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  1. Anyone who applied before they stopped Test and Go can still come under the same conditions, no matter when they arrive. Only change is they have to take a 2nd PCR test after a few days at the government's expense.
  2. The first series was okay. Watched half of this episode and gave up. Absolute drivel.
  3. I read somewhere that Guy Pearce stepped in at the last minute when the original actor dropped out as he's a friend of Winslet. So he's maybe not playing such a key role. Naturally he will now turn out to be a wrong 'un.
  4. I had the same problem. Cleared cache and data and signed in again. Pictures showing again, for now anyway.
  5. Episode 8 has popped up already in the usual places.
  6. That's Pressley ruled himself out. What a shame.
  7. I'm not sure it has ever really been covered. He was on Off the Ball last week and had nothing but good things to say about Falkirk.
  8. Go to device settings - then Apps - Select Pie and Bovril - Select Storage - Select Clear Data You will have to sign in again, and my case had to reapply your app settings such as Show Photo Preview.
  9. Was having similar issues on tablet (but not on phone for some reason). Think I have solved it by going into settings and clearing data for the app. Closed and reopened a few times now with no issues.
  10. Nice to see the Danes are closer to getting their name right. http://www.bold.dk/fodbold/Skotland/3._Division
  11. I think there has been a misunderstanding - Brown must be representing HMRC as he quite clearly states "they'll no rip us aff again."
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