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  1. So the silence has finally been broken. From the official site: Head Coach John Rankin with his comments following Saturday’s defeat at Cappielow…. “Firstly, I would like to apologise to all Accies fans present, and our support in general, for what appeared like a lack of effort and lack of application in the defeat to Morton on Saturday. I am obviously hugely disappointed, and it was a real reminder to everyone of how difficult this league really is. Without hard work and earning the right to play it makes it extremely difficult to take anything from the game. We have to improve but actions speak louder than any words. At 5pm on a Saturday we seem to have a lot to say amongst ourselves, but what really matters is doing our talking at 3pm. As players and staff we are all working extremely hard to make results better, and we are determined to do so. The only thing we ask of one another is not to be out worked by our opponents, and that determination should be there for all to see.” We are at home to Partick Thistle this Saturday (3pm at NDP) and we need all Accies fans right behind us and vociferously behind us to help get the win needed. Reads like that was written for him, as the tone and phrases used isn't the way he usually speaks in interviews etc. I suppose it better than nothing ( and lets be honest, we usually get f**k all) but as it says in the statement, what really matters is what happens on the pitch from now on. I'll be really interested to see how we line up on Saturday, both personnel and shape wise.
  2. Some random 'stream of consciousness' ramblings as I'm attempting to get my head around this season so far. The manager - Really don't know what to make of him. He can certainly talk a good game on occasion but we've seen precious little of his words being put into action on the pitch. I said after the Only Accies podcast with him after he got the job that he's one of these guys who talks a lot without actually saying anything. Not so much of the corporate bullshit talk that Taylor was fond of but I can't imagine the players getting motivated by the sort of rambling vague statements we're used to hearing in interviews. Of course, he may be completely different behind closed doors in the dressing room. Either way, I'm not seeing a team entering the pitch and looking motivated and up for a fight. Squad - I think it's safe to say this is the worst squad of players we've had in quite some time. Been done to death on here but there's not many players who would start for any other team in the league, if any. Summer recruitment - An absolute clusterfuck as per usual. Injured players aplenty, guys who haven't played in forever, a player that EVERY single fan base of every other team he's played for has nothing good to say about and utter haddies like Doyle. Going to take something miraculous to turn this around. Arbroath will start picking up inevitably and I just can't see where our spark is going to come from. I had to laugh at fans on social media and podcasts talking about 'how many years until we get back to the Premiership?' a couple of weeks back. Some saying things like 'a couple of years'. Really wish I was as delusional as that. Life must be so much better.
  3. Looks like the club may be entering their 'shut down communication' phase they're fond of doing on occasion. No Tweets since full time, no manager interview. I'm sure they'll find a way to blame the fans like they usually do when things are going wrong.
  4. I see Ronnie is continuing to make such a difference since his return. Darian MacKinnon also.
  5. Rice resigned which is obviously a different situation than the Taylor one.
  6. Taylor must be rightly pishing himself laughing right now. How is this in any way better that he was producing? Our summer transfer dealings are looking pretty shambolic ATM. What a dreadful squad of players we have amassed.
  7. If I can interrupt the mourning for a moment, Charlie Telfer has signed for Airdrie. I know there was talk in this thread earlier of us signing him. According to the Falkirk fans on here, he is a pea hearted shite bag. Probably not we needed TBQHWY.
  8. Aye, that's a bad sign. If he doesn't show more then I'd imagine he'll be a candidate for getting punted in January, never mind starting games for us. Never a good look if the manager feels he has to do that in public. Perhaps naively, I'm kind of pinning some of my hopes on our injured players returning a making a difference, not only to the starting lineup, but for our bench as well. Ryan and Redfern (and Spence to a lesser degree) are all options to make our first team better.
  9. The problems from last season bleeding over to this season. Mass panic whenever we are leading a game. Get your foot on the ball and show a bit of composure. Distinct lack of leaders in the squad also.
  10. Nothing else happening tonight according to Lanarkshire Live. I know that the loan market is still available until the end of September but having only Tiehi and One up front is a disaster waiting to happen. Yet again, I wish the club/Rankin would shut up about '2 or 3 in this week' for the past f**k knows how many weeks. It just causes unnecessary angst when it predictably doesn't happen.
  11. Good luck to the boy. He looked like he had a big future with us but his form dropped off the edge of a cliff for whatever reason. I would dread the ball coming near him in the end. Ambrose incoming?
  12. Just watched the Only Accies interview with Ronnie MacDonald. Decent enough, if not a bit rambling in places. I'm sure he says that we're bringing in a player on loan from Newcastle and that's it (he says players will be stepping up from the 18s). Which contradicts what Rankin was saying after the game yesterday about bringing in two or three.
  13. I totally forgot Brown existed. Aye, add him as one of my guesses.
  14. I'll guess Virtanen will be one of the ones punted. Spence also?
  15. Meh, it's another body in the door which I'm pleased about. I assume this is a Rankin signing? Know nothing about him to be fair so got to take the opinions of the fans of his previous clubs. I'm hoping it's the reverse of when we sign ex Falkirk players and they say how amazing they are and they turn out to be absolutely shite (Tom Taiwo and Blair Alston). Defender, attacking centre mid and striker next please.
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