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  1. Can’t say I know much about our opposition for this fixture, but Livi appear to have had a variable start to the season. That said they have scored six goals in their last two games, from seven shots on target if the BBC stats are to believed, which suggests their finishing is clinical. Given this we will have to make sure our defence is of the quality it is has been so far this season. No changes in personnel, formation or tactics for us please - just more of the same. #tamcourtstangerinearmy
  2. With Mulgrew and Edwards we can probably just do away with strikers! The big problem under Mellon, and others before him, was that we were playing with one striker with no support. It was frustrating seeing Shankland or Clark playing that role and not having another player within 15 yards of him. I think our formation is more a genuine 4-3-3 with even the midfield three have licence to go forward.
  3. Poor game great result. Mulgrew and Edwards are immense and Benji is not too bad either. In other news, footage from a Motherwell training session has been leaked:
  4. Sporle probably, though he’s not on the bench today snd Courts doesn’t seem to rate him.
  5. Just posted to the BBC website. Siegel Dijkstra: The story of a Scottish football cult hero. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53040182
  6. Ahead of the game I would like to commend the Motherwell posters for their contributions to this thread; a massive of improvement on the Hibs fans in the last match thread.
  7. I wouldn’t say “It’s gonna happen”, but I think a move similar to that is what he needs to reboot his career. It’s probably too much to hope he would come back to us on loan but McNulty is a loan player and Biamou will be away at the end of the season so come the summer we may have a shortage of strikers. A move back for a year to a club he knows where he’s not competing with a bunch of other strikers might be attractive to the player and his club; more so if we qualify for Europe.
  8. All going well you’ll be at the roundabout* at the end of the Kingsway as the final whistle is blown. *Note for locals: that’s another name for a circle.
  9. He is not getting the chance to show what he can do, whether that’s a result of being played out of position or playing in a shite team or a combination of both. If he can’t show what he’s capable of he’s not going to get a chance at Sheffield United imo regardless of how much they’re struggling. Fwiw I also think he’s a confidence player, that showed last season. His confidence will be at rock bottom just now and he will need the right sort of move, even if it’s a loan move, to get his form back AND rebuild his confidence. I think he’s a great talent and Covid/Mellon/poor move has screwed him up and I’d love to see him back on course.
  10. Can’t see him going to an English Championship club tbh. He’s scored zero goals this season so far. I reckon he’s going to have to come back at Scottish Premiership level (at best) to re-establish himself, maybe on a loan deal. Mickey Mellon fucked him with his anti-football.
  11. In other news: Ryan Gauld now the highest paid Scottish player in MLS overtaking Johnny Russell. £27k a week - not to be sniffed at! If Beerschot gets relegated Lawrence Shankland will end up in a right Mickey Mouse league. The Belgian second tier looks like our First Division. Beerschot are rock bottom with 2 points from 11 games. I reckon he’d fit in well with Tam’s style of play.
  12. That is too intriguing an anecdote to be left there. Were they floor tiles or wall tiles (or even carpet tiles)? What colour were the tiles? Were they a nice design/would you have them in your own house? How nice was he on a scale of 1-10? We need to know.
  13. Mrs Granny buys the Tele occasionally; decent bit about United’s defence and defensive record tonight.
  14. Oh yeah, Dundee United and The Rangers are the best of friends. The Orcs really like our club.
  15. Head towards the West Port/Perth Road and lots of pubs to choose from prior to your curry.
  16. I was obviously referring to electro convulsive therapy. That’s a shock.
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