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  1. Molly getting to know her new little sister Indie
  2. I'm pretty sure Kelty have bigger ambitions than that, also most teams will cause us problems, it's how we deal with it is the issue that needs to be resolved. FFS, every pre season I see the same shite written on here, peeps the results in pre season DON'T FUCKING MATTER !!, it's all about getting the players match fit for competitive games. 100% Murray has his eye one a few players but it's all about picking the right ones, not just anyone ala Mendy and Keatings
  3. According to Raith website attendance was 472
  4. Nice to hear Berra telling the directions he's looking to go
  5. 'cause I fucking hate your plastic franchise tinpot club
  6. Really glad Brad has signed for another season, of the 3 main players out of contract I would have put him 3rd behind Musonda and Tumilty. Frankie for me is a versitile player who can play in a couple of positions, Regan whilst great on his day had a few off games but definately deserves a shot in the top flight, please just not Livi, Spencer is a great player but we have an abundance in midfield, especially given the 2 recent recruits. Overall very pleased with the way the squad is shaping up, 2 defenders and a number 9 and we're sorted.
  7. Pretty sure it's 2, google confirms to end of season 23/24
  8. Players are due back at the end of next week, probably find out then, reckon it's mainly speculation that he's off.
  9. Good to see some positive comments from the boardroom for a change
  10. Apparently it's us that's close to signing him.
  11. Would have preferred Dumbarton at home and Stirling away but beggars can't be choosers, glad we have your mob at home as our record up at Balmoor is pretty shocking. Happy overall, potential winner takes all at Pittodrie if Aberdeen imporve
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