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  1. Aye, I was thinking purely for our own benefit but there certainly would be other bonus points.
  2. My head tells me we will lose this. Sadly so does my heart. Play a B team and keep the first choice players fresh for the following Tuesday.
  3. The only thing that will matter is the polls. I do not see the public buying a whitewashed report, and even if Johnson brazens it out for now if polls by late February/early March do not show a significant reversal of recent trends he will get unceremoniously dumped.
  4. Do really think that someone appointed by the PM and answerable to someone who in turn is answerable to the U.K. government is really going to ‘cover up’? That’s very cynical.
  5. A Gray whitewash followed by a Met whitewash with Johnson continuing to insist he has not broken the law is the best outcome. No one will believe it and Cressida Dick’s reputation damaged even further (if that’s possible). Even if that were to happen I think the magical 54 letters would be received by Graham Brady with Johnson out on his arse and, hopefully, a very public and very messy leadership contest.
  6. I never expected this thread would generate such a small response! Either: a) the level of interest in this game from both sets of fans is non-existent, or b) nobody likes me and wants to participate in a thread I have started. It’s b), isn’t it.
  7. I reckon it’s in Starmer’s interest for this to be dragged out for as long as possible.
  8. There will be many Tory voters who will be heartened by the latest revelations.
  9. We need a win, simple as that. I have no idea what team or formation Courts will go for but he cannot revert to the tactics of the St Mirren game where we took 20 touches to get the ball into the opposing half.
  10. I doubt if there’s anyone, including Tory PMs, who has not already made up their minds about this. Everyone knows that there’s sufficient information to sink Johnson, despite information being withheld, and that it’s simply a matter of what level of whitewash and subsequent spin takes place.
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