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  1. Grunts are bad, but the shrieking that some of the women do just goes straight through my head. I'm convinced that they do it deliberately
  2. Another refreshing thing about that game was that we had 2 young female players who didn't see the need to bellow and scream at the top of their lungs everything they hit the ball. I can't watch women's tennis normally because of it.
  3. Nothing new there then. We've been unable to defend set pieces for years.
  4. Because we're not all tin foil hat wearing roasters
  5. I was at work, I worked for the IT division of Schlumberger at the time so knew a lot of people from the US and had spent a couple of weeks in Austin a month or so before it happened. On the day we were having a conference call meeting with the rest of the project team from Austin and we were waiting for our manager to join the call. He eventually came on, saying sorry he was late, explained what was going on. Needless to say the call was abandoned and we spent the rest of the day watching the BBC news website grind to a halt.
  6. Maybe someone could turn off his Internet access.
  7. Have you got a Dukla Prague away kit in extra large?
  8. So is the correct term shitebaggery or shithousery? The public need to know.
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