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  1. Even if it was a scam they’d probably give you the car to avoid shagging your corpse.
  2. Yeah, let’s hope we’re as full as praise at the end of the season as we are now. It would be great to have a manager who delivers. Anything above 10th place would be a bonus in our first season back and I’m cautiously optimistic that Mellon can deliver that. Mind you I was excited when we appointed Neilson.
  3. What a strange analogy. If at the end of these three games I get awarded 7 A grades I will be delighted. If we get 4 points I will be even more delighted.
  4. Three really tough games ahead of us. Anything we can take from any of them will be a bonus.
  5. I was a bit concerned the first twenty minutes or so but the longer the game went on the better we looked. I’m surprised how poor Motherwell were. I’m still concerned about a formation that leaves our sole striker so isolated, it was only when Motherwell started pushing on that we began to play the sort of attacking football we are capable of. Delighted with four points from the first two games, though Tuesday night will be a real test.
  6. Not got a picture and a audio. Sound and commentary out of sync, audio about three seconds ahead of picture.
  7. Having problems with the PPV, initially working well but now not loading.
  8. If we could beat you 2-1 today at Fir Park I would be delighted. BTW Hitler was Austrian.
  9. Unlucky? How about “stupid”, or “ignorant”, or “selfish”? All would be far more fitting. These adjectives can also be ascribed to those who fail to condemn the players’ actions
  10. Fitting support for Alzheimers. A strip that we hope we will forget in a couple of years.
  11. The last United manager who disagreed with my views on formation and team selection is now managing a team in the league below us. I am sure Mellon is well aware of this.
  12. Douglas Ross was head and shoulders above all the other candidates in this hard fought race and thoroughly deserves the position of Sturgeon’s next verbal punchbag.
  13. Trump is claiming that he is being told by his generals that the blast in Lebanon is the result of a bomb. Of course no one is telling him this. A pathological, dangerous narcissist who needs to be replaced.
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