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  1. I wonder who created it. i know it took a lot of effort. my son played with that team yesterday.
  2. cheers! let me know if it works for ya...
  3. From my son: Go to the ea fifa website and go into the web apps. Sign in with your ea account and click on creation centre. Go to the teams section and search for "dumbarton". Then bookmark the team by clicking on the team and then the bookmark team button. Next time you sign in on your console go to customize fifa, then chose creation centre. Just select the team from the menu and it will start downloading. Be sure to turn the match day squad updates off in the team selection and scroll to the creation centre section. From there simply select the team and play! I think you can use them in career and tournaments but I'm not sure how. it is a bit involved.
  4. red dot. he he he. any of you lot the one who loaded a DFC squad to FIFA 13? if so, thanks! my son downloaded it last night. cheers!
  5. with the name change i feel like we've been promoted...
  6. green . when i get the chance... i hate when i run out of green dots...
  7. 3rd straight day of rain here in TN. meh! MON 'EH SONS!
  8. he he. yeah. still prolly cheaper to have u send it from FL. now if they will drop the price of the kits.
  9. it's all good. i hope i didn't tick you off. your offer was very kind and i appreciated it. i always check team shops for any kind of deal, especially off season.
  10. wow. i wanted to see what kinda stuff they had now as opposed to back in the spring... believe me if i had the finances to buy anything back then i would have gladly let you drop it off. still don't have the moola for a kit. but i was curious if anything new had been added. you've heard of window shopping... right?
  11. thanks! i figured that might be the case...
  12. don't we have on online shop? i couldn't find a link @ OS... anyone...?
  13. any of you lot seen this: http://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/logootw-12-dumbarton-fc.1002393/ some of the entries weren't half bad. some were very bad. i love our badge as is though.
  14. Here's to hoping that we start the season like we usually finish...
  15. 6 points from our last three.... 2/16 Raith (A) 10:00 AM ET Sco 1 2/23 Falkirk (H) 10:00 AM ET Sco 1 3/2 Cowdenbeath(H) 10:00 AM ET Sco 1 ...?
  16. f**k it, we're all here now... sum body go tell sweet pete....
  17. Ha ha... as a life long raider myself i'd love for this to be the year... but i gotta feeling it isn't. i hope we can beat the chiefs this weekend. cheers!

  18. he he he understood. it. is. ugly. tho. cheers.
  19. i can honestly say it is one of the ugliest i've ever seen. and i've seen the '94 USA WC kit.
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