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  1. Looking forward to this game mutch more than the cup tie against Lavvi, hugely important, win and it will pretty much guarentee a play off spot, however the carrot for finishing 2nd cannot be ignored, our next 3 of Arbroath (H) QoS (A) and Alloa (A) are where the ponts need to be taken, 7 from the 9 then the final 2 games of Dundee (A) and Hearts (H) could be free hits. As has been said many times if (and it's a big IF) we play like we did against we did against Dunfermline then I'd struggle to find a reason why we won't be playing in the top flight when fans are allowed back into San Starko
  2. Yep, been pretty much in control for long periods ans Livi have never really threatened. Have to say from a PPV I expected a lot more from a Premiership club, however it is the most tinpot club in the top 12
  3. Step up in opposition, however I'm more interested in the Arbroath game on the 10th than I am in this one, finishing 2nd in the league must be our top priority at the moment, promotion to the top flight may be the only way we can keep Hendry and Musonda at Starks next season.
  4. The Danes have put 8 (eight) past Moldova, had a feeling this might be our banana skin, hopefully it just proves thay are totally pish, anyway, good attacking line up for tonight, was hoping for 7 points from the 1st 3 games, just beat this lot, please !!
  5. 3 points and some us are moaning, FFS get a grip folks, we are in the Championship, a league above where we were playing for the last 3 seasons, we are 2nd in the league and looking good for a promotion play off spot, other teams have sussed out what we did in the 1st 3rd of the season and are playing against what were our strenghts. It ain't a pretty league and it wasn't a pretty win but a MASSIVE 3 points. COYR, I'll take another ugly 3 points on Tuesday please
  6. Have a wee nip of this Xmas present every time Rovers win a a game, Slanje
  7. Bought a new car today and noticed the reg plate started GM, owning them in every way you cn imagine 😁
  8. Not the greatest 1st half ever, King Duku and Ugwu have been piss poor, Frankie Musonda has been outstanding, so calm and collected on the ball
  9. This game is about as bad as the cameraman, total shitfest
  10. After a fiery start then a run of hot and cold our season seems to have been stalled like the beast from the east, been completely frozen, 1 win in 5 against the team at the bottom and failed to score in 4 of those games. Hoping someone will turn the heating back up to full blast soon but fail to see who has the switch to do so at the moment. Will probably watch the game but sense a lot of apathy towards this game from our support.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/horse-racing/56435950 stood to win £511,225., cash out option of £322,000 if it wins or £250,000 the field, with an option like that I would have shat out myself considering you get hee haw if you let it run and gets brought down by an early front runner.
  12. You could always act like a west coast local and wipe them on your shell suit bottoms to make it even more authentic.
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