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  1. Unpopular opinions.

    Not to be sneezed at.
  2. The City of Dundee Appreciation Thread

    I work less than 64% of the time.
  3. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    Ladies and gentlemen I give you Margaret Hodge MP: A Jewish Labour MP has said the moment she found out she faced investigation for confronting Jeremy Corbyn over anti-Semitism made her think about "what it felt like to be a Jew in Germany in the 30s.
  4. Dundee United v St. Johnstone Colts

    Better than just being short.
  5. The Official President Trump thread

    That’s like saying every person who lives in Scotland can claim to speak for that country; even if they contradict other people who live in Scotland. Every opinion poll showing Democrats largely denouncing Trumpism.
  6. Dundee United v St. Johnstone Colts

    Maybe you’re letting this meaningless fixture in this meaningless competition concern you too much. Just a thought.
  7. The Official President Trump thread

    I think that’s pish. Meanwhile, from the BBC website, showing the effect of Trump’s toxicity: A poll released on Tuesday by Quinnipiac University suggested that 51% of Republican voters now believed the media to be "the enemy of the people rather than an important part of democracy" and 52% of the Republican supporters polled were not concerned that Mr Trump's criticism would lead to violence against journalists. Among all voters, 65% believe the news media to be an important part of democracy, the poll suggests. An Ipsos poll, also this month, gave similar figures. In addition it found that 23% of Republicans, and about one in eight Americans overall, believed Mr Trump should close down mainstream news outlets like CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times. All scarey, but that last part showing a worrying percentage with no respect for democracy.
  8. Israel lobby v Corbyn

    At least you’re not bothered. That’s the main thing.
  9. The City of Dundee Appreciation Thread

    Come to Dundee, we’ve got a boat.
  10. Dundee United 2018/2019

    This would be no good for me as I have never learnt to schmooz. I have attended various United related events in the past (not for a few years now) and have found them mindnumbingly boring with loads of drunken, unfunny boors.
  11. The Official President Trump thread

    It’s sad just how fucked up things are. OK there are developing countries where you don’t expect to find fully functioning democracies, but in developed countries with high educational standards and levels of achievement you wonder how something such as Trump can happen. I used to thing W Bush was bad but I don’t even think a comparison with Trumpism is possible let alone fair. The Democrats have to take some of the blame for their complacency and arrogance; most of which still seems to exist. But that does not explain or excuse the clusterfuck that has been thrust on the world by the election of this incompetent, petulant, ignorant manchild.
  12. How can it have a balcony, it is single storey? If you have extended it I hope you have received Planning Permission and a Building Warrant. Please post online proof of this.
  13. The Official President Trump thread

    Half his supporters would happily see the return of slavery ffs. The N word will hardly lose him any support at all. That’s simply not the case. The issue isn’t Trump diehards it is those on the margins who will change their vote in the midterms and/or 2020 or simply stay at home.
  14. Dundee United v St. Johnstone Colts

    I wasn’t at Tannadice tonight but in years to come when tales of this magnificent victory are recalled in breathless tones to crowded rooms I will claim I was there. That’s if I’m still alive.