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  1. Robertson must GO!

  2. Robertson must GO!

    Always tough to lose, especially to two late goals. Nothing worse than the long trip home after a defeat. Sadly I couldn't make it today. Given your thoughts, I assume you did.
  3. Edinburgh City v ICT

    I'm still thawing out after that. Complete mince.
  4. PSJFC v PTFC 19.8.17

    Will Kris Doolan start today?
  5. Incident at London Bridge

    I think it's due to Sykes-Picot.
  6. ICTFC 18/19

    Better than visiting Ibrox.
  7. ICTFC 18/19

    Getting the thread going. What do we have to look forward to this coming season?

    Hopefully Boyce misses it.
  9. Caley Thistle Thread 1994 - 2017

    Or Paul Hartley.
  10. Caley Thistle Thread 1994 - 2017

    FH manager Heimir Guðjónsson would be my choice.
  11. ICT V Killie

    Can't see where our goals are coming from with Tremarco out. 2-0 Killie.
  12. ICT V Killie

    1-1 >3000 crowd.
  13. ICTFC v Ross County

    I predict half time 0-1, full time 2-1. We were murder against Partick but having players returning should see us good tomorrow.
  14. ICTFC v Ross County

    Would be hard to leave Tansey out of the starting XI considering he worked hard against Partick yesterday. I'm feeling quite confident we'll win on Saturday. Seems to be a bit more fight in the side having seen us work hard against Partick to pick up a point.
  15. So how many have we played?