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  1. U.K. government to issue 5,000 temporary visas to help alleviate the HGV crisis. That’s about 5% of what’s needed but is no doubt motivated by an unwillingness to admit mistakes. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-58687026
  2. That’s not going to happen, we both know that. Forelock tugging servility is too ingrained amongst the English populace. Will certainly make any argument to ditch them as head of state in an Independent Scotland far easier though.
  3. I’ve said before he might get Dianaed.
  4. They probably realised they had no option and thought accepting service had an element of damage limitation, though it’s probably far too late for that.
  5. Who really gives a f**k what make of car sometime else drives? ^^^
  6. I wouldn’t put @Tynierose on ignore. I take too much pleasure in seeing how much he is rattled by me, even to the extent of referencing me in match threads that have nothing to do with his team. If I ever need a place to stay rent free I know where I can go.
  7. I’d imagine many European HGV drivers will be dissuaded by the likely short-termism of any relaxation of the rules and the xenophobia that led them to leaving.
  8. I’m quite happy with the actions of fuckwits in this situation, and the likely consequences of their actions.
  9. He changes his football teams almost as regularly as he changes his political allegiances. Who am I kidding, his only political allegiance is to George Galloway.
  10. Sorry WRK but all I took from that post is that you drive a Nissan!
  11. U.K. Labour may never be in government again. I don’t take any pleasure in that thought but it is quite possible.
  12. Pen was not a pen and Pawlett wasn’t offside. Won’t change things but shows how even last night’s game was.
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