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  1. Not sure if Johnson will have a government by the time the committee is over. It’s like the scene in The Big Short that whilst Bruce Miller is talking up Bear Sterns the stock price is simultaneously collapsing.
  2. My imagination is not so vivid I’m afraid. If it where I’d be the new Salvador Dali.
  3. I can’t help but think that your dog would benefit from increased exercise today.
  4. Does anyone know if the rise in the NI threshold affects the rate at which employers start paying their contributions?
  5. Maybe you're not human, maybe you’re a figment of someone’s (very warped) imagination. If you were you wouldn’t know it.
  6. Exactly right. If he were asked why people should not clap he’d have no answer other than ‘tradition’. The same tradition that had the speaker dress up in poncy garb until, quite recently, it was abandoned.
  7. PMQs just now. I hope one of the Dundee* MPs asks about our lack of signings. *Or Angus.
  8. I don’t know if it is being coordinated but this drip, drip, drip approach is far more effective than a bunch all at once.
  9. I agree in principle though I would say Sky TV News and the Sky News website have been very critical of Johnson in all his scandals. I think there TV reporters are often better than the BBC of trying to force an answer from politicians when they’re trying to avoid a question.
  10. Whatever else I think of Labour I do not see them continuing with Johnson et al’s style of ‘f**k the norms’ governing.
  11. Said it before and will say it again, there is only one change in the law that will stop the repeat of the last 10 years and it’s not one that the Labour Party is committed to. That change is ditching FPTP for PR. It would mean the end of extreme governments being elected with huge majorities on 40 something percent of the vote. That would create a more consensus type of government that could may be try to fix things and allow longer-term planning without worrying about a complete change at the end of a five year election cycle.
  12. It is expediency pure and simple. They both have their eye on the top job and decided this was the time to make the move. It has nothing to do with values or what’s best for the country or anything else. Maybe they also suspect that there’s going to be another bombshell sometime soon; let’s face it it’s very possible.
  13. He lies so often it is now an accepted default by many Tory voters. But not all, poll just released suggests that for the first time a majority of Tory voters want him to resign, only 33% think he should stay.
  14. So even if a majority of Scottish voters support pro-Independence parties at the next GE Labour will ignore their wishes. Nothing short of absolute arrogance and contempt. https://www.heraldscotland.com
  15. How many ‘single issue’ events have occurred that should in themselves been reason for him to go? What we have witnessed/are witnessing is the suspension of all norms. Maybe the reason others like Raab, Gove, Truss, Patel, Zahari are standing by him is that they support that sort of leadership style and would continue it in office. Now the ‘comply with common standards’ approach has been breached why return to it? It is far easier to govern without it.
  16. There’s times in politics that you just have to go for it. Let’s face it Alan Smyth’s opinion is not going to have any impact but he had absolutely nothing to lose by call for a GE.
  17. Alan Smyth on Sky just now, speaks well but refusing to support Starmer in calling for a GE a mistake imo.
  18. I stand by my assertion that if Johnson tries to call an election the monarch will first see if there’s another potential leader within the conservative ranks. As an aside if Johnson tried that he wouldn’t even get selected by his own constituency to fight any election, however that is a moot point.
  19. He won’t get a cabinet position under any other PM and he knows it. If the likes of Truss, Patel, Raab and Gove don’t resign soon their chances of getting back in the cabinet will also diminish. If Johnson doesn’t go there will definitely be a rule change by the 1922 committee.
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