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  1. Two points on the pace: Butcher's not got much pace anyway. If you ever see him running after someone it's because he's about to chop them in half. Probably do everyone a favour if he were too slow to catch them. It's only 32. There's absolutely no reason why a professional athlete, training properly, should see a physical decline between 28 and 32 (injuries aside, I suppose).
  2. I always liked big Tam. Not much of a footballer but he was definitely a trier. A solid 6/10 player. I could see him doing a job for Dundee.
  3. £10 million in losses. Ooft. That's a lot of money.
  4. Ffs, Queens not even looking to attack there. Just thumping the ball up the park to kill the last few seconds of the game. I presume that was Forster giving his best Worzel Gummidge impression.
  5. I can absolutely see us dropping points tomorrow. We've already been beaten by the likes of East Fife, Queens and Ayr this season, no reason why it can't happen again. Against that we've beaten some decent teams away from home, and Dundee, so we've definitely got a chance.
  6. Ooft, three and a half years for a 28 year old. That's almost unheard of these days. Good news. I'm a big fan.
  7. I suppose it illustrates how shite the division was in 2014.
  8. Gtf, Robertson was exceptional from day one. Dixon was very good in his first spell and would be among the subs (certainly ahead of Douglas, who was mostly shite) but he's nowhere near Robertson. Of that exceptional team with Gauld, Ciftci, GMS and Armstrong, Robertson was the most important. No hindsight required.
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