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  1. 100% slaver. Probably never even been to Perth let alone a Saints game [emoji57]
  2. Quality banter. Cannae teach that sort of naturally produced witty retort. Top stuff indeed. I did not know that was Willie Coburn that took the cash for the astro turf. Spoken to him a fair bit to.
  3. I was always thought that being absolutly shite on the pitch and getting horsed every week got you relegated. Everdays a school day though.
  4. I think so. But I'm off the new found opinion that there is no rule, legal or otherwise, that cannot be bent, broken or simply ignored to suit the purposes of a few vested interests.
  5. I can understand Sandaza going for the security of a bumper contract for a longer period than we could offer in a division where he'll hardly break a sweat. I'm still fairly dissapointed in him though, he has the potential to play at a much higher level and achieve an awful lot more. It makes me wonder if there's some truth in the rumours that an imminent reconstruction will shunt The Rangers closer to the top league in the next year or two.
  6. Well I'm afraid a "purile level" is about my level of understanding I'm afraid. Apologies. The suggestion is that the history is an "asset" that can be bought or sold. Tart it up any way you want, that just doesn't really stack up. Even at a nuclear physics level of understanding.
  7. I don't care if they inherit the oldcos history or not. But I am extremely perplexed about all of the hullabaloo prior to liquidation. Banners about "no to newco", Sending Bill Miller packing, Charles Green stating on radio that the "history goes" if the CVA isn't agreed and the actual bother of arranging a CVA at all. Why all that fuss if they just keep the history after liquidating anyway? What was the point? BTW, how many trophies did third lanark win? Can I buy their history trophy wins and transfer them to the Saintees? Thats how it works right?
  8. Now that's enough of that . A terrible way to slander one of the main contributers to the tabloid that "has been setting the agenda" on the Rangers situation. :angry: :huh: :lol: :lol:
  9. Because they resisted enormous pressure and bullying to vote them into SFL1. Our chairman couldn't even make a decision, the SFL did. You may not agree with it and you make a good point. But in comparison to our SPL clubs, the SFL have performed comparitively well.
  10. Reread the original post. It was about SFL fans, no mention of an SFL board. The SFL gans have every Right to feel proud of their clubs actually taking a decision that our SPL clubs continuosly shirked. Or do you disagree with that? If so, why?
  11. Apparently on the understanding the SFL looked after them for a year. The SFL have done well, they were asked to make an impossible decision not of their making. Yhey didn't f**k about, they did it and they stand by it. Our SPL chairman? Postponed everything, eventually palming it off to the SFL. The SFL vote a way they don't like and now their threatening a reversal. The SFL Have every right to hold the moral high ground IMO. We however don't if the rumours about tomorrow are true.
  12. Aye, Div 3 will be a breeze with a white elephant training facility, a 50k seater stadiums running costs and wages for Mcculloch / Wallace. Especially after selling 500 ST's so far. If anyones getting flushed, Sevco are probably going round the U bend first.
  13. Teflon Traynor always has his public purse funded radio show to fall back on. He'll be awrite....
  14. Mass redundancies? How many staff do St Mirren employ? That sounds like they have an army of employees holed up in some factory somewhere in Paisley. Is this a slight exaggeration or do the Buddies genuinley have a gargantuan payroll? And if they do, what exactly do these people do?
  15. Just reckon it would be a decent idea like, eh? Feel free to come up with your own ideas. There is NAE WAY I'm attending shitty 3rd division matches next season. SPL is the only option. Aye, if the mighty Rangers were playing on the roads I'd watch from the pavements, but going to East Stirling is one step too far.
  16. Credit to wee Chico. His Joke and it's totally accidental whoooosh just made me choke on my biscuit. Absolutely brilliant. Edit - Please someone, get that on sound cloud for posterity's sake.
  17. If that happens then blaming Doncaster only goes so far. Its our clubs chairman that should shoulder any blame really. He works for them.
  18. Horrible scenes in the streets of Perth. A couple of school kids dropped litter and did NOT pick it up. Tear gas and rubber bullets probably required to quell the social unrest here.
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