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  1. It could be his fixed term deal finished fairly recently and his remortgage fixed term deal isn't as good because of interest rate rises. Or he is on a tracker mortgage. As an example, a tracker mortgage could be set 1% above the base rate. In December 2021, this would mean the mortgage rate would be 1.1%. However, in February 2023, it would have risen to 5%. In this example, the mortgage rate will have almost increased fivefold, significantly raising the monthly repayments. I'm sure there will a lot of people who took tracker mortgages who have been burnt this way.
  2. Imrie has had Bowyer's number all season.
  3. We just aren't consistent enough not helped by a manager who is not setting up to attack teams. He seems happy with a draw when a win is needed. Big match tomorrow which will finish the title chances of one or both teams. Ultimately we're where we are because we lost to the 2 worst teams in the league. Failing to beat Morton in 3 matches hasn't helped either.
  4. I think what infuriates a lot of people isn't just the fabricated WMD stuff but the fact that Western countries were complicit in the rise of Sadaam. The gassing of Kurds at Halabja and the subsequent war on the Kurds happened 15 years before this - completely ignored because Iraq was a political and military counter to Iran. 5,000 deaths at Halabja and a further 70,000 to 100,000 killed in the ensuing Anfal campaign - just swept under the carpet. The year before Halabja, the Marsh Arabs were targeted with the "Plan of Action for the Marshes" - a plan that advocated carrying out "strategic security operations" in the region, such as causing explosions, poisoning the environment and burning homes, in order to worsen the security situation there - the aim to displace the Marsh Arabs so the government could drain the land and increase agricultural production. 100,000 to 190,000 displaced and several thousand dead up to the Second Gulf War - yet the West yet again turned a blind eye. Blair's war was insidious but so too was the West's propping up of Sadaam in the 1980s and 1990s.
  5. There are some on the right who use the "the left/far left are as bad as the Nazis" argument - a deliberate underplaying of these insidious fuckers. There's also the increasing use of "woke" to describe anti-fascist or anti-racist campaigners - "woke" has now become a dangerously lazy term used to close down debate - often by those who, ironically, often whine about "cancel culture".
  6. You'll probably find that there are several reasons why people wanted them published - in the case of The Heil I think @welshbairn's reason is probably closer to the truth for that rag. The ironic thing is that membership declined way before the arguments over GRR. There will have been some haemorrhaging of members because of Alba, because of disagreements over Covid and a myriad of other issues. Others like Forbes almost certainly wanted the figures because they just didn't trust Murrell. I personally can't blame them. That being said - running to The Heil as Regan did is just fucking idiotic.
  7. You missed the ubiquitous "tartan gonks".
  8. If Bowyer does as he did yesterday this will end up 0-0. He really needs go for it in games and stop this negative pish.
  9. Lolwut? In which alternate reality is this? It's you who has been absolutely schooled by several posters on this topic In the past few pages. The obsession with the public sector is a big fucking red herring - irrespective of the sector you are in, there has been a fall in real terms for a majority of employees. That's why I questioned the supposed rise in real terms for private sector workers in the original graph - and that it was misleading not because it was real wages but that it compared specific jobs in the public sector with the whole of the (very diverse) private sector. As ever in these sorts of debates your prejudices against those who are homeowners or are in the public sector trades unions (and teaching specifically) and completely clouding your judgement. It's bizarre that you are lecturing on the Next FM thread about getting broad electoral support for independence yet here seem to think it's fine to denigrate people who may be part of that very support.
  10. I noticed that a lot of our local shops have now removed them, including Lidl, Barnardos etc. In some cases I assume they've been kept not for any legitimate reason but because they can't be arsed removing them.
  11. Mitigating the worst effects of austerity policies though is the right thing to fo. That's not appealing to the left wing but being decent human beings. I don't think there's anything wrong with doing what you can within the limitations and pointing out the limits of what can be done.
  12. He's making assumptions that are at best ignorance or at worst knowingly disingenuous to back up his own prejudices.
  13. Only if you didn't move home or weren't a first time buyer - if you moved home or were a first time buyer you almost certainly had to pay more for an equivalent sized house and have an increase in the amount of any remortgage. I suggest you stick to history because your knowledge of economics is fucking laughable. And for some reason, you brought teachers into it - I was challenging your nonsense that housing costs have been static - they haven't - and that's true if you work in the public sector or the private sector. It's almost as if you think only public sector workers have mortgages. Average housing costs over the period have risen over the period irrespective of the sector you work in. Maybe put your prejudices about homeowners and teachers to one side before spouting shite?
  14. What worries me is how little fight we have in some games - sometimes they have hearts of mice.
  15. Trickle-down was discredited years ago. It's only the economic illiterates and the super-rich that support it.
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