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  1. Arabs charged = guilty as f**k. Dundee manager charged = we have to wait until the trial. FWIW if any Arab is found guilty of assault of a Dundee staff member I’d be in favour of a lifetime ban from both clubs.
  2. About 15 yards inside your own half if you have any chance of defending properly. When’s the last time Bobby Linn scored a hat trick?
  3. F*ck off with the negativity. I am being forced to watch this on ArabZone; if we lose then listening to the ArabZone commentators will be abject misery, whereas if we win it will just be abject shite. I really hope we win.
  4. Snow White never presented as someone who was politically aware.
  5. Let’s all hope for a bad Hair day. (I can only assume this has already been used as it is so obvious, but as I’ve not seen it I’m claiming it for myself)
  6. It pains me to think that you are married to someone who would even consider voting Conservative. I am delighted that you have decided to stay in the dysfunctional marriage and show her the error of her ways rather than taking the easy route out. Stay strong.
  7. Sadly I agree with the first part. There will be a Tory majority and few/none ‘one-nation’ Conservative MPs to curb Johnson’s worst excesses. Friday the 13th right enough.
  8. Brexit Party and Johnson’s Tories are identical so no surprise with that move. People abandoning the Greens as they realise it’s a waste of s vote under FPTP. As for the LibDem impetuous under Swinson, judge for yourselves.
  9. Can’t believe people are responding to Tarmo Kink’s piss poor trolling.
  10. This election will highlight the mindset of the large minority of the British electorate. It will be a combination of selfishness, stupidity, gullibility, cravenness and prejudice. Due to the distorted FPTP system this large minority will return a Tory majority government.
  11. If he’s not fit he shouldn’t start, probably not even be on the bench. Certainly don’t want to rush him back, but if he’s fit he should be the first name on the team sheet.
  12. Yeah let’s leave our the league’s top goal scorer on the bench. Great idea!
  13. No thread for the Alloa game yet? Have P&B Arabs lost interest?
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