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  1. Aye, Motherwell played quite well. I think we deserved the win but it was tight and could have gone either way.
  2. I'd be very worried by that interview if I was an Aberdeen fan. Cormack showing no interest in engaging constructively in the conversation but instead simply reeling off a load of bullet points to justify his own decisions. Rambling and plaintive is never a good look. If you believe Cormack's interpretation of the data, it would appear that Aberdeen have just been incredibly unlucky. Dominating possession and shots on target and then conceding to clinical opponents. That sort of mindset makes it very difficult to justify any sort of change because why would you change when simply being patient will see the results turn in due course as luck evens itself out. He might be right but I have my doubts.
  3. This is such an August 2021 take on the guy. Get with the times, grandad.
  4. Oooft, that keeper. Is this the shite one or his replacement?
  5. Aye, I wasn't surprised at all at the victory today. I wasn't sure that we'd win but I was sure that we'd hold our own and I fancied we might nick it. No-one's outplayed us all season bar 45 minutes against Hearts and the opening fixture against Aberdeen, which was all about how passive we were against an utterly mediocre Aberdeen side (as I correctly diagnosed at the time).
  6. Anyhoo, great to see Glass back from his injury and slotting into Levitt's position seamlessly. Happy to let those two cover for each other until Levitt heads back to take over at Old Trafford and Glass can step up to be first choice.
  7. "Thomas" scans better. Presumably why he's upscaled the nomenclature.
  8. Heh, getting gubbed by the worst team in the division. Not looking good for the dandies.
  9. Replaced by some chap called Glass. Wonder if he's any relation to the young guy who did so well at Cove all those years ago.
  10. Of course you would. There's probably all manner of stupid shit which you'd get up to given half a chance.
  11. Another poor statement from County, unable to differentiate between evidence and proof and then crowing about being exonerated because there was insufficient evidence for the SPFL to take disciplinary action. Tone deaf again.
  12. Can I just shock you? I like VAR. Despite what I just said earlier. At any one time, I have nine VARs in my house.
  13. Guy's an actual giant who can also play football. I can see it. Good big guy's better than a good wee guy and all that. Edit: Just to clarify, £30m is obviously fucking ridiculous but, y'know, giants are relatively rare irl. Presumably there's a giant lanky freak premium.
  14. A statute of limitation is a bar to legal action imposed because of the unfairness to the accused in seeking to adduce evidence of innocence after a particuar passage of time. Not sure anyone has suggested legal action against Mackay. If you're asking whether he should be forgiven for being a horrible c**t because a few years have passed then I'm personally in the "No" camp. If you're asking whether he is a reformed character then, I don't know, but I suspect not.
  15. He'd be the small overweight bald man with a very red face, angry at anything not British. If I'm reading her post earlier correctly, I think she's a small, bald, overweight woman, tbf. Doesn't excuse the hysterical ranting and nor, before Malky chips in, does it explain it.
  16. FFS lads, is recounting past incidences of unsavoury conduct at other clubs really the best response to a specific allegation of racist abuse yesterday? Poor stuff from both of you.
  17. I didn't notice it at the game but have now seen the video of him holding it up to the Cunty fans. That's class. Tam's stock is rising rapidly with me.
  18. f**k VAR. An expensive inept implementation of a bad idea by soulless bureaucrats for pedantic children. The enjoyment and worth of football lies in the spectacle of sporting intent and artistic endeavour. For those not into that there's always Excel. I can handle wrong decisions but don't kill and bisect the artists whilst I'm trying to enjoy their performance.
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