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  1. In this era of autocloud backups the story was completely flawed.
  2. Some unions are backing Lennon as well. TSSA are backing her. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=4303621382988548&id=355253584492034
  3. The UK economy doesn't just f**k over the Scottish economy but whole swathes of the English economy to keep one part happy.
  4. Easy when you weld people into their houses.
  5. I don't want or expect a parade. I expect them to be pushed to meet the next target.
  6. I don't actually disagree with what you are saying - I personally don't like the comparisons with England (or anywhere else for that matter) - beit tests , infection rates, deaths, vaccine rates or anything else. They've set the targets for vaccination and they now have to be met. I think it's right to keep up appropriate pressure to ensure targets are met but equally beating up the Scottish Government on the basis of day-to-day vaccination rates is stupid. First target is a week away - if they don't make that the questions need to be asked. If they do make that then appropriate pressure needs to be kept up to get the next target and so on.
  7. This is what Freeman actually said on 19 November: "Our planning assumption is that, for vaccinators and support staff, we will need over 2,000 by the end of January so that, vaccine availability and delivery schedules yet to be confirmed, we will be able to vaccinate around a million people by that time." I have looked far and wide and yet to find a target that was set as a million that wasn't subject to vaccine availability and delivery schedules. Can anyone find a quote or document that says otherwise? Newspaper headlines (as in this one from that day's Courier) don't actually match up to the actualite of their articles. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/news/politics/scottish-politics/1745509/covid-vaccine-1m-scots-to-get-jab-by-end-of-january-as-drive-for-2000-medical-staff-begins/
  8. Tynierose might be able to give an answer. Can GPs be complied to vaccinate more often? Or are we relying on the goodwill of GPs?
  9. Do you still think this is over as public health crisis?
  10. I agree - I am saying they should intervene more.
  11. It's not just planning nationally but also what's happening at a local health board level. I know they are meant to be independent but I genuinely believe that there needs to be more direct intervention by the Scottish Government if there are local issues.
  12. Out of interest - do you have the actual document that quotes a 1 million target? I looked and couldn't find it - the only reference to a 1 million was in terms of capacity to deliver - in Freeman's original statement. I'm no fan of Freeman - I think she is out of her depth - but in this instance I can understand if I don't agree with what was done. Personally I wouldn't have put a capacity figure out based on dogshit vaccine figures from Hancock. It just leaves you a hostage to fortune.
  13. No. I am saying that if the deadline is not met it will either be down to the Scottish Government not administering the 560,000 vaccines given or that they haven't been given 560,000 in time. The same would be true for later deadlines. However, I am somewhat suspicious when I see news stories in England where vaccines allocated for one area have been diverted to another area. We've seen enough bullshit from Hancock et al to know that they don't always tell the truth - remember when they told us they'd meet their testing target - only to discover that they had included mailed tests that hadn't been returned. Then they told us we would have 10 million Pfizer vaccines by the end of January - only for it to be put down to 2 million. We then see the Scottish Government being told to pull their vaccine schedule on the spurious pretext of business confidentiality - personally I think that's bullshit - it's everything about vaccine targets not being met if UK government does not deliver those doses. The cynical in me trusts no-one here. I can't remember who said it here regards this being a political football - but they are right.
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