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  1. I love that there are 1993 pages of this thread.
  2. Sorry I'm late to the party on this one, but why is the SPL starting this weekend but everyone else is waiting until october?
  3. meh! If it were all gold and void those goofy black stripes... or whatever they are trying to be.... I like this one a little better... Joined the convo late so I'm assuming this is what you're on about...
  4. i've been following but not posting. I missed you guys too! not even that bothered with SWFC too much either...
  5. http://www.dumbartonfootballclub.com/thumbnail.asp?path=/matchphotos2016-17/ayr_united_24.12.16/IMG_0311-(1280x933).jpg&mode=gallery
  6. Future Son...? Here is a video of my mates lad scoring a goal.... and yes they allow the coaches on the pitch. very annoying. especially the guy in my video. he was the opposing teams coach and he new nothing abut he game. our coach only got up when he really needed to.
  7. I checked in on the match late and thought we'd won 1-0 ... checked back a fw minutes later... oh well. well done and a point.
  8. A win would have been nice but a one nil loss to top of the table Hibs.... From 5,000 miles away it is hard to tell but it looks as though we've got a pretty solid side.
  9. away to falkirk... any of you lot able to go? and how far away is it?
  10. so are scottish fans generally nice than english fans?
  11. all right. got some more questions about the cross street rivalry. 1. do opposing fans hate each other? 2.what determines who you root for? your actual street address? Sorry, there's bound to be more.
  12. wow, they purposely never have home games on the same day? sorry. dumb questions i guess.
  13. ok, so i gotta ask(i may have already done this early on in this thread, sorry if so) but what is it like being so close to your cross road rival? when united is away do you ever go to one of their(dundee fc) matches?
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