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  1. 4-0 but we were all wrong thankfully, let bygones be bygones bud 😁
  2. Never mind the 5-2 win at Queens or the 6-2 Hertz v Dundee on opening day, plently of other belting games to watch, but hey, watch BBC Scotland and become ever the optomist ya fud !!
  3. Nice wee return from a free bet, covers weekend coupons and a few beer tokens to boot
  4. Double header, Raith v Hearts at Starks on Tuesday, seeing as we won't have trained for at least 10 days I expect a double pumping, if we take 1 point from 6 then I'd be reasonably happy.
  5. Joy Division - She's Lost Control
  6. Gary Moore & Phil Lynott - Parisian Walkways
  7. Girschool - Race With The Devil
  8. FFS, that is the sort of post I'd expect from Tazz, what a complete fud
  9. Been a good start to the year, could have had an extra 16p if I let it run but what the hell, also gotta love a last minute Napoli winner 😀
  10. Cashed out when Midden equalised, good descision 😁
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