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  1. More like a sexual fantasy of the person who posted it.
  2. As a trade union member do you pay the political levy?
  3. Wee Nippy and the SNP’s days are numbered. They’re plummeting support in the polls is testament to this…
  4. Things not going well for the wee man. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/rishi-sunak-tory-labour-polls-b2233226.html The Tories are going to have to accept a period out of office. Mind you with Keef in charge I don’t think it will be for longer than five years.
  5. When are the trade unions going to hold this bunch to account; or just stop funding them?
  6. No apparently the ‘logic’ is that if you vote for a pro-Independence party then it only counts in favour of a de facto referendum if their standing on one policy, however if you vote for a pro-Unionist party then you’re automatically voting against a referendum. If I’d known academia was so easy I wouldn’t have wasted my life making money! No, wait…
  7. Nope. A vote for any party that is in favour of Independence counts towards the 50%.
  8. There is a ‘real option’ and it’s the one Sturgeon is proposing. It’s a million miles from ideal but it’s the only one there is. Of course the other parties will try and discredit it but those politicians themselves are discredited.
  9. Fair enough but if you’re in favour of the people of Scotland’s right to another Referendum and don’t have an alternative as to how to achieve this then maybe be more supportive of the only other option being proposed.
  10. There are obvious trolls on here on the NO side and there are idiots too, but most worryingly amongst them there are Scots who genuinely believe that their fellow Scots should be denied the opportunity to decide their future. I really struggle to understand that mindset.
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