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  1. Or create f**k all for 90 minutes and maybe deserve a replay. One league win and eight points in two months.
  2. Falkirk's signings are impressive imo. Getting to play them while the ink on their contracts is still drying (and while they still haven't signed a proper keeper) is obviously for the best. Not confident of a win, as vital as it is to get things back on track. Failure yet again to win a home game, against the side at the foot of the table this time, would be a big indication that the team hasn't got the steam to make it to the end of the season, Shankland or no Shankland, especially if County stop needlessly throwing points away. On the other hand it could be a cricket score. Fingers crossed. Anyone who gets needlessly sent off should be entertaining the possibility of someone else having their badge number by February.
  3. Falkirk signing an S Lavery, then some guy turning up to literally just start quoting fascism, and then all the usual faces going "lol" is definitely a good look. Even the **** wouldn't get away with that.
  4. I take it that with the precarious financial situation Falkirk have found themselves in that they had to lay off the sports psychologist who was helping Dennon Lewis overcome his mortal fear of going near a football?
  5. It was an oblique reference at the current run of form. Realistically, failure to win at home against a Falkirk side half of whom have already packed their lockers and given their keys back to their landlords would be very troubling indeed.
  6. With that result, Ayr will only be a point off the top after playing their games in hand.
  7. Queens v Ayr

    here it goes.
  8. Queens v Ayr

    Comfortable home win. Moore to last fourteen seconds as an impact sub before his sending-off this time.
  9. Partick Thistle vs Dunfermline Athletic

    Officiating at this level is just laughably awful.
  10. At the same time, this means County are playing to get back to the summit, instead of playing just to close the gap. But being four clear with a game in hand would be magnif.
  11. Given that Edibairn is vocally not a racist, gonna need some qualification on "all" there
  12. Not calling the game off early was a bad decision, but I can't say that rescheduling it in the first place was. It's not as if Tannadice is a quick jaunt for Ayr fans, and that Friday night game showcased the club to an audience who would rarely if ever have otherwise seen them live. As for Thompson giving the game the go-ahead at the time he said he would, only to rescind that: I am shocked that a Scottish referee would be inconsistent, or contradictory.
  13. It's not as if it's going to be much warmer, drier or brighter on Saturday, and it's unlikely the away numbers will be much affected considering any ICT fans who wanted to go to this had to set off on Wednesday afternoon.
  14. That's because there is something to maintain at Somerset. And while the majority of their supporters might drive BMWs, the rugby club are semi-pro. Much like the football team, if they had enough money to go turning Dam Park into the Emirates then they'd be putting it on the playing budget first. As for Shankland: anyone who pays the slightest attention to what the pack of venal alcoholic shitheads that are the Scottish football press has to say about the matter must have been born yesterday. If McCall has any sense he'll have banned him from so much as looking up scores on his phone.