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  1. I’m sure Barry is having a double celebration, you going bust and Kelty taking your place.
  2. Bobby Barr off to Forfar. Got rid of his inflated wage plus we got a fee! Sounds like a win win.
  3. Good to see Kelty giving a player a two year contract and he struggles to make it on a Saturday.
  4. Nope he’s off to join Danny Ashe on the bench at Kelty although apparently the moneys good.
  5. I think it is quite an achievement that we can find this level of investment in a club in the lowland league. Nothing hilarious about it.
  6. Everyone happy that the money is there to be spent again next season.
  7. Don’t think you will be as lucky against BonnyRigg or BSC.
  8. I have never thought Kelty would run away with it, having seen them 3 times now far too soft to win this league.
  9. Have to agree that at this level you should not be paying money for players which we have done with at least 3 players this season with all signing a one year deal.
  10. One of life’s big mysteries, only time will tell.
  11. No need for you to worry Davy there is another 250k lined up for next season.
  12. Every week Barry makes a new signing so no real surprise you probably have more unhappy players than us.
  13. Andy always gave 100% and as a fan you can ask for no more.
  14. Tough watch today although a great 3 point. It’s clear from today performance we need to find a way of getting Sean Brown on from the start.
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