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  1. Pence refusing to self isolate in line with CDC rules despite five of his inner circle testing positive.
  2. Watched the BBC “highlights” earlier. We were very lucky to get a point from that. Our front three had four touches in the box the who game and three of them came in the first few minutes.
  3. They don’t need to jump from helicopters at night.
  4. Doesn’t answer any of my questions.
  5. Why do they need to jump out of helicopters? Why must this be done at night? What evidence is there that the stowaways are armed? You’ve really no thought this through have you.
  6. Apparently it’s too much for the police and they’ve called for military assistance. Seven stowaways are too much for the police.
  7. Then get yourself a girlfriend/boyfriend. It makes economic sense and has other advantages.
  8. The lockdown was needed. The lockdown worked. If people had followed the rules post lockdown there would still have been an uplift in cases but not to the extent there has been.
  9. Doctors get $5,000 for each COVID death, FACT.
  10. Maybe you’re correct, but from what I can see most were not too bothered when he left.
  11. Connolly and Edwards are awful. Our defensive midfield players are not good enough at this level. Fuchs is untested and most of our other attacking midfielders are mediocre and/or inconsistent. So if Mellon is going to fix all this at Christmas he’s got his work cut out.
  12. We won’t achieve anything by hoping for it, only by tactical changes. Whilst a finish 10th or above is something I think every Arab on here would accept I’m not sure that will happen if we cannot find a style of play that gets service into a striker who is known to be capable of scoring given the chance.
  13. I’d agree with that, but there’s large number of people who have made it clear that they will not socially distance and/or wear masks; I have no idea if they wash their hands.
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