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  1. Butler's performance is just incredible - particularly recreating the final scene that is so haunting and lingers long after the credits - you couldn't tell if it was him or actual footage of Elvis it was that convincing.
  2. I really enjoyed it 10/10 - and thankfully didn't listen to that bitter twisted w**k that is Robert Daniels.
  3. DRoss playing the "divisive referendum" klaxon - maybe we shouldn't bother with elections either as they are divisive as well?
  4. Imagine if the EU had told the UK it couldn't have a referendum unless the EU agreed to it?
  5. It's not a lie - he's a holocaust denier.
  6. McDougall has a history of being economical with the truth when it comes to these sorts of events.
  7. Two songs from Haim and I switched off - flat and tuneless shit.
  8. It's never been an economic argument for me - I've said before that the Scottish economy can be successful in or out the union. The economic arguments are often overplayed by both sides of the debate. Poltically, I am not instinctively a nationalist but a federalist - but thanks to the Labour Party that is just a pipedream. We have an asymmetric union of 4 nations where one dominates the other 3 and the other 3 have to suck it up. Brexit was the final straw for me - not the actual Leave vote but the shenanigans afterwards. Labour sitting on the fence, the Tories pandering to their extremists and the concerns of the 3 nations just completely ignored. Why on a 52-48 vote were we getting driven by the Tory Right towards a Hard Brexit? We now have a government that increasingly sticks 2 fingers up to the rule of law - if they break the law they just try and change the law to try and make themselves untouchable. It's a government that's rooted in nasty racist populism. Not that Labour are any better - too busy being bland or Tory lite. I used to be one of those people who said I couldn't support independence because it would separate the working class of Scotland from the those in the rest of the UK. Two elections and a one Brexit vote later and I'm of the view that the working class in Scotland owe nothing to the racist fuckwits who keep voting for the Tories. I genuinely believe we have a democratic deficit in this country - a federalist structure with a democratic voting system could have prevented the worst exceses - but it won't happen because neither Labour or the Tories want it to happen. The only solution for me is independence.
  9. The real issue is that the ultra rich pay far too little in taxes whilst those in the middle have to pick up the bill. A fairer inheritance tax would be one that got rid of all the allowances and reliefs and had progressive rates - where the tax rate rose with the level of estate.
  10. Leia not remembering Obi-Wan in ANH is a major plot hole that was not addressed and needed to be.
  11. It's the same hypocritical c**t.
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