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  1. Well, it was definitely offside anyway
  2. Yeah, I find that there's a real dearth of young earth creationists in Western European politics...
  3. You were expecting him to get something right?
  4. Would be hilarious if Wycombe stayed up due to this. I may be slightly biased...
  5. Just when you thought the thread couldnt get worse...
  6. No mate didn't you know that no one who voted for anyone other than the SNP would vote for independence? I saw someone on the telly saying so...
  7. Ah, I see you've appeared. Makes a change from you bleating about OF colts in L2 I suppose
  8. And if course the BBC are describing it as a 6% swing from SNP to Tory. [emoji2959]
  9. I think they're using the definition of Conservative as in the party. That is, load of shite.
  10. The Arsecheeks Scottish Lowland Football League.
  11. They are genuinely thinking that they are going to get 500 extra supporters per match. [emoji2357] Deluded doesn't even come close. Oh, and a broadcast deal with a major channel. [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  12. If they were just glorified friendlies, then the L2 and L1 teams would just play their second strings. Nobody's going to risk injuries etc in meaningless games.
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