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  1. Guy's tonight on my way home around 8 it was heck of a dark . Think the last 20/30mins of both games will be played in the near dark especially if it's a dull day. Hope you had some carrots with your dinner tonight jon , will be murder for a keeper.
  2. He has the bouncy castle to blow up , the face painting to do and toys to sort out pre match, he isn't going anywhere. Far to important.
  3. Robbie winters cost pollok 5 k? From rossvale?? You sure? Played for them for 3 months or so then left.
  4. Well it's an unusually small squad for glencairn.
  5. You can highlight it till the cows come home. No referee, no linesman is gonna read. Fair enough it will maybe make you feel better but that's about it.
  6. Need to learn to get on with it Jack sometimes goes for you sometimes against you. No point in going over and over things, won't help you for your next league game.
  7. Not sure about two goals, Petershill have had some good results this season already beating Shettleston, Pollok and drawing at Beith. I would make them slight favorites. It's also important who's available and who isn't on a midweek at half six. We had a strong team available last Wednesday so here's hoping same for this Wednesday. Having no game Saturday may work in our favour as we have no Saturday game to be thinking about.
  8. Bit of banter and someone who numerous posters have commented on as being an absolute moron has a meltdown. Cretin of a poster who offers nothing to the place other than trying to act the Big man throwing about insult to people they know nothing about. Funny thing you attract other absolute morons who try and act smart by agreeing with you. I have spoke to loads of guys at games who either post on this or who have read my stuff on the forums and they are nothing but complimentary towards me, might not agree with me on things but I can have a laugh with them at games about it all, only the small minority, the unhinged who will be grown men with a mentality of a 10 year old kid who go off on one and get into a right state over a bloody forum yet have the cheek to offer life coaching to me, the you couldn't make it up. Thank f**k for the ignore button another one added to it, other posters i feel sorry for now.
  9. The 90s games 1995 were brilliant, good crowds, good atmosphere, few objects were being chucked about that day ha. It was three all that day and went to a replay. Think there young team at the time were called the bushwackers or something ha. We had a decent side that season got promoted to old central premier league.I was only about 15 at the time all the lads i was with were off there nut that day. Lot different to junior football nowadays. The Dalry team who beat us in 2011 were good very good district side, we were a decent super premier team but didn't apply ourselves on the day and deserved to get beat. Away from the nostalgia taking the obvious out the equation (Talbot) I would go for someone like Troon as dark horses in the West.Love to see a old central side win it but the odds are against that.
  10. Good work mate! Got maryhill for the league keep it going!
  11. Looks fantastic guys!! Really pleased for the frew, a club with class people who deserve a bright future.
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