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  1. I’ve struggled to develop any liking of Mellon but the coming season is the one I’ll judge him on. If he has a formation and style of play that he thinks is suited to the Scottish Premiership he must bring in the players to suit that. This may sound obvious but I can think of past windows (particularly mid season) where the consensus was we needed to strengthen in a particular area and/or bring in a player with certain characteristics only to see a signing that made no sense.
  2. To save my eyes from bleeding I’m going to put you on ignore.
  3. I would understand that argument better had it not been for the fact that there were games earlier in the season where we were playing more attacking (and attractive) football and winning. It’s fair enough to be cautious against tougher opposition but we’ve played this latest style against everyone. As we are now safe from relegation I’d like to see us playing the last four in a formation that can get service to Shankland.
  4. Yeah we have to be happy where we are, no doubt about it. Far less happy at the absolute turgid shite we’re having to endure. On a separate note, Mellon’s style of football has undoubtedly devalued our biggest asset. I didn’t expect Shanks to be anywhere close to his tally for last season but a different style of play would have seen a decent return from him IMO and would have made his sell on value in the summer far greater than he will go for now. Would not be surprised if we get more for Benji.
  5. The only thing justifying Sporle being replaced is if he’s carrying a knock.
  6. We appear to have learnt how to defend from corners. Earlier in the season at least one of them would have ended with us conceding. Happy with the score so far but Hamilton have had their chances, at least their style of play is making it an enjoyable watch unlike some of the recent turgid stuff. One big issue, 42 minutes in and zero service to Shanks.
  7. I’ve seen that claim on here and find it hard to believe. What sort of idiot would bring in a player on that basis?
  8. McNulty is not a wide player and Harkes is not a football player. With that squad we have far better options
  9. The issue with a formal deal with the Greens is it allows the Unionists to claim the Independence movement is gaming the system. As has been shown a list vote for the SNP in all but two areas is a waste but I think informal ‘campaigns’ is a better approach. It would be good if some high profile SNP supporters were to argue the 1. SNP 2. Green position.
  10. Opinion polls have shown a consistent, yet slim, majority for YES only over the last 12 months. You do realise that don’t you? Or are you simply ignoring the fact because it doesn’t suit your argument? Maybe there are some supposed supports of Independence who would be happy with glorious defeat in another Indy Ref. Brexit has happened, and the effects of Johnson’s cobbled together last minute ‘deal’ are now glaringly obvious. Sturgeon has made clear the route she is going to take following a successful campaign and all Salmond, and some crackpots on here, can moan about is “well the SNP haven’t done enough”.
  11. I notice Stinky Bone has his team listed as Scotland. That explains it. Q. ”So what’s the aim Steve Clarke?” A. “To win the game.” Q. “So how are you going to do it?” A. “Mmmm. Errrr. Mumble. Ollie McBurnie.”
  12. Im sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the reply.
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