failure.

    The registry system cannot load the hive \systemroot\system32\config\SOFTWARE or it's log or alternate. It is corrupt absent or not writable.

    CRash dump screen.

    Is it terminal?

    Your registry is corrupt. It's fixable and not that difficult, but there are a fair few steps. Follow the instructions here and take your time. It'll take you a good hour if it's your first time.

  11. Nizzy told me he's mates with a guy who works for Visit Scotland. This guy told him VS had received a phone call from Japan making inquiries about "Caird Park from the Leigh Griffiths Blog" as if it were a place of local interest where a Dundee player lives in a teepee.

    I sincerely hope they went looking for it.

    I'm genuinely surprised that nobody's actually gone and set a teepee up to see if it attracts fans.

  12. This is, in all honesty, the best thing about Scottish football in the last two years. Poignant and absurd in the way that only a fucking lunatic who really cares can be. Next to The Walking Dead I'm not sure if there's better fiction right now. I would be stunned if you had to buy a pint out of your own pocket for the rest or your life to be honest, Barry.

  13. However, outside the big four (Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool), Newcastle should be in that next group with VIlla, Everton, Spurs and the mackems.

    And Ayr United should be in the SPL, if you base your judgement solely on ground capacity and potential catchment area.

    ...Actually, no; even then West Ham, Birmingham and Citeh would be well above Newcastle. So why on Earth "should" Newcastle be up there? Because they were featured in the first "Goal" film?

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