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  1. Getting papped out of the second cup in a row that'd been treated with contempt will, as it it always does at every level of the game, have done nothing to improve the first team. Yet another bingo-ball back four for the home side. Away win.
  2. The SFA went out of their fucking way to request it from UEFA.
  3. Fair play, it is genuinely difficult to sustain a solid boo for a full 60 seconds and the tartan army managed it. f**k the BBC.
  4. also if you wore it after Christmas you'd slip into a deep coma occasionally punctuated by messy bowel interruptions.
  5. "Most" is a very weird hedge there. Even given the tendency for oddballs on football forums to die on weird hills, there's no such thing as a Hopkin diehard. The best that could be said is that for whatever reason, the actual results barely improved on average after he was punted until very recently, but for once this can't be attributed to a Cunning Long Term Plan as the club was very open from an early stage about what that plan was (especially after snagging Bullen).
  6. There is absolutely zero chance that Police Scotland would turn down the opportunity for easy overtime, or that the SFA would ever do anything the FA didn't do unless it was of direct benefit to the Old Firm. So basically games will only be on if the blazers can be convinced that the fixture backlog will somehow adversely affect their European campaigns.
  7. Well I mean as of today we'll never be able to interrogate the chief suspect, will we.
  8. The racing?? They might cancel that until the coronation.
  9. Badge gets changed back the minute she's in the ground. f**k the Lord Lyon.
  10. Stewart is the only one who ever challenges fucking dinosaurs like Willie Miller or dares to suggest that the Old Firm aren't the centre of the universe outside of very narrow old-club allegiances. Unsurprising considering he's literally the only person on a BBC contract who backed independence.
  11. Dundee is also an actual city, as opposed to a Tory experiment in turning a town with multiple industries stretching back 500+ years into a Glasgow commuter hub with a nice wooded suburb to build million-quid houses on. Literally the only people who weren't born there who know Ayr now are the Norn Irish.
  12. Categorically was not. The fapping about the new stand and backroom was readily balanced by Stevo repeatedly stating his desire for Kilmarnock to get relegated, which isn't something you hear otherwise on any TV coverage. Also the constant chanting from downstairs. Edit: also, it's a nice feeling for the praise for the club not to centre entirely around the notion that it isn't all plastic fucking seats, or that it gets the sun in the afternoon.
  13. Macintyre's a worse host (and doesn't bother trying to do regular updates instead of keeping up some banal debate), but then Richard Gordon was superb. In terms of Championship coverage they're always limited by how many of the old boys can be persuaded to put the trip on expenses: Ayr are actually luckier than some in that regard as one or the other of Chick Young or Derek Ferguson usually raise their hands for games at Somerset.
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