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  1. I'm enjoying this new incarnation of the Johnnies as aggrieved footballing purists unfairly denied their just rewards by the unworthy hammer throwers up the road.
  2. This year's absolutely shite in every conceivable way, only right that the football follows suit. We can get back to trying to chase such morally redundant goals as "entertainment" and " enjoyment " once the pandemic is over.
  3. You've made this point before. Nobody gave a f**k then either.
  4. Never really got a chance with us, in either spell. Hard to know how good he actually is based on that, although he was probably the best player in the league for St Mirren when they won the league under Jack Ross Nah. I suspect Cammy's a bad egg.
  5. I think it's because the rest of the league is pretty shit too.
  6. Aye. I'd be a little cautious about throwing him in and leaving him in too soon but hopefully he'll be in there before too long.
  7. Pernis was good but Benji's good too. Both better than Rado, I think, who was quite good. I don't think Benji's been a first pick anywhere before coming to United and so it was understandable that he started rather slowly. He's been good since at least the start of last season and is continuing to improve, imo. Edit: mind when we had loads of good/very good keepers back to back for a number of years: Szamotulski - Zaluska - Weaver - Pernis. I can't for the life of me remember what happened next.
  8. Indeed. We've got three very limited centre halves. I can see the logic in playing all three in a kind of crude arithmetical solution but it's misjudged. You need guys who are comfortable on the ball in a back three as the two wider players need to be able to build play. None of ours are good enough to do that and so you have the unedifying sight of the three of them passing it amongst themselves ever more frantically before horsing it up the park. Better to replace one or more of them with an actual footballer somewhere else in the team and letting the remaining two concentrate on just winning headers and clearing the ball (which by and large they can do). I'd probably to further and ditch two of those three, pull Butcher back alongside one of them and a better technical player in midfield. I like Butcher - and he still does a decent job - but he doesn't want to receive the ball from the defence. He's really only an asset in winning the ball. You need guys who can pass if you're going to do anything other than constantly scrap for the ball.
  9. Don't think anyone's complaining about the result but rather the performance. A half decent team would have absolutely hammered us.
  10. A bit more even when we went to a four and had a bit of go. Plus it means we don't have to play all three of those clowns at once.
  11. This is almost as bad as the fucking Livingston game. It feels like Mellon lost his bottle after the Kilmarnock game when we kept getting caught on the break despite having most of the play (although very few chances). You can't get caught on the break when you don't attack though. Genius. On balance though I'd rather we just had a fucking go.
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