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  1. Johnson is fast turning into the Bart Simpson of UK politics.
  2. United beat County at death so we actually close the gap on them. Huge 3 games coming up for us at Dens.
  3. 0-0 - both teams deserved to lose after that insipid display. 4 positives for us: McGinn looks useful - by far our most dangerous player when he linked up with Kerr Kerr had a very solid game at left back - not only defensively but later on when he linked up with McGinn Byrne really helped protect the defence from the bombscares that are Fontaine and Christie Sweeney bar one howler had a very solid game
  4. That's a fucking pish free kick - dropped well short - fucking criminal
  5. We've been better in the last 5 minutes or so when he and Adam are o the ball together. I'd be tempted to take off Anderson because I think he's had a poor game tonight.
  6. That was much better by Griffiths. We need to stop hoofing it forward and try to play some football.
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