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  1. The Bonnyrigg team have played together for a few seasons, they have a system that works and everyone knows what they are doing. 5/1 at this time seem a bit of value is all I was saying.
  2. Having seen all the main contenders for the league I have to say 5/1 BonnyRigg looks the best value.
  3. Reilly defending for the colts winner lol
  4. I wish I shared your optimism but can’t remember rose’s keeper making a save. In this league you need to win the battle first and in that respect we were defo 2nd best.
  5. I don’t think the game next week will be broadcasted live. All home games and selected away matches and unfortunately this is no one of them.
  6. In a deal that was done a number of years ago Falkirk own everything on the bottom level and the council own everything on the upper level. Not a bad deal for Ffc considering our council tax paid for the stadium.
  7. Apart from our first season in the lowland league we have been well and truly sat on BSC mantlepiece so we don’t have illusion of grandeur. Just seen the penalty on Shire Tv has to rate as one of the worst decisions I have ever seen.
  8. Sorry if you feel offended It’s was not meant as a dig I just think that you do so much right but Alloa is a joke.
  9. Bsc have been excellent the last two seasons but you need to get out of Alloa and move a lot closer to your roots. You made a sub today and not one single person clapped, a boy in the crowd even commented and the crowd goes wild.
  10. 90 minutes of the season doesn’t decide the league, first half shire looked the real deal, second half too many failed to turn up which was a bit surprising. Hopefully by the time we get to Bonnyrigg in two week our players realise in this league you have to win the battle first before you win the game.
  11. No one knows the level of investment and quite possibly we may only have spent a small proportion of it, and the truth is without investment we were going bust anyway so let’s all strap in and enjoy it however long it lasts.
  12. If the money continues to be spent then the top 4 will all be in the league so everyone will get a chance eventually
  13. Shire looking to have a lot bigger squad next season so I would think we still have a few nice wee surprises up our sleeves.
  14. Bsc were by far the better team today but the truth is you have more players than fans.
  15. Danny Ashe has a torn hamstring!
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