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  1. Canada beat the favourites and world champions USA 1-0 in the women's football
  2. Lying 2nd, 3rd and 6th in the individual as well - just one round of jumps to go at 1245
  3. Is it? This is about keeping sponsors happy. You don't go on having daily press conferences - will she won't she - keeps her in the public eye. She really should have withdrawn fullstop.
  4. The Simone Biles circus continues - she's now going to compete in the beam. I genuinely believe she is making mockery of mental health issues.
  5. Carlos Hernandez was an IBF super featherweight champion - he beat David Santos and then retained the title against former IBF lightweight champion Steve Forbes, with an eleventh round technical decision.
  6. I switched off after the first few Capaldi episodes and haven't switched back on. Felt he was dreadfully miscast and not helped by some pisspoor writing. Has there been any improvement? Is it worth going back to see if I was wrong?
  7. It's clear that Marvel are heading down the Multiverse route with this, the Dr Strange sequel and Ant Man 3. It almost certainly means that other "dead" characters will return. Heimdall, Black Widow, Iron Man to name a few, maybe even Cap back in a didn't stay behind with Peggie Carter timeline. And given the introduction of Sylvie and the other variants then it can also be used to reboot characters with new actors without any explanation. Effectively the MCU can do what the hell it wants now.
  8. It's pretty clear that Banks didn't use all his own money for the Leave campaign - proving where it was from is another matter. She made the stupid mistake of making a claim of the actual sources and then couldn’t back it up. Her biggest issue is that objectivity usually goes completely out the window when she gets her teeth into something.
  9. More the explanation of the name.
  10. My worry is that McPake will give them way too much respect and put out a very negative defensive team. I'd really like us to have a go at them.
  11. Reading the comments, most of those following him are as thick as pigshit. And if Lawrence Fox frequents Costa then I'm a fucking Dutchman.
  12. He was born in El Paso to an Italian mother.
  13. In 1999 the IRB introduced law 19 which legalised lifting jumpers in the line-out, by that point most teams I think were attempting to covertly give their jumpers a boost anyway. I'm open to correction because I'm only going on hear-say but before the rules changed it was apparently taken as read that the All-Blacks were lifting their jumpers at every line-out and other teams followed on from that.
  14. He did the same in the UK Championships - has not learned at all.
  15. Good news I think - Mullen's injury was not a leg break - not as bad as first thought. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-fc/2420266/dundee-relieved-as-striker-danny-mullen-escapes-serious-injury-after-being-stretchered-off-against-st-mirren/
  16. Reading some of the shite here you'd think St Mirren were Man City compared to Dundee. The truth is there was very little in it and the game could have gone either way. Only the sending off gave St Mirren a sustained period of being on top - yet bar one chance, they did very little with it. A point apiece was about right.
  17. If they don't he will need to bailout the travel firms. Cheaper to get rid of at least the PCR testing nonsense which is clearly a major hindrance to many booking holidays.
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