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  1. back in the day this constituted about 40% of all defences of the juniors, which never gave up carry-outs-on-the-terraces culture.
  2. the alcohol ban is due to an old firm game. The correct decision is to reinstate booze and abolish the old firm. Any revenue loss could be made up by, say, selling alcohol in grounds.
  3. gone through all 138 pages of this in the last 48 hours. Wildly varying quality it has to be said. just to confirm how tinpot this decision was:
  4. Dundee are the only team Ayr can actually beat except Alloa. All they need to do is just studiously ignore the obviously-telegraphed channel runs and forlorn punts into the box and job's a good'un.
  5. kettlewell is also another one who seems to think that the A9 is eleven million miles long. the bare minimum you'd look for if going for anything except the narrowest of short-term change is someone prepared to relocate locally.
  6. I find it difficult to believe that if Jimmy Nicholl wanted a job in Scottish football again that he wouldn't have one. f**k, he could probably just take every second season at Raith when they continually send McGlynn back on sabbatical.
  7. the league table is still hilariously tight, which is why QOS or Arbroath going on runs keeps fucking with everyone. But two wins since November is fucking appalling, even if arguably those were the two you'd have chosen to win if given the option looking back.
  8. McCall wasn't merely out of the game due to results, he was in a complete state due to his gambling problem. And I dare say that Iain McCall has less of a nest egg saved up than someone who spent a decade managing in England's top two flights. Would happily take that though. It's because it's cheap, much like telling a sympathetic local press than you have SPL plans. Anyway, this run has late-era Reid written all over it, and unlike Reid Kerr's done nothing to justify giving him another go. this isn't a strong league and there's an increasingly good chance Killie will be in it next season. If I were the owner I'd be setting 3 points from the next two games as the bare minimum threshold to bother coming into work the next day, and would already have phoned every out-of-work manager at this level to prepare for the inevitable.
  9. As an absolutely firm supporter of rehabilitation, and of Martindale's in particular despite Milton Keynes Soccer North FC not even being a real football club, no. Case in point: Steve Evans.
  10. Falkirk fans are the Arsenal fans of Scotland, in that there is absolutely no reason that they ought to be worse in general than the conspiracy theorists or outright Nazis that characterise certain other clubs, and yet they try their fucking hardest online.
  11. Ten years of inflation is nearly 30%, so to be honest this was overdue. In addition, that's three years in this division, and Ayr will definitely not be tipped for relegation: that sort of stability is worth paying for. Once again the club have to be commended for getting ahead of the curve with cashless payments even if it wasn't due to an unprecedented medical crisis. That's money every other club is still going to have to find from somewhere.
  12. Michael Moffat originally signed for Ayr in January 2011. Scored eleven goals in half a season, including the 88th-minute winner that won the first division playoffs. Had already been assigned permanent legend status for about a month by that point.
  13. Scaremongering shite. If lockdown is still happening in october then the furlough period will be extended. The alternative is that thousands of middle-class people start starving to death.
  14. Furlough will continue to be extended until restrictions are eased. Even the nastiest tory government has no alternative to that, because the alternative is quadrupling the unemployment rate overnight. I suspect if Bundesliga players and officials don't start keeling over in the next two weeks then there will be a general decision to approve closed-doors games and to provisionally go ahead with next season on that basis. Not that this provides much comfort for clubs who rely on matchday revenue and season ticket sales.
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