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  1. Still, no matter how bad things are, at least we can still laugh at Falkirk.
  2. Just thought I'd mention that Rice wasn't sacked, he resigned. Horror show, to put it mildly, from us last night. Well done to Thistle. What impressed me most was how ruthless they were in front of goal. Although they probably couldn't believe their luck at just how terrible our defending was/is.
  3. Some random thoughts after watching that horror show last night. One of our main problems (in amongst the multitude of other ones) is just how poor our full backs are. Both players were talked up by opposing fans when they signed and I had hopes that MacDonald would have improved since his first spell, especially on reading the Raith fans glowing reviews. He's been a total flop so far IMO. His delivery in particular is woeful. Crosses routinely hit the first man and he just looks lost. As for Matheson, he simply doesn't look up to it at this level so far, which for a player that cost £1 million is truly frightening. He offer zero going forward and was roasted time and time again last night. What is the point in Josh Mullin? Another player that was talked up by opposition fans and the some of the Livi fans on here were saying he's one of their best midfielders. Has he even kicked a ball or done anything remotely close to impactful since he's played? I'm struggling to think of a single thing. I've mentioned this before and although I don't think he was particularly at fault for any of the goals last night, I think we need a new keeper. Fulton just doesn't fill me with any confidence. Low down the list of problems perhaps, but still an issue IMO. Is there a worse midfield in the league than ours? I'd doubt it. Full of wee boys who look like they simply can't compete physically in the Championship. Virtanen was shambolic last night, but I can't say I've seen him put in a decent performance yet. Another player talked up by fans of his previous club (are you sensing a theme here?). I previously likened Taylor to David Brent and nothing since then has changed my mind. I have some sympathy with him as the squad he inherited is hardly over flowing with talent but surely it's his job to set the team up in a way that tries to play to any strengths we have and minimise our weaknesses being exposed, instead of arrogantly sticking to 'The Process' and philosophy? 'Whatever it takes' indeed.
  4. Good performance and even better result. Three excellent finishes for all the goals today. We defended brilliantly when down to 10, even more impressive considering how early the sending off was. Sending off was correct, crazy challenge to make considering he was already on a booking. The sending off was probably one of the only things the ref got right all day however. A horrendous performance from him. Ryan is proving my initial assessment of his signing wrong time and time again. Thought he put in a real captain's display today. Long may it continue.
  5. Never thought I'd be looking forward to the return of Moyo, but here we are. What a weird season it's been. The lack of depth in our squad is shocking. Criminal how it's been left to get this bad.
  6. Take the point I suppose, but I don't think we'll score a goal ever again.
  7. Had the misfortune of hearing some of this today. Utter drivel. Out of touch dinosaurs.
  8. Fantastic player, but made of glass. Seems like a pretty expensive mistake bringing him back. Hopefully 'The Process' negates the need for creative players...
  9. Can't say I'm particularly looking forward to this but I will be interested to see the reaction to our pumping by Arbroath on Saturday. Due to our small squad and injury problems, I can't see too many changes even if Taylor wanted to make them. Hopefully 'The Process' starts working soon or we are in for a world of pain this season. Duffy will have Ayr well organised and they'll be on a high after their great result at the weekend.
  10. Fans forum at NDP on the 18th. Hopefully some questions will be answered.
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