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  1. Sweden would be happy with a draw you would think
  2. George Best once said of him: 'He can't kick with his left foot. He doesn't score many goals. He can't head a ball. And he can't tackle. Apart from that he's all right.' Beckham had less talent than a lot of players - the two things he did have were a sublime right foot (he was about as monoped a footballer you could get) and an incredible work ethic. If it's making the most out if his abilities then Beckham is up there.
  3. I think this is what some people miss - in terms of pure natural raw ability, Gascoigne was undoubtedly one of the most talented players of his generation.
  4. It's not just skill but if a player can cope with the different style of play in the Scottish game. Having watched lower league English football for a long time, I can tell you that they get a lot more time on the ball compared to the more frenetic game here. The difference in standard between players is probably bigger as well - there are players who will be good enough for the EPL and others who have just come up from League 1. We and other clubs have signed players before that are obviously skilled enough who just could not deal with it. We've also signed players who should have been good enough who turned out to be utter gash. Joel Kitamarike anyone?
  5. Group E could still only have 2 qualifiers. * Sweden win/draw, Spain-Slovakia draw - likely just 2 qualifiers Sweden 7pts (5pts) Slovakia 4pts Spain 3pt Poland 1pt (2pts) * Sweden win/draw, Spain win - likely just 2 qualifiers Sweden 7pts (5pts) Spain 5pts Slovakia 3pts Poland 1pt (2pts) * Sweden win/draw, Slovakia win - 2 qualifiers Sweden 7pts (5pts) Slovakia 6pts Spain 2pts Poland 1pt (2pts) * Poland win, Spain-Slovakia draw - possibly 3 qualifiers Sweden 4pts Slovakia 4pts Poland 4pts Spain 3pts * Poland win, Spain win - possibly 3 qualifiers Spain 5pts Sweden 4pts Poland 4pts Slovakia 1pt * Poland win, Slovakia win - possibly 3 qualifiers Slovakia 6pts Sweden 4pts Poland 4pts Spain 2pts Basically we need Sweden to win or draw against Poland.
  6. Spain could end up going home unbeaten but losing out on a place because they either finish bottom or have one of the worst 3rd place team records.
  7. That may not work here. If Poland beat Sweden then the Swedes, Poles and Slovaks have 4 pts - Spain would finish bottom. If both matches are draws (or Sweden win) then the Swedes win the group with 5pts (or 7pts), Slovaks second with 4pts and Spain 3rd with 3pts - it's increasingly looking as if 4 pts is needed to get a 3rd place spot.
  8. Intention was removed from the laws of the game in 1995.
  9. Rooney could have been better - there's a lot who think he underachieved given how he started his career. In international games he never really had a decent tournament.
  10. There's going to be a red card in this game.
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