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  1. As long it's not Livi away, just fucking love this guy
  2. When your own team plays with 10 men for 70 mins and still score 2, the Falkirk lolz just keep on coming
  3. Just won £510 for that goal, 7 teams to score 2+ in
  4. Had that when using chrome, switched to firefox and it worked OK for me
  5. Re the terraced area - With a move toward standing area's I'm sure a few wee tweaks would safely allow 200 odd to stand in that part of the ground, I also know of some who used to sit in the railway stand and haven't been back much since it was closed down. I'd be all up for the club switching ends, It gives the opportunity for folk to use the new part of the Railway stand and (possibly) 100 - 200 standing behind the dugouts.
  6. That was at least an entertaining game. Very true, although it will still haunt me until the end of the season
  7. How about shipping a 4-0 lead with 20 mins to play ?
  8. This popped up on my youtube feed, 43.10 for the goal
  9. Yep agree with this, to a certain degree, got himself in some good positions and caused Morton a few problems but easily dealt with, also I felt his passing and general ball delivery was piss poor today. That said I'd gladly have him at Rovers until the end of the season, unfortunately I think he will get splinters in his arse at Hibs from Jan
  10. Last 5 meeting have resulted in 5 Raith wins with 0 (nil) goals conceeded, long may the run continue tomorrow................ ..............however i have no doubt that this will be a tough game, Morton are IMHO a decent side who are always hard to beat, other than the 5 scud game these have always been very tight and as mentioned before the last game was a deflected shot that wrong footed the keeper. If we are on our A game then it should be 3 points, that said it has to be our A game for the full 90 and not switch off in the 2nd half which has happened all to often this season.
  11. 100% agree with Musonda, would like to see him sign a 2 year extension. As far as the Jan window goes I'd like to see an out and out striker come in, an Andy Smith type if you like, as much as Varion and Poplatnik put in a good shift they just aren't getting enough goals. As has been mentioned I don't think we will see Keatings again anytime soon.
  12. If some get offeneded by the songs then fair enough, they don't offend me but I've been travelling to away games with Raith for the best part of 40 years, I've sung songs that have no part in modern society, and have had no part in society for the last 20 odd years, but back then it was acceptable. The PC brigade have taken over (sometimes rightly so) and until a few of the young team get horsed out of an away ground (had it done to me at Airdrie) then only then will they understand that certain songs are not appropriate in this day and age.
  13. Always asumed David Martindale was a bit of a fanny for some reason, glad to be proved wrong, seems a genuinly top bloke.
  14. Yogi has still to come in, feel the pain (congrats on your 1st win BTW)
  15. If the hesgoal stream is what Accies would have offered for £10 then I'm so glad I didn't shell out anything, just appauling work.
  16. The Offspring - Million Miles away
  17. Yep, I'd take that too, this guy like Raith_raver is an absloute roaster
  18. How can such a diddy club become even more diddy ? League 2 becons in 2 years time Edit - sorry forgot Mcgowan was in charge, get used to this sort of shit Accies peeps
  19. *checks applicants list* is 18 months ok with you? we have not offered a better deal to anyone else
  20. What's the funniest chant you have heard from the stands ?
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