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  1. Jacob Rees Trump claiming that it’s all a witch-hunt.
  2. Kevin McCarthy’s squirming and trying to face in two directions at once just reaffirms what a spineless cretin he is.
  3. Absolute desperation in trying to undermine the validity of the ballot. Depending on the outcome we might have to integrate this thread with ‘heads gone’ on GN.
  4. Trump’s supporters took to social media to discuss launching violent protests or forming a protective barrier around the Mar-a-Lago estate in his defence, The Daily Beast reported. When one user on The Donald internet forum asked how they should respond if the police used helicopters to enter Trump’s club, others suggested the best type of rifle ammunition to take down low-flying aircraft.
  5. Tony Blair’s personal wealth is estimated at around £50m.
  6. Stopped reading at ‘given my posting history’.
  7. No. The policies reflect the ideology, to suggest otherwise is nonsensical. Of course an ideology can change over time and will sooner or later be reflected in the policies.
  8. I’ll wait until I’m dead before I give up the wine. Might even continue beyond then. Maybe the jealousy thing struck home, though I find it amusing being accused of being right wing by you. Keep it up.
  9. The thing about social media is you can claim you’re on a picket line even if you’re not. As for the Rioja jibe, I sense a wee bit of jealousy. The Rioja is nice and I’ll have some tonight after a hard day of swimming, walking and lying about in the 38 degrees sun. Who knows, that might be you some day.
  10. The issue of left/right is subjective. On the issue of prescription charges, tuition fees, the welcoming of immigrants, income tax (within their limited flexibility), I reckon the SNP government is further to the left than any other mainstream political party inScotland or the UK.
  11. I’m sure you’d be devastated by a shift to the right.
  12. Wow. I’m sure there’s a support group out there for you. Stay strong!
  13. No. I’m saying that come an election you either choose to vote for someone or you abstain. If you abstain then you are influencing nothing. If you vote then you are influencing the outcome. You can choose to vote for what you believe is the least worst option.
  14. He won’t be handcuffed. But I agree a conviction is essential and I reckons there’s a good chance of that. If his calls for protests lead to violence I reckon that will hurt him.
  15. “Who would you vote for?” is so far removed from patter. It is a serious question; calling it patter is simply deflection from having to answer.
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