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  1. I assume he's just been training with us, as opposed to being on trial. This happens every summer. I remember Stephen O'Donnnel doing this before he signed for Motherwell and Rankin himself using our facilities a number of years back. In fact, Rankin says that's how Doyle ended up being with us, albeit he's now playing as a trialist.
  2. Watching Rankin's post match interview, it doesn't sound like we're bringing in many players this window. Our first eleven should (hopefully) be good enough to not be in danger of relegation IMO, but realistically how often are we going to see them together considering injuries, suspensions etc? Just got to hope that the rest of the league isn't leaving us behind, and in terms of signings I've seen very little evidence of that yet. Still a long way to go of course, but the uncertainty surrounding the club just now is a tad worrying.
  3. I've always thought something was 'off' about Taylor but I really hope he's managed to get what he's due and, as Scotty says, fucked McGowan over in some way. In other news, Easton has signed a new deal to 2024. Happy enough with that, considering the state of the squad at the moment.
  4. I'm sure Rankin said in the YouTube interview that he was expecting a couple in the next few days. Doyle will be one of them presumably.
  5. Yikes. Anyway, apparently we beat Airdrie 4-0 in a closed doors match today. Ryan hat trick.
  6. Sounds like he's going back to part time. I think it's likely we're going with a young squad this season. Tough gig for Rankin in his first job.
  7. Yes, if we go into the season without adding to the squad then obviously that's a bit of a concern. I'm more looking at it from an individual player point of view. MacDonald is one of those players that was just 'there'. Granted, I wasn't at every game last season but I'm struggling to remember many positive moments. The signings of MacDonald and Mullin were a reminder to me to take other fans opinions with a pinch of salt.
  8. No loss IMO. Was extremely disappointing considering the rave reviews the Raith fans on here were giving him.
  9. I'm still wanting some sort of clarity regarding the Taylor situation. Why was he sacked? Results? I just read on Accies World a post by someone claiming to be ITK. They have stated that Taylor has 'upset a lot of people both within the club & outside the club'. What exactly does this mean? Football related or not? Until these question are answered (which they probably never will be) I'm still of the opinion that Taylor probably just about deserved this season (if we are basing it purely on football matters). A shit show either way.
  10. Finished 4-0 and 9-0. I'm firmly in the camp of 'pre season results mean f**k all' (especially given the level of opposition) but encouraging to hear some of the young boys played well. Hopefully the trialists are worth another couple of looks.
  11. That video just posted by the club is...something. Heavy Phoenix Nights vibes amongst other things.
  12. To the surprise of no one (well, me anyway), Popescu confirmed as not returning. Signed a deal with a Romanian team. Not the perfect player by any means, but I'll miss the big fella.
  13. Still, at least we dodged the Grant Gillespie bullet. Phew.
  14. Aye, I saw that on your thread. I'm personally at the stage of 'bring in any c**t', no matter how jobber-tastic they may be, just to show that the football club is actually still in some form of operation. These last few weeks have really highlighted how much of a toxic presence McGowan seems to be at the club. Is he behind the Taylor situation? Is he the reason there has been a total shutdown and social media silence? Oh how I wish someone would buy him out (extreme wishful thinking). For all the great things Ronnie McDonald did for the club, he really tarnished his legacy in my eyes by essentially giving everything to McGowan and letting him have total control.
  15. I see ICT signed Steven Boyd. Weird one, but the sort of thing we usually do which reinforces my fear we won't be signing anyone at all this summer (slightly tongue in cheek, but it really wouldn't surprise me at the moment).
  16. 'Annual leave'. The club and local journalists really do take the piss out of the fans.
  17. Yep, tone deaf from 'the football department' as per usual. Football clubs really do treat their fans like mugs. How about actually giving some information/updates before trying to extract money from us? Something minor to start maybe, like what the f**k is actually happening regarding the manager situation?
  18. I reiterate my previous statement. Any of the ITKers got any more info?
  19. I have no problem with us releasing Moyo (despite my tongue in cheek posts on here, it shouldn't be too hard to bring in someone better) in theory. However, if rumours are to be believed, we don't actually have a manager at the moment, so who's making this decision? Worrying stuff if you read between the lines. Can't help but think that YKW is systematically running 'the footballing department' into the ground/oblivion. Is it too much to ask for even a sliver of clarity from the club? Regarding the manager? (Or lack thereof?) The squad plans? Pre season friendlies? Of course it is. Stupid question.
  20. I really hope the 'we need VAR is Scotland ASAP!!!111!!!11!!' crowd will be happy when it screws their teams over, especially against the Old Firm. I'll take great pleasure in their misery.
  21. Hughes, like Grant Gillespie, is a player that I will never understand how/why they made so many appearances for us, even under different managers. Baffling.
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