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  1. You can go onto Companies House and click on the most recent "confirmation statement" https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/SC005854/filing-history
  2. Damn right. There’s going to have to be a reckoning here. I’d have minded less if Gow and his collaborators, and the major shareholders who fell under his spell, had fronted up, showed some cajones and made their pitch to fans. But all this cloak and dagger pish shows a complete lack of integrity. And there’s a certain level of hell for those who use their position as past or current board members to threaten good investment.
  3. The physical assets don’t matter as we couldn’t sell them anyway. That’s a good thing as it puts off one type of speculator at least. We are unfortunately in the midst of a battle for the club’s future which could reverberate every bit as much in the coming decades as post 1998. If Gow and his collaborators get their way, Rawlins will be scared off and fans told to stuff it. I can only see that former agent Gow would use the club as an ego trip and a plaything, and his alleged backer would make a similarly big f’k-up as he did at Livingston. We need to focus on hunting Gow and his cabal so they are so toxic that no-one with the remotest bit of interest or affection for Falkirk would touch him with Jim Leishman’s boaby. But we also need to work with those who had other, unconnected objections to the resolutions so we don’t miss any obvious fixes. If this fails, the club will be a laughing stock, and that blame sits at the feet of Gow, those behind him, and the three major shareholders who he managed to bewitch.
  4. If this does fail, there’ll be a rush to find out why. It’d be a scandal if fans weren’t told. Different large and major shareholders appear to have different reasons and I think that’s important. Those aligning themselves with Gow and the other alleged conspirators should face the figurative or metaphorical tar and feathers for their underhand methods and unwillingness to face-front in their engagement. Gow himself should never consider himself welcome even travelling between M9 junctions 3 and 9 - it’s now a zero sum game for him. But others could still speak out and explain their position if they had different, unconnected reasons. They could still do so even before the vote rather than be lumped in with that lot.
  5. Just to be clear about one thing: the AGM isn’t being asked to rubber stamp the Rawlins and reject Gow, or anyone else. All they’re voting for is to allow the club to issue more shares. That in turn would allow the Rawlins to invest as they’ve said they want to do. But it would also allow fans and anyone else to do the same. Rawlins at least has faced up his offer. If Gow and associates are interested, he’s had plenty of opportunity to do the same. Voting down the share issue stops any of that.
  6. That’d be valid if those opposing the resolutions were offering a competing vision or any alternative. A lot of effort has been expended on official channels explaining Rawlins etc proposition. But this opportunity is at stake because folk who refuse to break cover are operating on the shadows. That’s where the manipulation is - it rests with Gow and those behind him, and that’s the danger to our club.
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