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  1. If we have £300k and can get him on a three year contract then we absolutely should. His contributions last season probably made at least that much in higher prize money and he’s a 21 year old British full international. He could easily go for 5x that next summer.
  2. Apart from the Finnish international keeper and the two young keepers.
  3. Apart from the Finnish international keeper and the two young keepers.
  4. Three goals last season. Same as McNulty. Probably harder to score in the Championship, tbf.
  5. Nah not for me. Charlie's an excellent pro and all round good egg. I'm not convinced that Fletcher is either of those things.
  6. Not ignored so much as dismissed. Dreaming up reasons for his lack of commitment doesnt really rebut the suggestion that he isn't particularly committed. Totally his prerogative and I respect that. I'm just not sure he's good enough to be getting excited about him signing a one year deal when he couldn't find a better gig.
  7. Aye, that's fine up to a point but the contract's been on the table for months and Courts left about a fortnight ago. If he was genuinely keen to stay then he could have signed long before any question arose as to the head coach. In truth, he seems to have dragged his feet and had a good look around at other options before finally committing to the club and then only for a very short time. I'm underwhelmed.
  8. Yeah, fine. I'd have been happy enough if he'd extended in March but to leave it until the last minute and then only add a single year is underwhelming. On the plus side, it's a wee bit of continuity and he'll do an okay job. Against that, he's still got pretty glaring holes in his game and if he kicks on then he'll be away next summer instead on a free. We're very short on numbers in midfield though so he's a body in there at least.
  9. Levitt and McNulty also gone. Harkes, Flynn Duffy and Finn Robson out of contract but not confirmed as away yet. Butcher likely away.
  10. Some consumer contracts but in general, no. You wouldn't have it in this type of contract.
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