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  1. 2 actually in the same game, the hand of God and then him ripping the pish out of half the England team to score again.
  2. Is that the thing that someone has curled off in the top left corner? [emoji1]
  3. Just read about it, since when was a goalie moving off his line at a penalty a bookable offence?
  4. Needs updating to have someone hanging from the tree
  5. I found it interesting that a think tank reckons that the pay freeze will save approx £15 million. And 2 days ago Boris announced an increase in defence spending of £16 million. No point in increasing defence spending if you end up with nothing worth defending.
  6. I'd love to know how many times Trump would have had his Twitter account suspended by now if he wasn't President.
  7. I've just had 3 emails from Pie and Bovril telling me that my account has been locked due to 3 failed login attempts to my account. They say that the attempts were from my location. I can however still access the forums from my tablet and phone? Soes this just mean that if I logged off I wouldn't be able to log back in again? Edit - just logged in via my browser so it doesnt appear to be that. Go figure.
  8. I quite liked the one about Rudy Giuliani not knowing if he was coming or going.
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