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  1. Oh f**k, don't get virginton started again. Edit - too late...
  2. My daughter lives in a house with 2 other people. They all got it, one after the other.
  3. You allowing for the difference between julian and gregorian calendars?
  4. How does she average 12k tweets a year for 10 years? Fucking hell, the intellectual dishonesty behind her "understanding" of mRNA vaccines is quite staggering.
  5. You reckon the bot just looked for a thread with "business" in the title?
  6. Attending places of worship right at the bottom. So remind me which one Scotland is doing first?
  7. Man killed by his own cock BBC News - Indian man killed by his own rooster during cockfight https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-56224144
  8. As far as I was aware the trials of mixing vaccine doses have only just started so I'm not sure about what he told you there.
  9. Probably because of all the lies going around that the vaccines contain pork, or other animal products, or aborted foetal cells etc.
  10. The idea of adding vaccination status to the NHS apps seems a sensible idea, rather than waste money on a new system. Bit worrying though that the BBC graphic for worship looks more like someone on a Sybian.
  11. It should be when the Cinemas and theatres open, and not before.
  12. Communal worship opening first. Get that straight to f**k
  13. [emoji2357] The joke is that whatever happens, there will still be some level of "zero covid" in the population. At least while the scientific advisors are around.
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