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  1. This goes double if your entire strategy is artillery. Two games of playing it on the deck: convincing wins. Then straight back to long ball: never in it, pish defeat. This doesn't seem like a difficult equation and yet they're still at it. Why?
  2. Sounds like a home match, plays like a home match (fucking useless hoofball). Has the club clarified if they are making any money from this weird cosplay?
  3. Regardless, it is incredibly funny that a player that the club bought sight-unseen who turned out to be less than stellar has now been signed by Paul Hartley, who assembled an entire squad of such which led directly to Falkirk having now spent half a decade in the seaside league.
  4. Must be absolutely gutting for Cove that they had to play such a high-profile replay behind closed doors. Akinyemi for the first If Ashford's shots were not magnetically attracted to goalkeepers' shins he'd be the next Inzaghi.
  5. Can see a "home" win here based on a rebound from yesterday's crushing defeat, but only because Ayr will have been lulled into a false sense of security by playing Paul Hartley twice. Keep it on the deck and Feed The Dipo and it could be a different story.
  6. Scawdish Labour are basically Sunakers to the core.
  7. Why are the club putting out statements when the best course of action was a dignified silence until the very second they were unceremoniously thrown out?
  8. I often find that flat-out denial of reality helps with morale and performance at a football club.
  9. And those were his two best appearances. Also it's Hartley, who frequently appears to be trying to win a bet to get relegated.
  10. For what it's worth I'm back in team happy-clap. Brilliant bit of psychology for the club to be deliberately pish and lull their closest rivals into taking it easy during the winter transfer window only to explode out of it at the end like the A-Team van out of a barn. Just need QP to get ejected from the cup and then pap them on Friday now.
  11. As damning an indictment as you can get at this level of football.
  12. I've got a Pizza Express and a free bottle of Staropramen and it's great.
  13. wattoo is an utter fantasist, whose every prediction has been incredibly rosy. That he hasn't wound his neck in since the end of the McCall era is an indication of why so few people treat him seriously even when times are good.
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