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  1. Posting an antisemitic trope does not exactly help your argument.
  2. Which was the whole point of the Referendum Bill. If the SNP/Greens do win a majority and Boris says "No" then they need to test the bill through the Courts - even Cherry has said as much.
  3. Leitch by any chance? [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  4. Watching the video of a tiny minority of arseholes in Nottingham - it had an almost "Oh the cameras are here - let's put on a show" feel to it. These clowns give the vast majority of young people a bad name and grist to the mill of those who want to play the blame game.
  5. If really needs to be a landslide or ckear win to put the manchild and his lunatic supporters back in their box. Any narrow win for Biden will be an absolute nightmare - worse than the whole hanging Chad's affair.
  6. I had it as only ours being the only school in Dundee without staff off with Covid-19 - apparently there is another.
  7. They have to sit away from all other pupils beside the open window.
  8. It's a combination of everything tbqh. There did seem to be some shift by Swinney today - it's the first time they've really acknowledged that shutting schools (or going to blended learning) is in their contingency plans. I think it's a step in the right direction - personally I think they should have enforced face mask wearing a lot earlier and across all school age groups in classrooms.
  9. No surprise - the clique running to support each other. I've consistently said that there are a complex set of reasons why infections have risen. Find me a post where I have explicitly said that schools are not a factor - you won't. The post originally implied it is schools being off that has slowed infections - I just pointed out that for Dundee that just might not be the case as infections started to rise here towards the end of the 16 day holiday - as I said - I really don't know what has driven it up here.
  10. Not everyone came off 3 weeks ago. We were off 4 weeks ago. Infections in Dundee started rising towards the end of the school holidays and in the first few days back so god knows what is going on here. Probably a lot of complex reasons, including students returning, cross-authority transmission etc.
  11. I always liked Taylor - certainly better than Glenn Campbell. If Unionists say he was pro-SNP and Nationalists pro-Union then I think he probably got the balance right.
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