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  1. Aye bolt, If Killie are paying him that and don't go back up then they will probably be fucked.
  2. TBH we could easily have scored 10 yesterday, if LV was up front we probably would have, hence why we need a clinical striker. Hopefully the 250 odd K we make from the Celtic game brings that guy in for the rest of the season, who that is nobody fucking knows, Cummings off to Australia and Lafferty to Killie seems like a couple missed, but now we know we have a cash injection to make something happen, 8 days left, will we have a better chance next season ? who knows, however we are only 6 points off the top with 14 to go, bring in a striker who could score 8 or 9 in the remaining fixtures and it will be very interesting.
  3. Agree we have had Morton's number since we got back into the Championship, 5 wins on the bounce with only 1 goal conceeded, that said other than the 5-0 these have always tended to be tight affairs, given our recent poor run and the fact that Morton seem to have got their act together in recent weeks I'd happily take a point from this game. Kinda hoping that the possible income from the Celtic game will allow us to bring in a much needed striker before the window closes.
  4. This 100%, hopefully one of the arse cheeks away and a payday to bring in a striker
  5. Bollocks, we controlled that game from start to finish, 3-0 flatters them, we just need to be more clinical, if we were it would have been 7 or 8
  6. What you greeting aboot, it's a foul day all day long ya fuckin clown
  7. We desperatly need a player to replace LV, plenty of the ball but pretty clueless in the last 3rd
  8. Raith Rovers MacDobald, Dick, Musonda, Berra, Matthews, Gullan, Zanatta, Lang, Stanton, Williamson, Ross. Subs: Thomson, Benedictus, Connolly, Riley-Snow, Arnott, Mitchell, Young, Poplatnik Good to see Zanatta back in the starting line up,hopefully the rocket up his are from the gaffer last weekend has done the job. Would like to see Mitchell and Arnott get some minutes but only if we are winning comfortably.
  9. Agree we should win this comfortably but there's no need to be disrespectful
  10. Not at the moment although they have ambitions to turn full time. At the moment the only full timers in the 3rd tier are as I understand Airdrie, Falkirk and Queens Park
  11. Don't think he will be any great improvement on what you already have, He's one (possibly) for the future, needs another season or 2 yet. Hibs saw the potential hence why they shelled out an alleged £110 K for him.
  12. Aye very true bud, however for me yesterday was by far the lamest performance by a long shot.
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