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  1. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    You drive a Boeing ?
  2. Forgotten scottish bands

  3. Forgotten scottish bands

  4. Albums regarded as classics that are absolute gash

    Off the top of my head - Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield - Never understood why some like this so much, just annoying pish 2112 by Rush - Controversial ? maybe but I don't like it Anything by Focus or Yes - how can you listen to this ?
  5. Coupon Bursters

    So Eintracht Braunschweig who were top of Bundesliga 2 at home to St Pauli who are still bottom despite their 2-1 win fucked me for £334, basturds !! Didn't actually pick them on my initial look but when I saw odds of 8/11 I couldn't resist so added them in, however the bet was with Paddypower so if Olympiakos hold on (currently 3-0 with less than 10 to play) I'll get my £40 back as a free bet as Man C, Man U, Celtic, Ajax and POAK all won spewing
  6. Win Counter

    £5 on 3 draws at Inverness, Hamilton and Edinburgh City paid £166.40
  7. Top Of The League Thread 16/17

    Getting a fuckin nosebleed up here, only 33 more games to hold the rest of you basturts away
  8. Music Chinese Whispers

    The Hollies - The Air That I Breathe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7duPNQCp-w4 cant work out how to insert media in the new format
  9. Hello down there Probably a short stay for us
  10. ABE

  11. Window 10 rollback to Windows 7 - HELP

    No definitive answers, goggle was the 1st thing I tried
  12. Window 10 rollback to Windows 7 - HELP

    unfortunately not
  13. Upgraded to Windows 10, all seemed well but couldn't cope with the issues with flash player so decided to roll back to Windows 7. Unfortunately now mouse and keyboard (both USB) are unresponsive when win 7 has loaded, obviously this means I can't do anything as I cant get past login screen. Tried using other USB ports, same problem, tried safe mode, same problem, they are showing up and working in BIOS but nothing else, I have tried system restore, not helped, I have the Windows 7 disc but nothing else. Last thing I want to do is reinstall Windows 7 from scratch as presumably this would cause data loss ? Any help would be appreciated.
  14. Music Chinese Whispers

    Orange Juice - Rip It Up