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  1. He is from Paisley tbf In the right light Micky looks almost human. Quite an achievement, considering.
  2. I'd have said it was a good 90 minutes. Much the better team until Rangers' first lucky goal but kept our shape and intensity even after that. Night and day compared to the first two games against them this season. Overall 4-1 flattered them a bit.
  3. I expect we'll get horsed. Hopefully it won't dent the team's precarious new found confidence too badly.
  4. I watched the game and thought both were harsh verging on silly but f**k VAR. There's an argument, however academic, that both decisions were right and therefore not subject to being overruled by VAR and, in any event, it adds to the drama of the game. Anyway, f**k VAR. There's no net gain for the fans in terms of enjoyment of the game because of VAR and plenty of examples of the enjoyment being diminished. Arguments about money and a desire for absolute truth can bugger off.
  5. No, you can't be offside in your own half but you can restart play from the position where play was stopped rather than where the offside offence took place.
  6. That's harsh. Rangers died and then a tribute band were welcomed back into the league (by a sufficient majority of clubs) with open arms. No sneaking involved. I believe the term is "clumpany".
  7. Well, that's not the only question. Another question is: who's meant to apologise? Is it all clubs or are there particular clubs which have been identified as having been complicit (or negligent) in relation to historic abuse? An apology needs to include an acceptance of wrongdoing to mean anything. Edit: Before I get in bother with the mods, I should clarify that I'm not inviting anyone to speculate on the involvement of particular clubs, just querying whether it is genuinely helpful for clubs to issue banal, generic apologies en masse. Would seem to undermine the need for real justice for the victims.
  8. ITK or your hoped for team? I'll reluctantly waste another 15 quid watching United play shite if Messi Jr (Jr) is in from the start*. * I'll probably watch it either way, tbf.
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