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  1. More a dig at H_B. I thought you'd realise that from the NR reference. [emoji16]
  2. Do you want some Northern Rock shares? It's the same with any commodity - if the market for it crashes and it doesn't bounce back you're still left with a pile of worthless shit. At some point there will be individuals badly burnt dealing in crypto just as there has been on the financial markets. A commodity is only worth something when it is sold.
  3. It was penalty but doesn't deflect from the fact that Kent went down like Greg Louganis.
  4. Keep digging you fanny. You didn't even know what Marian Turski's speech was about. Check your facts before posting click bait shite.
  5. That could have geen a lot worse but for Legdzins. Once they got the first goal it was game over. Frustrating that we still manage to shoot ourselves in the foot - all 3 goals were stoppable. Really missed Anderson today and I genuinely think Adam is a luxury we can't afford against the arse cheeks. Thought our best outfield player was young McCowan who never gave up.
  6. We just seem frightened to put in a challenge on the man running with the ball.
  7. Rangers best chances were all saved by Legdzins - their goals have come from our shit awful defending today.
  8. They just stood watching him despite umpteen chances to just boot it away.
  9. My money's on Christie Elliott getting red carded first.
  10. It was a poor cross and should have been dealt with - no communication at all between Sweeney and Legdzins.
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