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  1. If opponents want the SNP to stop pursuing independence, all they have to do is persuade enough of the Scottish electorate to stop voting for them. So far they've spectacularly failed.
  2. It's patronising as well - they wouldn't do it for one of the bigger games.
  3. It wasn't. Greg Louganis would have been proud of that dive.
  4. Genuinely that was a fucking awful decision for the penalty - if you give that then you'd be giving 10 penalties a game. Justice done in the end.
  5. Someone was at the meths last night. Eyebleeding contributions from the Bucks Buffoon.
  6. Winner of Group D or Runner up C. France or Poland/Mexico/Argentina/Saudi Arabia. I think France would destroy them.
  7. Kane's the same - scores barrowloads of goals but usually against weaker opposition. And no I'm not saying he's shite - he's just not the world class striker that Mbappe, Messi, Ronaldo etc are. If Kane is starved of the ball he isn’t usually the type of player who can create something out of nothing.
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