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  1. I'm not denying that inflation has hit football clubs like it's hit everyone else. I'm saying that the honest answer is that football clubs' gates are probably arbitrary as soon as you have gates in excess of about 100 and so it's refreshing for the club not to pretend that this is some measure forced upon them by the economy.
  2. Accies aren't exactly Barcelona but they aren't on the verge of going part time. McCall is the right analogy: to Ayr fans it was a sideways move (not least because he subsequently got relegated), whereas there is plainly both a current and historic difference in standing between Partick and Ayr.
  3. You'd like to think that means he was getting significantly reduced terms on his Ayr offer then. Morten fans right now are unanimous that they don't have a pot to piss in. A three year deal shouldn't be remotely concerning for a proper football club. The default should be that everyone is under contract for at least two seasons, instead of losing three quarters of your team for nothing every year. Look at how quickly McCall's last team was stripped for parts, earning Ayr United the square root of f**k all.
  4. The last I checked, Queens Park were in the league above Dunfermline? Even if they hadn't won the play-offs, would you rather play for Owen Coyle or John Hughes? Anyway, things are getting serious now. At least three defenders, at least one goalscorer, and McInroy, and then just a lot of training to be goodererer at football. Sorted.
  5. Muirhead's popularity largely happened because he was the single player who visibly hadn't downed tools when the chips were down. Which is fair enough, but it was a function of the pathetic state of the team at the time. May he go on to be happily modestly good at Partick again. The backline needed fucking cleared, so the only danger here is that Bullen has watched them abjectly fail to be good at football for five months and failed to identify replacements. As for penalties, the notion that any professional player cannot come into them is astonishing.
  6. So what you're saying is that they wouldn't even quarter-fill their own ground in such a situation?
  7. I mean yes, it is an acquittal, but the very concept is a bad one which is massively exacerbated in cases of e.g. domestic violence. That's why there have been calls to do away with it, thus far unfortunately unsuccessfully, for years. Similar in a way to that of Airdrie, in fact.
  8. Genuinely very funny to see three or four guys whose empty stands have Union Jacks with "THE QUEEN SAYS THE KKK WAS RIGHT" on them draped over them passing the smelling salts over being accused of being remotely un-inclusive. Even their big brothers don't bother actually denying it these days, only alleging it is a "minority of fans" (difficult when there are roughly as many flags as home fans).
  9. Not proven. Which is categorically not the same thing.
  10. Hopkin suddenly ecstatic that Airdrie need to resort to his specialist style to try to get back into this.
  11. Thank f**k for that. Stay. Doon. Bonus points for all that UVF shite stinking up the area behind the nets.
  12. Shite team, shite ground, shite strip. If you're on telly for a promotion decider and you still have entire empty stands you should be required to forfeit.
  13. Impressive to see the first clap-harder of the close season coming while the playoffs are still on.
  14. Salkeld wasn't even let go for being mince, was he? It was because he ended up getting injured for the duration of his contract.
  15. If that man is not a socialist I'll eat my hat lol He is bald and loaded, so it's a tossup. It's silly to fret over the backroom staff IMO, with the exception that obviously White is the most important person at the club (not least because he is empirically the best manager). None of their impact is observed first-hand by the punters. Whoever the manager wants is probably fine.
  16. Whether or not anyone should have been offered a new contract (I'm in favour of O'Connor anyway, who could hardly be expected to do his best in a season of 80% raw hoofball), it's good for the club that they've taken it. From a purely psychological point of view, if your best striker is sitting on the fence and conducting his negotiations partially through Instagram or Snapchat or Bebo or whatever the kids use these days then it is obviously advantageous to you for everyone else to publicly have accepted the long-term contracts they were offered.
  17. In case I'm missing something, Gary Teale is still both Ayr's record signing and record sale.
  18. "break their transfer record" is a nice touch. £90,001.
  19. Well, quite. But a club that is at least trying to be properly-run might have more luck finding future managers outside of the mediocrities that rotate around this level most of the time. It's not as if the team that finished this season all started the previous one to be fair. This is only really one season's worth of jobbers, and the manager only had them for a little over half of that.
  20. Another point is that plenty of clubs around this level are run by imbeciles. If your players are in contract, then opponents who think they're being clever by poaching them will have a pay a fee. And then this happens.
  21. The one thing Bullen has emphasised (and the backroom in general since they started getting their act together) is professionalism and continuity. Bullen will have been used to working at Wednesday where there was money to avoid three quarters of your team leaving for free every season, and I expect that's where the club wants to be. And you have to start somewhere, s a good place to start is with the players you already have signed up for next season anyway. Step two is getting them to be good at football of course.
  22. Speaking of Doohan, I find it quite amusing that he's now at Tranmere, who were originally known as... Belmont.
  23. ??? This may have been McCall twenty years ago but man management and footballing philosophy are synonymous with McCall now. He turned a dispirited Lawrence Shankland who was heading for the Juniors into a Premiership-level player in the space of two seasons, scoring about two hundred goals in the process.
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