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  1. That is the most true statement I've read in the last 4 or 5 pages of this thread.
  2. Honestly, If we lose John to Lolkirk and appoint McPake I don't think I'll be back anytime soon. BoD are a complete fucking disgrace
  3. We've not had any all season. That's really bad, always look forward to the Raith TV highlights when I can't make it to a game
  4. No highlights package from either club on youtube yet, poor fucking show
  5. I remember Fergie ? from old Douglas Park, lost his head constantly
  6. John Williams - Imperial March from Star Wars, sorry but I could't resist
  7. 1 or 100, dosen't matter, she won fair and square, I have no issues with that however IMO Steven was the better candidate.
  8. Why ? she was always going to win, no way she was coming 2nd no matter who she was up against, I thought Steven was the better candidate, why should I reflect my decision
  9. Agree, I've known Steven Graham since 1st year at high school, he is a top bloke who has been CEO of a major car company and was a Rovers man frm a young age, went to our 1st ever away game at Partick on 25th September 1982 (I still have the match programme) he would have brought a wealth of experience to the boardroom.
  10. Wouldn't it be just fabulous if we could end the run of being shite at the place where we started to become shite ? Just saying
  11. Doubt it Killie will probably beat Arbroath at Rugby Park next week, league over, they let us win the following week and were in the playoffs
  12. The Fiorentina tracksuit top was just the dogs bollocks
  13. 100% this, Give them another year but I'd get the CEO in the sea
  14. Fair do's bud, yes was extremely stupid for us to do it.
  15. So fucking easy to say shit like that, I hope it never happens to you but .....
  16. Aye this guys 'positive thoughts' is really starting to piss me off
  17. Yep, we need fit players for next season after your mob go south
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