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  1. I’m pleased to see that. They’ll get flak anyway but it’s good to see them putting their hands up and accepting they were wrong.
  2. There should be a law where it’s legal to punch any man with a man bun. Maybe even compulsory.
  3. It’s a rodding eye. No one in the construction industry would refer to it as a manhole.
  4. It’s not a manhole. Possibly an old rodding eye
  5. They’ll insist that they get to march whilst keeping 6 feet apart and wearing PPE. The mask my father wore.
  6. Building sites still open. Builders Merchants in England closed and were told they should reopen. Builders merchant near my work closed but a plant hire place still open.
  7. That and ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil’.
  8. Based on purely personal experience from holidays, smoking is more widespread in Spain than here. We don’t know, but we can take an educated guess.
  9. Definitely. Nonetheless smoking over a period of time, regardless of age, is bound to have an impact when faced with a disease that attacks the lungs.
  10. I’d imagine a very significant number.
  11. Pish. They could close all non-essential businesses like building sites. That would have a significant impact in reducing social contact. They should have done it two weeks ago, it can still be done now.
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