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  1. Sadly there’s a large proportion of them who are.
  2. There’s a false equivalency about the political situation in the U.S.A. and the U.K. at present. However bad it is here and however much there are those on the political right who would like to ‘Americanise’ us further it is far worse over there as highlighted in the opening post. The overturning of Roe v Wade is something that could not have been envisioned a decade ago and a Sumpreme Court that will go against overwhelming public opinion on such a key issue is capable of worse. The vaunted ‘checks and balances’ of the U.S. political and legal system isn’t working. Let’s also remember that in military and economic terms the U.S.A. is the global superpower. What happens there can impact all of the rest of us.
  3. I have flown into Malaga once and Lanzarote twice in the past 12 months, separated into EU/non-EU all three times. Delays at all three, the only lengthy one being Malaga.
  4. Probably wouldn’t have happened if that dog had been armed.
  5. I reckon over 90% of those who go on these marches would struggle to give a coherent answer to that question.
  6. There’s been some speculation about 6 Conservative MPs defecting to Labour. Seeing David Lammy’s remarks about workers taking industrial action maybe he’d feel more at home on the Tory benches.
  7. There are so many reasons to have Indy2 now, not the least being the huge loss of support for the SNPif they don’t follow through on their mandate. I don’t accept that we will necessarily be in a better place 10 years from now. The last decade has shown not only the level but the rate of change in the political landscape and I think we’re better taking our chances now. I’m encouraged by the polls and think there is still more momentum for the YES campaign.
  8. Unnamed Tory MP claims Pincher assaulted him twice. Must be a resignation issue. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/chris-pincher-mp-grope-allegations-b2114382.html
  9. Joyless. It is a very apt description of most bigoted people I have encountered, either personally or through the media. DUP politicians one and all seem particularly joyless folk.
  10. Congratulations. BTW you will never be as happy as you were in your early/mid 20s. It all goes downhill from here. Enjoy your day!
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