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  1. Date Time Opponent Home / Away 17/10/20 15:00 Arbroath H 24/10/20 15:00 Queen of the South A 31/10/20 15:00 Dundee A 07/11/20 15:00 Morton H 21/11/20 15:00 Inverness Caledonian Thistle A 05/12/20 15:00 Dunfermline Athletic H 12/12/20 15:00 Ayr United A 19/12/20 15:00 Heart of Midlothian H 26/12/20 15:00 Alloa Athletic A 29/12/20 19:45 Queen of the South H 02/01/21 15:00 Dunfermline Athletic A 09/01/21 15:00 Dundee H 16/01/21 15:00 Inverness Caledonian Thistle H 23/01/21 15:00 Heart of Midlothian A 06/02/21 15:00 Morton A 13/02/21 15:00 Ayr United H 20/02/21 15:00 Arbroath A 27/02/21 15:00 Alloa Athletic H 06/03/21 15:00 Dunfermline Athletic H 13/03/21 15:00 Inverness Caledonian Thistle A 20/03/21 15:00 Ayr United A 27/03/21 15:00 Morton H 03/04/21 15:00 Queen of the South A 10/04/21 15:00 Arbroath H 17/04/21 15:00 Alloa Athletic A 24/04/21 15:00 Dundee A 30/04/21 19:05 Heart of Midlothian H
  2. Didn't take too long to rip and alter files for upload. It's and hour and 15 mins long, enjoy
  3. Found this at the back of a cupboard, fan footage from the 3 away european games, from what i remember a couple of guys put this together a few years back and sold them to raise funds for the club, will try and get it uploaded to Youtube.
  4. I was a taxi driver back then, I can remember picking up a very pissed Creaney with a kebab in each hand from Tony's (opposite what was Mullin's back then) from what I remember he said we had been humped 4-0 by Morton, can't remember where I dropped the fucking usless bellend off, pity it wasn't at the crem !!!
  5. I'm quite enjoying them, great to see so many players from years gone by still have fond memories of the club and their time at Starks
  6. Got a few at Raith, blinkered vision blah blah blah.... Falkirk fans on here tend to be brand new, on the most part great banter, we all take great pleasure in supporting our teams in the lower leagues and give each other a bit of stick when we get one over on each other, best thing is we can distance ourselves from the bigot brothers
  7. Save yourself the hassle of the first 80 mins if you want to watch the comeback again
  8. Anything from you is generous ya miserable barsteward 😀 Reminder for 3.00 today, Airdrie away, have watched the last 10 mins so many times but will watch the full match with a couple of Brewdog's
  9. We ain't heard the end of this, that's for sure. I'm assuming Dundee are looking into a 3 up 1 down top flight, would imagine a 2 up and no relegation from all leagues with Kelty and Brora making up the numbers in league 2. season 20/21 with a 14 / 10 / 10 / 10 set up, 3 down 1 up to top flight with potential play off, other leagues as per usual, that said how they get 4 x OF games for the broadcasters remains to bee seen. Season 21/22 goes with a 12 / 12 / 10 / 10 set up, championship similar format to top flight or is that just far too sensible ?
  10. I was in Zante for that game, the scenes in Argassi's Beer Academy when we went 4-3 up 🤩
  11. ^^^^^^ gutted he can't watch the Rovers play next season........ ......... could always come to Starks, I'm sure you will be made more than welcome 😁
  12. Watching highlights from matches past on you tube, this is my fav
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