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  1. This Geoff storyline is now getting really stupid - caught red-handed using escorts yet she ends up apologising for snooping on him.
  2. They can't use the old "you were out we couldn't deliver" line - even though you've been in all day looking out the window every few minutes to see if they have arrived.
  3. Same for me today in Lidl's - reasonably quiet when I went in - but 10 minutes in it was flooded with OAP and middle-aged couples blocking the aisles while they discussed what they were buying. Kept having to stop at the end of aisles or detour round as these morons seemed to take ages making any sort of decision.
  4. Seen lots of OAPs out wearing them - I assume because they think it protects themselves not others.
  5. What about buying Northern Rock shares?
  6. Some of it is utterly disgusting - especially that fucking Historywoman.
  7. 10 in last 24 hours - the other 40 were from previous days - adding in those where coronavirus has been attributed as the cause not just those tested.
  8. I would suspect that a 14 team solution wouldn't pass because a lot of Championship clubs would oppose it. Wouldn't have thought that Ayr, Dundee, Dunfermline, Morton or Arbroath would be happy that ICT were going up automatically.
  9. BBC Scotland pointing out that although today marked its highest daily coronavirus-related death toll to date, Scotland's trajectory is actually not as steep as countries such as Spain or Germany. In Scotland, the number of deaths is doubling roughly every three days, compared to a doubling of deaths around every two days in Spain (at least before their curve started to level).
  10. Idiots like Historywoman are still putting out their uber-Unionist shite - just utter fucking roasters.
  11. Naw - that's a job for [mention=11624]craigkillie[/mention]
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