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  1. Unpopular opinion no doubt, but I can't stand Collinsworth.
  2. Winger, isn't he? If there's one position we don't need, then it's attacking wide players so I doubt it.
  3. If we sign Watson and neglect the glaring needs in the squad (right back, attacking central midfield and striker) then it'll be a heads gone from me.
  4. Dreadful stuff today. On a more positive note, Matheson is away to Scunthorpe. Horrendous player.
  5. Dreadful performance. Well done Pars. Makes the league look a bit more interesting at least.
  6. We are just so wildly inconsistent, which I suppose is reflected in our current league position. Why the f**k are we signing Old Firm loan players in positions we don't need to strengthen whilst glaring holes in the squad are just ignored?
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