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  1. Doohan, Miller and McKenna were during the winter break (which is a different kettle of fish entirely) and Kelly was early July. This is the second week of August.
  2. I'm in Inverness this week so might pop along to this. Wouldn't mind Cove getting a proper doing before Ayr visit the week after.
  3. Genuinely couldn't pick this between +4 and -4. Bullen surely has to have some idea of what works and what doesn't by now, but as others have said every time he tries for a bit of continuity it doesn't work. Head says 1-1, heart says another late penalty to the home side for a 2-1 win. I'll be in Inverness, might toddle along to the newest derby to see what the fuss is about before Ayr make the trip up to teuchterland the subsequent week.
  4. That's probably because "only concede three goals every other week instead of every single week" is not quite the Lazarus-esque transformation that McCall did on Shankland. McGinty has moved out of the "replace immediately" bracket. That's great. He's learned to jump. Gold star. Both the player and the manager deserve recognition for this progress. He's still in his twenties and he's on a long-term contract. This is all good. This is the vision in action. The vision is not glamorous. It is not horsing Dundee United five-zip at their own ground on live television. It is coaching former Alex Ferguson signings to be able to track a ball in mid-air. It is going fucking mental at a 92nd-minute winner against Queens Park. It is what it is. I hope it works.
  5. One would like to think that Ayr United might think of signing some players in the next 18-24 months yes.
  6. Unless it's a pre-season against a Champions League-bound Motherwell. [edit] or a League Cup pre-season against The Blighted East.
  7. The staff and the players don't look here (except at @itzdrk's posts obviously) so it is irrelevant if feedback here is constructive or not. It is however cathartic. This weekend has been a good one for Ayr fans. Even the doomers have a spring in their steps. Unsure why anyone is choosing to demand genuflection at this point for having managed to win a game at Ochilview against a team whose most recent foray to the lofty heights of the Scottish second tier was forty fucking years ago.
  8. you can't kick a ball into your own hands for f**k's sake. You can't even argue he's miscontrolled it, considering that his plain intention is to blast it over his own shoulder, where his arms are raised like he's being held up at gunpoint.
  9. In fairness he did exactly the same thing later on and it was a wonderful save. From the angle in the highlights he's not getting to Thomas's shot. Better keepers than Albinson would have just stood and watched that sail in.
  10. One team in Raith, there's only one team in Raith, etc.
  11. Name another fanbase in this division who would have the gumption to do a pitch invasion on matchday 2, honestly.
  12. Remarkable to think anything attracts people to Falkirk on a Friday night except the potential to get four different types of takeaway from the same restaurant or to increase Scotland's teenage pregnancy statistics.
  13. The Reid Renaissance pretty much started when Kevin James signed, so there shouldn't be a bad word said against the man.
  14. Most Uniteds share a city with another team. Stoke City usually just get Stoke. Leeds United usually just get Leeds. Ayr overcame the issue of sharing a city with a rival team by simply eating them.
  15. REVEALED: Super Lee Bullen's Half-Time Team Talk Inspired By Quotes From Scottish Football Forum. Only In Tomorrow's Daily Record.
  16. Being a total doomer and getting proved wrong is much more fun than being a happy clapper and being proved wrong tbh. f**k getting a new striker in, maybe just get someone to print labels saying "left" and "right" on everyone's boots and that'll do the trick.
  17. In fairness "home" is a tenner away on the train.
  18. From getting called a god on a WWE sign to losing to a double from Dipo Akinyeme.
  19. Hurriedly emptying bottle after bottle of Tip-Ex over the bedsheets.
  20. Imagine being Owen Coyle if Ayr somehow come back from this.
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