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  1. Don't think he did enough there. Edit: There you go. Unanimous decision. Disappointing but the correct outcome.
  2. Sean Want and Brian Easton at centre half is nightmare fuel stuff. The whole of the defence looks dodgy AF. We'll concede a barrow load in the Championship if we don't get it sorted/sign some players. Steve Lawson is our best player by a mile. Louis Longridge is a very weird guy.
  3. Paul Craig up first on the main card. Tough fight for him. Hope McCann and Pimblett get destroyed. Pair of twats. Good to see Gustafsson back.
  4. I know it was only Forfar, but got to be happy with that. 3 goals and a clean sheet. Very interested to see how we play against QP next week.
  5. Winter the sub with the third goal.
  6. Accies 1-0. Shiels the goal machine.
  7. Cheers. 3 penalties given away in two games is a tad worrying but I suppose you can't read too much into anything at this stage of the season.
  8. Wasn't at the game tonight but fair to say that we got that reaction? Of course, we have to bear in mind the level of opposition but that is the type of match we have lost in the not too distant past in this competition.
  9. 3 penalties conceded in two games.
  10. Agenda = not being a homophobe. 'K. COYB
  11. Yeah, lighten up FFS with a bit of homophobic banter, yeah?
  12. Mimnaugh better start showing something (anything) to justify his involvement over the past few seasons. A neat and tidy player no doubt, but struggles to influence a game in any way. Tonight would be a good place to start... Also, Want injured again? FFS
  13. I understand the frustrations and that, mixed with a bevvy, isn't the greatest combination. However, I totally agree that the team needs backing as it's looking like it might be a tough season ahead. Some fall over the past few seasons. It was inevitable that it would happen eventually but decisions from those in charge have accelerated that decline at a stupidly fast rate. It's frustrating, as it could have been avoided with just a few more sensible choices/decisions IMO. Anyway, tomorrow night will tell me a lot about both this team and Rankin. Anything less than a strong reaction/showing in response to Saturday then alarm bells will well and truly be ringing.
  14. As if it weren't obvious before, we really, really, need some bodies in the door.
  15. That doesn't sound promising. Hopefully Rankin will find his feet sooner rather than later. Signings would obviously help, but we know not to pin our hopes on that.
  16. I see Lewis Ferguson is being discussed as moving on from Aberdeen for 3 million. I assume we'll see very little of it if anything at all due to the initial tribunal? Still, great to see another of our youngsters doing well. Despite the bizarre criticism of our youth set up from some (including our own fans weirdly) I'm glad we've continued to go down the Academy route. Hopefully see another couple of starters emerge this season.
  17. In recent years we've had youth players from Man Utd and Everton U23s. They were woeful, to put it mildly. Not saying that will be the case here, but it's no guarantee that because they come from a Premier League side they'll be decent. Look at the boy from Chelsea that the Falkirk fans were creaming themselves over as well.
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