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  1. Tartan it is then. If it had been the checks or the stripes, I may have gone for that, but the gradient one is just boring. I guess that both would have a plain gold back?
  2. There are genuinely people who are now saying he was either murdered by the CIA, or it's all fake and he isn't actually dead, and it's all a plot to discredit the flat earth movement. As if it could be discredited any further.
  3. Design 1 in white with black checks as a change kit would be tremendous. But we normally get catalog kits for them.
  4. I guess as it's a bespoke design, we need to use it for 2 years as there will probably be a minimum order number.
  5. I like 1, don't like 2, 3 has a Dumbarton feel, and 4 is just bonkers. So 4 will win. [emoji16] Oh and to clarify, I REALLY REALLY don't like 2. Any of the others would be better. Vote early, vote often...
  6. Still no confirmed cases from Indonesia? Total bollocks, who are they trying to kid?
  7. Justice. Please beat them, I can't end up wanting Raith to win a cup final
  8. Black and gold stripes. White shorts. Black socks. End of. Oh and get this modern pish of wearing change kits when you don't need to right in the bin. We've worn our 3rd kit 3 times this season and lost every time, karma is real.
  9. Aha hahahaha hahahaha. Etc.
  10. I could understand failing a few practical tests, but 11 theory tests? I didn't bother until my wife was expecting (I was 31), living in Nottingham we have buses everywhere and I never felt the need to learn. I'd still never drive into the city, not with a bus every 3 or 4 minutes.
  11. The epl told all the clubs to not schedule first team games during the break. The FA scheduled cup replays during the break. What are they supposed to do? From BBC: In a letter sent to clubs from the Premier League in March, teams were told they were "expected to honour and respect the underlining rationale for the mid-season player break, namely to provide their players with a break from the physical and mental rigours of playing matches during the season". "Clubs should not arrange competitive or friendly matches with other clubs during the mid-season player break," the letter continued.
  12. Just saw it on BBC Sport, wtf? [emoji1]
  13. Getting an Argentina vibe from that one. I like it.
  14. Properly gutted here, can't believe it.
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