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  1. How is this possible? M9 Stirling - Fuel spillage on M9 southbound between J9, M80 (Bannockburn) and J1, A8 (Newbridge). Approach with care. Updated 23 minutes ago Traffic info from bbc - that must have been some size of tanker!
  2. Did anyone else wonder about how long it was taking them to get to the hospital?? It was nice and bright at the wedding and then all of a sudden in Jacks car it was pitch black outside :S or did i miss something?
  3. I got a promotion at work yesterday but I can't tell anybody at work cause people have been going for it a lot longer than I have! So its a but moment! I find it so hard to keep things to myself!
  4. It took me 2 and a half hours to drive from the gyle to newbridge - a journey which google maps says should take only 8 minutes!!! I hate the snow!
  5. People who drive like idiots with baby on board signs in their back window!
  6. Haha! I thought I had checked it all.....was trying to be too careful! I knew I would slip up somewhere! So Ad Lib....do you know the answer?
  7. We were talking about grammar and spelling at work today and it reminded me off a spelling challenge I had when I was at primary school. I was given sentences and had to give the correct spelling of sow/sew. First one....The farmer SOWS his seeds Second one....The farmer's wife SEWS the hem Last one....The farmer and his wife both SOW or SEW? Well whatever my answer was (can't remember it's been so long) I got it wrong and missed out on a fiver! So my question is......is the sentence even possible? and if yes which is the correct spelling? Or was i bumped out of a fiver?
  8. Got home from work today and decided to put a pizza in the oven for my dinner! So I put the pizza on the shelf in the oven and go through to the other room to watch the tv! So a wee while later I go to check my pizza and find a baking tray sitting right on top of my pizza! Freaked me right out cause I was the only person in the house and it wasn't like that when I put it in the oven! Hhhrrrmmmm :S
  9. Can anyone remember a saturday night show where you flicked your living room light on and off?
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