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  1. Still a wee while before Lafferty is back. Will having a shite pitch be enough? Only if someone else absolutely collapses, imo. It's possible, I suppose. I don't see United being shite enough to finish below Killie; Motherwell are pretty shit but have a few decent players; the Johnnies are turgid, but in a good way for a shit team plus they've got Clark. County aren't great but their awful racist manager isn't an awful manager and they'll win enough games to stay clear of the drop. So, it's Killie. Unless it's United or Motherwell. Or the Maureens.
  2. I appreciate that you're just repeating what you've been told, but that sounds like absolute pish. There is no doubt technology possible which could create an accurate 3D map of all objects on the pitch at any given time, but not with one camera nor half a dozen cameras.
  3. It looks a lot like you're suggesting a swing from 60:40 to 35:65 is only 5%. Incidentally, you can see when the votes were cast by clicking on the poll. There have only been 9 votes cast since VAR was implemented - 3 in favour, 6 against. That's broadly in line with a 35:65 split.
  4. I shall not be acknowledging the occurrence of this game. What game? Exactly.
  5. Sorry, I just red dotted you for posting that ridiculous still without reading the text. The BBC match report is cheeky as f**k considering that every single one of their pundits was in agreement that the red was bullshit.
  6. Ffs, there's no intent whatsoever. Football is becoming increasingly mental but an accident is still just an accident. If you must impose a yellow for a tiny infraction then .. so be it, yellows have been flashed and non-flashed for a great variety of non events for some years now .. but the notion that a genuine effort to play the ball with no malice or recklessness by the letter (not the actual letter) of the law should be a red is just too much. Any player trying to kick a ball can potentially hurt another player if they happen to get there first or poke a foot in or come in from an oblique angle. You can't be seriously thinking of sending someone off just because of the outcome (especially when the outcome is more likely than not to be mostly contrived by a cynical opponent) with no intent or sensible interpretation of recklessness. Players might be well advised to remove their arms and footwear before entering the pitch just in case someone blooters the ball against them or gets in the way of an entirely innocent effort to play the ball.
  7. Is this satire? I genuinely can't tell on this place sometimes. For every sensible poster with a degree of nuance and irony, there are five idiots spouting barely intelligible horseshit. Or maybe it's the other way round.
  8. I really struggle with the notion that refs are 'bent'. Thrawn, arrogant, too quick to get caught up in petty squabbles - aye, but not deliberately biased against or in favour of one team or another. Mike McCurry aside, obviously.
  9. Not sure I would agree with that. There was one breakaway before the goal and apart from that I don't think Motherwell created a single chance of note the whole game. You and I are wearing different tinted specs though.
  10. Horrible, tiny little rat man. He'd be loving it having the opportunity to use the new toys.
  11. I haven't seen any clips. I was at the game and it didn't look like a red card in real time at the game. On a more general note. I was conscious before the game that this would be first VAR game at Tannadice and made a point before the game of looking to see how many cameras there were and where they were situated. As far as I could see there were four cameras in total. Three along the Jerry Kerr/ Fair Play stand up at the back and one at pitchside. All one the same side of the pitch. If that's all they were relying on then it's simply not enough to provide all the views necessary to make good, consistent decisions. None of those cameras had as good a view as I had, sat in the stand, or Beaton had, on the pitch about five yards away. I'm not in favour of VAR in general but at the least the English Premier League have mountains of money to waste and a hundred camera angles to call on. We're just following on, trying to emulate the neighbours without having anything like the facilities available that they can call on. And it's shite down there too.
  12. That's only karma if it's an Aberdeen player getting sent off surely.
  13. Thing is, it didn't look anything like a red card in real time either because you can see that he's clearly going for the ball and misses it by a fraction of a second. In real time it's clear that there's no intent. Fuck Beaton though, thrawn little cunt, and fuck VAR.
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