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  1. Not sure about “all the time” but it certainly happens to those and others. I assume if a customer in, say, Tesco was abusive to a staff member there would be good grounds to ban that customer.
  2. I’m asking a question. I thought that was obvious.
  3. Interesting point this “Such conduct from any supporter is wholly unacceptable and should not be tolerated in what, for a football player, is their place of work.” Whilst of course he is correct, is it acceptable to verbally abuse someone who is simply doing their job at their place of work?
  4. Maybe he knows that he’s well down the pecking order now and wants away.
  5. The Ojo dismissal has overshadowed the complete and utter stupidity of Butcher’s actions and subsequent red card. On another day we get beaten by a team with a one man advantage due to him getting involved in an incident that he was not part of.
  6. The salty tears of the Dons fans on here are almost as enjoyable as the three points.
  7. Any sympathy I have for Aberdeen as a result of Madden’s terrible decision is quickly evaporating as a result of some of the OTT pish getting posted on here.
  8. I think the ‘fan’ was/is an arse and hopefully the club will take action, but talk of assault is pretty silly IMO.
  9. Probably Courts giving Butcher a start. That certainly deserves investigation.
  10. I wonder if you’re both racists too? Hopefully MM will let us know.
  11. In the same way it’s legitimate to call someone who take a couple of paper clips from their employer a thief.
  12. There was coverage where it looked like a female steward told him to piss off.
  13. Thought it was a straight red. ETA BBC saying second yellow, wasn’t even a yellow IMO.
  14. Aberdeen have to appeal the red card. United have to take action against the fan(ny) in the crowd. Courts has to consider very carefully whether he will play Butcher again.
  15. Get Butcher to f**k and he can take the United TV ‘commentators’ with him. Oh, and that daft United ‘fan’.
  16. Well deserved win against a bunch of mutton molesting cloggers. Joint 3rd.
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