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  1. Saints require a new manager after the departure of Craig Morrison. A great wee well run club. Good opportunity.
  2. Good wee blog. Many memories of visiting these grounds. It always amazed me how some of these teams survived, with such limited crowds and committee. Hard work for this involved at these clubs and other Fife teams who have disappeared in my lifetime - Halbeath, Frances Colliery, North Fife and possibly others that I can't recall.
  3. St.Andrews Utd have "parted company" with manager Phil McGuire. Not sure if he was sacked or resigned. Who next for the club, and can the new manager keep the club in the top league?
  4. Be interesting to see this progress and hopefully be a big benefit when complete. Like it or not, the 4g pitches are with us to stay.
  5. Teams such as HOB and Kelty had higher average crowds in the old Fife League. They were also financially better off, please do not dispute this, so no reconstruction since then has been a good idea.
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