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  1. It was announced by the club along with Courts' appointment a fortnight ago.
  2. Scotland playing like a Micky Mellon team there (albeit the Waitrose version). Fucking bleurgh. Wee Tommy Courts simply can't be as bad as the guy he's replacing*. * aesthetically speaking and therefore completely subjective to me so dinnae bother casting this up when we get relegated.
  3. Who's Messi in this analogy? Surely not Kevin Nisbet.
  4. Looks like somebody's going to have a sore head today.
  5. Yay! That's what I thought you were getting at with the first post but then you doubled down by posting details of long term creditors (hint: debt, rather than losses). But, the figure's already there Ludo! You didn't need to take your socks off to add it up. It says it clear as day in the accounts: £8.7m. You posted it and yet still don't understand it instead thinking that the loan from Ogren is in addition to the losses, rather than paying for the losses.
  6. Come on then Ludie, where did the £13m figure come from if not from the fact that you misunderstood the accounts? No shame in that, most folk don't understand accounts. Most folk can add up to 14 but that's another story.
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