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  1. I was in Germany/Poland over the last week and was due to be heading to Slovakia skiing this week. That plan is completely fucked! Only escaped being stuck in a shutdown Poland for at least a week by taking a late Saturday flight from Krakow to Szczecin a taxi to the border and then crossing into Germany on foot. I had a couple of unbooked plans for later this year but just going to hold off on them all for now. All the companies I had stuff booked with have been quick on accepting and processing all of my refund claims.
  2. Unfortunately some of us don’t have the luxury of the good guys standing in our constituencies so have to pick the best option from what we have. Will be Greens for me.
  3. Will likely vote for Green down here. With a current Labour majority of around 28,000 can't see anything but another comfortable Labour win. The positive part of that being at least it won't be Jim Fitzpatrick and his vote for any Brexit shtick this time.
  4. I also got two wrong with Texans and Rams
  5. cal234ey

    Week 4

    I’m more surprised when somebody doesn’t go down at the end of a play
  6. Week 1 - Eagles and Chargers Week 2 - Patriots and Ravens Week 3 - Cowboys and Packers Weeks 4 - Texans and Rams
  7. Week 3 - Cowboys and Packers
  8. Week 1 - Eagles and Chargers Week 2 - Patriots and Ravens
  9. cal234ey

    Week 1

    Panthers making a game of it. Blocked punt followed by a TD. Then Goff intercepted
  10. Week 1 - Eagles and Chargers
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