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  1. Fantastic player, but made of glass. Seems like a pretty expensive mistake bringing him back. Hopefully 'The Process' negates the need for creative players...
  2. Can't say I'm particularly looking forward to this but I will be interested to see the reaction to our pumping by Arbroath on Saturday. Due to our small squad and injury problems, I can't see too many changes even if Taylor wanted to make them. Hopefully 'The Process' starts working soon or we are in for a world of pain this season. Duffy will have Ayr well organised and they'll be on a high after their great result at the weekend.
  3. Fans forum at NDP on the 18th. Hopefully some questions will be answered.
  4. Still think Fulton is a very weak link. Never been convinced by him. Taylor's interviews are also starting to concern me a bit. I would assume (and hope) he's saying different things to the players after getting scudded 4-0, but droning on about 'The Process' is not what I want my manager to be focusing on. Corporate speak bullshit. Couple this with his insistence on hiring a performance analyst instead of signing a striker = heavy David Brent vibes. Very early days, but factoring in these concerns with a very weak, injury prone squad doesn't exactly scream 'good season ahead'.
  5. We're in trouble again lads, eh? Didn't think it was too much to ask to have at least one season where we weren't constantly fighting relegation but here we are. Not bringing in a striker is going to cost us.
  6. 'Rangers. A way of life' What kind of life would that be exactly?
  7. Got to hold my hands up about Andy Ryan so far. I was indifferent at best about him signing but I've actually been really impressed by him. I definitely thinks he's improved since his first spell. Get at least one more striker in and I think the squad will look decent.
  8. Hearing that Moyo was the best player on the park gives me a weird feeling.
  9. Interesting line up with both Mimnaugh and Redfern starting. Not surprised to see Virtanen miss out. Thought he was very poor last week.
  10. This signing seems to be getting universal praise (even from some Accies fans) so I assume he's decent. Striker next please.
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