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  1. VAR is heavy duty shite. Be careful what you wish for. Thank f**k we'll never see it in Scotland.
  2. This kind of post makes me so, so happy. The hatred keeps me alive.
  3. What a bizarre outburst. Unless that's actually Lyon himself? Hello Darren.
  4. The fact it's on at a reasonable time for us probably influenced their decision. Maybe think they'll get more buying it because of this. Still a joke of a situation though.
  5. Lyon was a bit of a 'nothing' player with us. Just kind of there without doing anything remarkable (although his Old Firm goals were decent). Will watch with interest how he gets on in the Championship.
  6. I take great pleasure in not letting Audi or BMW drivers in when they're trying to merge. Up there with white van men and taxi drivers as the worst people on the road.
  7. Aye M8, the whole field of Microbiology is a government constructed distraction to keep us from knowing the REAL truth. Or something.
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