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  1. All you posts should be filed in the bin.
  2. Boo hoo, Scotland has qualified for a tournament and it should be cancelled because I can’t go see it. Me, me, me... I am delighted we have qualified and I will be cheering on the national team from wherever I can.
  3. This is a trigger for me. Outwith is a word, I’ve been using it all my life. As I type this on my iPad it is highlighting it. Fùck right off.
  4. The 35.45% for the year is virtually identical to my collection of 10 funds. Crazy stuff tbqh.
  5. I’m assuming your in U.K. stocks/funds. You should have been in US technology. Here’s the NASDAQ for the last 12 months. 42%.
  6. The performance of funds during 2020 and into the first few weeks of this year has shown the total disconnect between the stock market and the real world. I can only assume there is going to be a correction sometime soon.
  7. One of these occasions when the sentences seem too lenient. 39 deaths in the pursuit of profit and one of the four offenders will be back out in nine years. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/essex-lorry-deaths-vietnam-migrants-jail-b1791171.html
  8. There will be border crossing lorry drivers very jealous of this post.
  9. There’s something about the Nissan announcement that doesn’t ring true. It’s like they’re claiming that they can now do something they couldn’t have done without Brexit. I don’t see it. If there’s any side deals courtesy of the U.K. government surely they will need to be made clear.
  10. I wouldn’t want Russia to win the World Cup, but if they were playing England in the final I would be cheering them on.
  11. Aye in a few years time she will (still) be doing something meaningful and you will still be battering away on your keyboard like the sad fùck you are. Life is harsh.
  12. At my age buying a ticket for 2021/22 is a bit of a gamble.
  13. I suppose there’s worse things to spend your money on, like a season ticket for Dens.
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