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  1. Lose on Saturday and the club will surely see it's past time to part ways? Conceding 9 (nine) goals in two games is disgraceful at any level.
  2. I just hope nobody dares complain online about the result or performance. Or a journalist has the cheek to ask reasonable questions. Don't want to upset the club or Rice. Can you imagine the heads gone if anyone has the temerity to question why we're shipping goals left, right and centre every game? Just stay quiet and take your medicine.
  3. As bad as Rice is, the players are utter fucking dung as well (Templeton the only one who is actually is/looks a footballer. When he's not injured. Which is always). I feel it's important that the horrendous squad of players we have ended up with don't escape at least some of the criticism. When you see Scott McMann as captain, you know the jig is up.
  4. I was fully behind Rice until the Annan game. He can now GTF as far as I'm concerned. Not so much the result, which was a disgrace admittedly, but more the comments afterwards.
  5. The fans to blame for that goal as well no doubt. I reckon some more 'technical difficulties' for Accies TV after the game meaning no Rice interview.
  6. Hopefully Rice addresses the real issues at the club after the game. The keyboard warriors. They've got a lot to answer for.
  7. A striker scoring? What is this witchcraft?
  8. That's a minter of an interview on the OS from Rice. No surprise he didn't give a video interview, even with Marcus giving him his usual softball questions.
  9. The less said about our mob of imposters and coaching staff/management the better. Well done to Annan. Didn't actually manage to see any of it, but it sound like they thoroughly deserved the win. Good luck for the rest of the competition and the league season when it starts.
  10. The replies to the Accies goal on Twitter.
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