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  1. Just saw on twitter that the new home.kit (which is the same except for the new sponsor) should be on sale later this month
  2. Looks like Joma have got ours and Dumbarton's kits mixed up this season...
  3. If that's the Inter template from the catalogue, which it looks like, it'll have a plain yellow back. We've had bespoke ones for the last 3 years as they don't have a black and gold striped option in their teamware Oh and the sponsors won't be happy that their logo is going to be all but invisible from a distance
  4. Can we have the one on the left with white shorts please?
  5. I don't think they'll have been doing much sightseeing when the average time on the ground at each location was less than an hour. Quite a lot was live streamed on Youtube via satellite, I was just surprised that it seems to have been pretty much ignored, where if it had been Richard Bloody Branson onboard you'd have got hourly updates. Yeah, there wasn't much point to this, but is there a point to any world record? Plus it's properly noised up the flat earthers, as the Mauritius to Chile flight would be physically impossible unless they had an aircraft that could average at least 2000kph.
  6. Has anyone else been following this? They have just set a new record for a transpolar circumnavigation of the earth, staring from Florida, crossing the North Pole, stopping in Kazakhstan then Mauritius, then over the south pole to Chile, then back to Florida. If you relied on mainstream media you'd be lucky to know it was happening http://Onemoreorbit.com
  7. That away one reminds me of an old Aberdeen away shirt
  8. Well, Charlton are claiming 2-0 as they scored the penalty into an open goal after the opposition had stormed off. [emoji1]
  9. I could probably handle Ruth Bader Ginsberg, but Michael Caine would likely still kick my arse.
  10. Bit odd having a kit with a predominantly white front, when your away kit is white. I'd guess a third kit will be necessary
  11. The away reminds me of an Aberdeen one from a while ago.
  12. The away reminds me of an Aberdeen one from a while ago.
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