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  1. ahh.. Joma. i forgot they were making our kits.
  2. i like that shirt but i still don't like your new badge.
  3. afraid to come to the US for fear of being arrested...
  4. i don't see the cowboys being a problem for them though...
  5. I hope to one day get over there and I want to go this stadium. not the new one.
  6. and yer right under The Rock. Sons of the Rock… and announcing this during a season, which is still very young i know, in which we look to be relegated… that doesn't sell tickets… smacks of monorail to me.
  7. hey next time you guys upgrade/change could you maybe include the team badge in each theme?
  8. agreed. i do like it though, but i'd rather watch my club(s) play.
  9. i thought it was a bit wordy though…. KITS: me too! he he he… can't wait to see the new ones.
  10. great season. brink of promotion. took it to the league winners in the finale. mon eh sons!
  11. here is the deal, Sweetest Peter, since I've been following the Sons we've gotten promoted every other season or so... IT IS TIME AGAIN... so get yer SPL panties on lad.
  12. 5th... only a spot away from the playoff... seriously though, what happens if we somehow land in the SPL? will The Rock be over run with celtic fans?
  13. i've said it before and I'll say it again... MON EH SONS!
  14. remember, i did say, "...putting the cart before the horse..." i have, yes.
  15. probably putting the cart before the horse on this but... we are sat 4th in the table as of saturday, what happens if we win promotion ? will ticket prices go up? will our squad be dismantled wholesale? will big clubs, celtic, etc etc, actually come and play at our house or will they insist on finding a bigger venue? will our house remain the same? do any of you lot not want to gain promotion? if these are tender arguments feel free to pm me. otherwise let 'er rip...
  16. mine too... besides, he's gonna have his hands full when he takes us to the SPL !
  17. MID-TABLE AFTER THE FIRST WEEKEND OF THE NEW SEASON!! when is the last time that happened? MON EH SONS!
  18. he doesn't remember. their screenname had numbers and letters in it he said...
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