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  1. Griffiths is surely more likely to end up at your Coves and your Queens Parks. Absolutely nothing in the communication from the board or the manager says "expensive marquee signing whose best years are in the past". For what it's worth that also applies to Drongan's finest, even if centre halves can keep at it for longer.

  2. 1 hour ago, AyrExile said:

    It seems to be that when a team does well it's assumed they have paid decent wages. Likewise when a team is struggling lack of budget is the excuse. 

    There's evidence that you can directly graph wages against league position pretty much anywhere in the world, at any level of football.

    Which of course only makes e.g. Falkirk and Dunfermline that much funnier.

  3. 47 minutes ago, Trogdor said:

    Its hard to say until the squad is substantially complete. 

    On the other hand, given that any remaining options will be panic buys, it's fair to say that the squad _is_ substantially complete. So here's hoping that Bullen's man-management pays off to a significantly greater extent than last season, because this is going to be another relegation slog.

  4. Sorry but the defence is still a total horror show and there is one (1) player in the entire squad who might be trusted to chip in with more than three (3) goals in the entire season. Fair enough if the expectation is to cling with dear life to eighth (8th) again but this is not a squad that's going to be consistently doing anything except sending victorious opponents home happy with another clean sheet.

  5. 12 minutes ago, callum-ayr said:

    Arbroath (H), Queens Park (A), Hamilton (H), Cove (A), Dundee (H) are the first 5 fixtures.  good chance to get early points on the board with 2 promoted teams, hopefully a weakened Arbroath and a Hamilton team in turmoil.

    An alternative view is that this is the runners-up, two moneybags sides with very good managers, the relegated Premiership team (who, let's remember, usually scoosh this league) and Accies.

  6. 53 minutes ago, ftk said:

    Wonder if the directors box will be moved to the North Terrace?

    This definitely appears to be the intention. Will be a sad day when the pitchside patio is removed.

    9 hours ago, mugen_power said:

    Dunno, but I'm assuming the outdoor swimming pool is artistic license rather than an actually planned feature

    The silliest thing about these mockups is always the random trees and other assets that have been grabbed from The Sims and dumped in

  7. Just now, bazka6 said:

    No. Decent facilities like toilets and catering options? A bit of polish for someone who isn’t a corporate w**k or there for their birthday treat. I think it’s a fair question.

    think it's fair to expect that if a seven-figure sum is being dropped into the new stand that they might manage to do away with the Capri-Sonne van and maybe have some seats on the bogs.

  8. 1 minute ago, bazka6 said:

    Don’t mean to be a downer but how does this attract your average punter other than the roof? Seems like a large investment for basically a new hospitality suite, how long to get a return on it? What about the rest of the stadium for folk that’re there every week or to attract away fans?

    The north terrace is glorious for three or four months a year and fucking miserable for the rest. For better or worse, "your average punter" no longer desires to stand on a 15 degree concrete slope in the pishing rain watching their football these days. Meanwhile, improved hospitality increases revenue every week while an improved media box almost certainly increases the chance of getting TV exposure (as opposed to a windy scaffold).

    Finally, and possible most importantly: that part of the ground is owned by the club, as opposed to Smith, so if the offices move there then it reduces the risk that when the Banter Years come again the club's staff find themselves literally locked out.

  9. 34 minutes ago, AyrAtlanta said:

    As much as South Ayrshire Council are utterly useless at their jobs, I really don’t know what folk expect. High Streets are dead.

    Literally Prestwick has current development. Which of course was part of the big plan to make Ayr exclusively a commuter town after eliminating all industry.

    I get that decades of neoliberalism and 36 months of deadly virus have fucked things everywhere, but *nowhere* has fucked it so much as Ayr since 2000.

  10. 37 minutes ago, North British said:

    Ayr is not as bad as some people make out , coming into Doonfoot from Craig Tara you have a couple of good takeaways at the Co op on your left , chippy/pizza and Indian , both decent . Next up a few hundred metres is the Balgarth Pines , great beer garden, good food . On the bridge just along the road is the Secret Garden , good snacks and  lunches , got a cracking deck over the River Doon . Push on about a mile and you have the Chestnuts Hotel , very good food and beer garden , few hundred metres from Ayr Beach . Nearby The Chestnuts is the Fox and Willow , great food , best beer garden in town

    Very unusual that the stretch between where all the rich people stay and the completely dead town centre is still nice. I am very smart.

  11. 1 hour ago, Richey Edwards said:

    Online shopping, streaming services and big supermarkets have killed the High Street.

    This applies everywhere in the world. Ayr's decline from a busy and vibrant high street to a ghost town in 20 years is unique. Every Tory in Ayr should be escorted into the sea.

    1 hour ago, Richey Edwards said:

    TBH The Citadel's best days are behind it. A new leisure centre in the town centre would have been great.

    The Citadel in its post-Ayr-Baths configuration is less than 30 years old. That it's considered no longer fit for purpose because the worst council in the universe found it difficult to park their Range Rovers would be considered the most appalling mismanagement imaginable if not for what happened to Ayr Hospital.

  12. Things were bad enough when injuries happened last season with a comparatively large squad. McCall always loved signing guys who were permanently crocked as well. With Bullen seemingly still not even decided on a permanent formation there certainly needs to be a bit of give, even if the club's stated aim is to have generalists who can play in more than one position.

  13. 18 hours ago, Roxanne's man said:

    🤔 national League south? 6th tier of English football?

    What's the Scottish equivalent?

    There are no direct equivalents. However this is not a level that's easy to get out of, and it's a ripe ground for good players. Fleetwoord paid an undisclosed fee for Jamie Vardy from Halifax when they were at this level and he obviously continued to bang them in all the way to a Premier League title.

    I think people are being a bit harsh on Gondoh. He obviously didn't get a lot of game time and must not have been settled to have been released early.

    Anyway, boosh, a striker. Think that also cements the notion that London non-league is where the club is mostly looking for players, instead of cannibalising whatever jobbers get released by the teams around the Championship.

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