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  1. Godparents, whether religious or not, can act as role models and help guide children spiritually, emotionally and practically. Most are honoured to be asked to be a godparent. Godparents have also been seen as the person or people who would care for or bring up the child should their parents die.25 The Unionists will be delighted that Billy’s role model and spiritual guide is a racist.
  2. Yeah, if you want an indication of how vile a religion is just look at how they treat apostates. Muslims in this country cannot execute them but will make their lives very difficult; as do Jehovah’s Witnesses.
  3. Drunk at mid day on a Wednesday is not a good look.
  4. I’d be a lot happier if Muslims were abandoning their religion at the same rate as Christians.
  5. Went shopping earlier this evening and saw this from the top floor of the supermarket car park.
  6. At what point does a person become PM? If I head but Big Ears before the royal assent does that count?
  7. Elected twice with huge majorities then decided not to run again. So not sure about the ‘failed’ bit; but knock yourself out…
  8. Is he standing in the Tracy Island constituency?
  9. Hands up if you think Starmer will actually do this. Anyone?
  10. My ambitions to be a Tory Prime Minister have just had a boost…
  11. I prefer the original story to your revision.
  12. Surely the headline should be “Starmer misleads electorate in order to attract votes”.
  13. One of the many things Labour should do, but won’t.
  14. Labour will rarely be the largest party at Westminster. When Scotland becomes Independent it will be even tougher for them to form a government.
  15. I posted this a couple of days ago and it has been upvoted by a couple of morons who obviously don’t understand sarcasm.
  16. As a former Labour Party member for 20 years (in the dim and distant pass) it’s certainly déjà vu to see a leader of a supposedly democratic party making up policy on the hoof and with no regard to the views of the membership.
  17. The Tories could maybe afford to run two or three GE campaigns back-to-back and even then they’d struggle financially. There’s no way Labour could afford to. If Labour had a chance to form a government and oust the Tories and they passed up on that chance I’m not sure how Labour voters would react, particularly as English Labour voters probably don’t care in the slightest about Scottish Independence.
  18. Absolutely this. The potential for a landslide will slowly dissipate as the Tory media crank it up in the run up to the GE. The polls will narrow and Starmer will be bricking himself over his somewhat premature "no deal with the SNP" rhetoric. Anyone, Labour or Tory who thinks he wouldn't do a deal with the SNP if it was his only route to power is living in cloud cuckoo land. Given their starting position it really shouldn't get anywhere near that stage but the two things you can bank on in a GE campaign is the influence of the Tory controlled media and Labours ability to shit the bed. If the polls do begin to tighten as the GE approaches I wonder if Sir Keef will change tack. At the moment he doesn’t need to promise anything (and he’s pretty expert at that) all he needs to do is sit back and watch the Tories implode, but if the mood in the country shifts he might need to find some policies and commit to them. Machine gunning immigrants as they reach U.K. territorial waters? Forced work programmes for the unemployed? Recommitment to Brexit? (Wait, he’s already done that one…)
  19. Imagine trying to explain to a Swede, or a German, or a Spaniard, or an Icelander that you don’t want to be in charge of running your own country!
  20. More like a sexual fantasy of the person who posted it.
  21. As a trade union member do you pay the political levy?
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