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  1. As a neutral, I'd say the opposite is actually true. Not many normal St Mirren fans, especially on here.
  2. The 'Muricans don't half like padding out their events with some amount of utter shite. Fucking get on with it you c***s.
  3. Christ, they sounded awful. Like a bad school band.
  4. Still, at least you've got massive crowds which is the most important thing.
  5. We're down, no question about it. And it's fully deserved. A truly abysmal season with a squad of players I'd happily never lay eyes upon again. I'm just glad we gave the man who masterminded all this a contract extension. Truly next level thinking.
  6. Entirely expected. At least we are getting relegated automatically and not through the play offs. Don't think I could take this holocaust of a season continuing a second longer than it needs to.
  7. I've already accepted relegation so I've kind of checked out for the rest of the games. Winning again here would be a laugh but I think it's unlikely. We'll play a 'Keeper up front or some such shenanigans due to the horrific state of our squad. Oh, and Jaipuri is the king. Rice and naan, of course.
  8. Can only comment from his time with us obviously, but the guy was an imposter. Just seemed to hide most of the time and was totally ineffective at everything. Reminded me a lot of another 'ghost' like player we unfortunately employed. Gary McDonald.
  9. I assume the widespread joy of returning hero Blair Alston has died down somewhat?
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