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  1. Too many changes and too many poor performances in the first half. As I said on the match thread today’s result was disappointing given what happened elsewhere in the league. We badly need a striker.
  2. Firstly, congratulations to St Johnstone. I felt we maybe deserved a point on our second half performance but hard to grudge the Fermers their win. The first 45 minutes was probably our worst of the season (maybe Hearts game comes close) and sloppy to give the ball away for the goal. The changes cost us; Appere, Chalmers and Smith all very poor and it seemed to impact on the whole team. Thankfully Courts realised the changes needed to be made and what a different second half. Niskenen MotM for me despite only playing 45 minutes. Davidson looks like he did his homework and that helped St Johnstone neutralise us for the first half. Finally huge plaudits to Clark (not Nicky unfortunately). Absolutely brilliant, match winning performance. Disappointing day given the way other results went, hopefully a lesson has been learned. Enjoyyour night Saints fans.
  3. According to United's twitter, there are no plans for a pitch inspection Just seen that; better not come back and bite them on the arse.
  4. Happy to see Chalmers starting but worried about four changes; the team seem to be getting a balance and rhythm about them and that number of changes could be disruptive. I can understand Niskannen getting rested but he brings an urgency to the side that few others in the squad have. It’s difficult to criticise Courts given how well he’s done up until now but I felt there was no plan on Wednesday to take advantage of Livi playing half the game with 10 men. Hopefully pressing more urgently when we need to/have an advantage is something he will work on.
  5. That was the second Viking invasion. The first one was pretty special too.
  6. I’d take Riqui Puig ahead of him but maybe Koeman’s successor will have the sense to give him game time.
  7. Aye copyright infringement right there. That said I’m not happy being associated with the Franco XI.
  8. I hope my involvement offers you a distraction from your woes. FWIW I sympathise with your plight. I recall going to games when Laszlo was our manager hoping we would get horsed so he would get sacked. It’s not what you want to be doing as a supporter.
  9. If Xavi is approached and is even considering the job I hope he has a one-on-one with Laporta where he tells him that he wants three years and doesn’t want a peep out of Laporta in these three years. Maybe he can take along Pique with him to stand menacingly over the Barca President whilst the (short) conversation takes place.
  10. The result was certainly more ‘Deelightful’ than the thread title.
  11. Brave choice of thread title following the Dundee v KKKounty result.
  12. 25 years ago this week this lad played for United for the first time. Definitely one of my favourite players of the modern era. There was something about his enthusiasm and love of the game that was contagious and it’s no surprise that he became a favourite amongst the Arab hoards. I recall one game against Rangers (remember them?) when he had Laudrup in his hipper for the whole 90+ minutes; it was a delight to watch. Tried to find YouTube footage of him playing but really only a cameo in this game where he contributed to a memorable meltdown by Dean Windass who picked up 3 red cards. (Nice wee bit about 3.30). Enjoy.
  13. Disappointed not to take full points but a draw is probably a reasonable outcome. Livi played well but we squandered a couple of chances in the second half. Unfortunately we are now down to fourth!
  14. Don’t confuse whether it was a red or not with the reactions of DUTV’s ‘finest’.
  15. Pretty even game, Livingston look a really well organised and are quick to turn the play. Looked a red to me and will be interesting to see how the game develops now. As an aside, how’s our city neighbours doing?
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