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  1. The main commentator thought the Portugal manager looked like Gordon Brown
  2. Gutted by today's result, however Aiden's 2nd goal won me £245. Was waiting on us to score a 2nd on Skybet 2+ goals market. Today's defeat is a bit easier to take for me
  3. Used a £5 free bet with Skybet on 6+ corners every game at 100/1. One of those that could go down in the 1st game or still be in play deep into the 3rd week.
  4. Serbia never going to be worst and never winning feck all, hope I do better in the work sweep. Edit - best of luck to everyone else
  5. I'm sure Owen Coyle will be given a 'warm' welcome from the home fans. His sending off in the millennium derby makes me laugh, still no idea what it was for 22 years later
  6. Kieron Bowie on the scoresheet for Northampton, hopefully see him in the Fulham 1st team soon.
  7. I was only a few rows behind the goal when the keeper saved Brown's volley. Scott immediately shouted to him and congratulated him, great sportsmanship between opposing players.
  8. For me he did a lot of good things, passed the ball well and gave the Accies defence a lot to think about, still needs to work on his finishing but those long throws cause havoc for defences.
  9. One back but one out Robbie Thomson with a fractured hand in midweek, Really hope Jammer stays fit for the foreseeable.
  10. A couple of recent purchases, the Simple Minds record was signed by Jim and Charlie when they were in Glasgow HMV last weekend, The Beatles White album was right place right time, original numbered 1968 pressing, stereo version rather than the more desirable mono. It was in a charity shop in Glenrothes, has only been put on display 10 minutes earlier, absolute snip at £20, the cover is a bit beaten up but the records came up real nice after few turns in my Spincare.
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