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  1. Sure, at some point, but let's cross that bridge when we come to it. There's more to be gained by winning tomorrow and gaining confidence and fitness for the first choice XI than would be gained by resting guys at this stage of season and running the risk of wasting points, confidence and momentum. Any changes tomorrow are likely to be to strengthen the team (by bringing in McGrath and - if his permit is through - Behich). Levitt took a knock on Thursday. If he's less than 100%, I might be tempted to give him a rest, perhaps for Meekison, but that'd be it.
  2. The squad isn't nearly strong enough to be fannying about resting guys after two competitive games.
  3. And more friendlies. That was their 8th game last night and our fourth.
  4. Just in and catching up on this thread. Fucking oooft. What a night! Well deserved win. I've got too many thoughts going on just now to put into words but I am massively impressed by the quality of the new players - every one was brilliant tonight and each looks an up grade on the previous incumbent. I did think Sibbald looked a player with a massive future at Falkirk but figured that he must have dipped at Livi. He was excellent - so composed and gritty and tidy. Fletcher won everything in the air and more than his fair share on the ground. I really didn't appreciate what a classy player he is. He's not got the pace anymore but the rest of his game looks like it's all still there. Middleton was terrific; Birighitti looks an upgrade on Benji. MOTM was clearly Levitt though. Fucking hell. He was approaching brilliant in flashes last season but looks like he's been practising this summer. To be a class above one of the best teams in Holland is quite something. I do appreciate that Man United have a lot of very, very good players but it's still remarkable to me that they could dispense with this guy so readily. I've seen plenty of guys at United who have gone on to be good/excellent players in the English top flight (McKinlay, Gallacher, Ferguson, Robertson) and Levitt looks to well capable of playing at the level. Absolutely fucking buzzing that we've managed to inject so much talent into the team this summer. Looks like a real push to be a decent side. And on top of that McGrath comes on and looks very good indeed and we've got a current Australian international left back to come in shortly. Fucking ooooooft. Finally, I thought Freeman did really well in very difficult circumstances tonight. That's not his position and he stuck to the task manfully. Credit to him that given the option of pushing one of the right backs to left back, Ross went with the young guy as more capable of adapting to the position. A couple of sliced clearances with his wrong foot aside, I thought he did most things well.
  5. I don't dislike the guy but the re-signing of Harkes is a definite outlier this window. All the rest look a level above. Presumably that deal was done just to get another body in the door in case the more coveted signings didn't come off. As things stand, I'd already have him behind Levitt, Meekison and Sibbald, and if it's for the No.10 position, I'd have behind Watt and Cudjoe too.
  6. After thinking he was hopeless for ages, I've warmed to Collum in recent years. Seems to have calmed down a lot and less relentlessly card happy. Well, that's all over now William you bloody shit! I kid, Willie's alright. He could have kept his cards in his pockets on either occasion for the Harkes bookings but equally you can't complain too much. Both were arguably yellows and both silly from Harkes.
  7. I think 'very clever' in this case is a synonym for 'cynical cheat'.
  8. I think most United fans would be delighted if that were true. Its not though, its absolute bollocks. Probably less physical than last season and certainly less physical than under Mellon in the season you were relegated.
  9. You had a wee drink tonight? I'm clarifying the position for the chap I quoted.
  10. It's not a foul unless there's a particular rule against it - keeper's released the ball and Harkes has been clever enough to nick the ball between the throw and kick .. except there is a specific rule against. You can't interfere with the keeper when he has possession of the ball and that includes the period between throwing the ball up and kicking it. A professional player should know that.
  11. Yeah, Sibbald was good. I was hoping Meekison might have come on for Harkes before his sending off. Hopefully he gets a chance next week. I think Sibbald is intended as the most defensive of the three. My recollection of him from his time at Falkirk is that he's got plenty of dig.
  12. I was pleased to see that Declan agreed a contract extension before he left. Suggests he's still in the plans. Hope to see him make a big impact when he comes back. Still got a big chance to make it at United, I think.
  13. That's a good point if he's the only guy coming out of the youth development programme. Is he? Edit: Oh Granny, don't be so sensitive. You're better than that.
  14. I think there's still space for Chalmers if he can pull the finger out. I don't expect him to though. Looks like a guy who has relied on good technique coming up through the age groups and completely neglected everything else that's required - hard work, team ethic, concentration, discipline. Not too late for him but I think that point is rapidly approaching.
  15. Voted Johnson before I noticed Motherwell's result. That probably tips it in Alexander's favour/disfavour.
  16. Hard to gauge the signing of Behich. On the face of it, there's no way we should be able to sign a 31 year old with 50+ caps for Australia. A guy who was signed by PSV for £4M and and won the Turkish top flight a couple of years ago. Presumably he's got Lupus or is about to be arrested for some appalling sexual offences.
  17. Took the piss in that league at 17 on loan with Montrose but has struggled for game time since he came back to United. Really needs to play every week now.
  18. I think that's probably true but, on the other hand, if we do add a good defensive midfielder to the team we're not far away from being half decent particularly if wee Matthew lives up to the early promise.
  19. Sarcasm's a form of irony. Anyway, Goldie being poached by a bigger, richer club isn't a reason to criticise his boss. That's an absolutely wild take. If I hire someone who bombs and I have to sack him or he walks out in the huff then that speaks to a problem. If on the other hand I bring in someone who is a great success and that success attracts attention from elsewhere then that's a shame but if it reflects on me at all then it's to my credit. It takes a particularly twisted mindset to construe the success of Goldie as a reason to criticise Asghar.
  20. It's genuinely impossible to know when some of you cunts are being ironic.
  21. Middleton looked to me like he has something when I've seen him play (which is probably only 2 or 3 games everr). Wingers at that age and in struggling teams are hard to judge though. He could develop into a Craig Conway/GMS or he could be completely shite.
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