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  1. He hasn't got any - he's a fucking trolling fantasist.
  2. They would have had to do that in any case to get the train back to London.
  3. He's arrogant arsehole who thinks he knows it all. Had you not noticed?
  4. McCowan comes on with 5 mins to go and gets the second.
  5. And to think some of you were hailing Levitt's signing as if the Messiah had arrived.
  6. My fat fingers and autocorrect,. He is some player.
  7. The Harfoots look like they are lost!! First heading south then heading north east.
  8. There's teasing then there's going round in circles trying to be smart - and they are in danger of doing this. Isn't it the case that Galadriel can sense Sauron - so surely it can't be Halbrand. More likely he is going to end up as either one of the Nazgul (possibly the Witch-King) or the King of the Dead.
  9. Nice try. I left the SNP last year. I am under no illusion that they are a means to an end. I was also a member of the Labour Party some 28 years ago - I knew (and still know) many of the current crop of Labour MPs when they were active in student politics. They are as principleless now as they were then.
  10. Crispin Ovey was blaming Remainers this morning. You could take a blowtorch to the Tories and their pals necks and it wouldn't leave a mark.
  11. Johnson's issue was he never had an eye for detail - that was for the plebs to sort out.
  12. Hypocrisy abounds from the unionists over the CalMac contract. Both the Labour and Tory parties were adamant that it should go to a domestic shipyard - or have they forgotten that?
  13. Anyone who thinks Labour under Starmer are left of centre is a fucking puddle drinking simpleton. They are a reactionary Britnat flag shagging bunch of opportunists without a fucking ounce of fucking principle in their bones.
  14. Care to comment on Tories awarding their pals Covid contracts worth billions?
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