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  1. With our budget I'd say it's impossible to get a player of Hendry's quality
  2. FFS, announce a signing and get us out of this Yankee shite
  3. Was when Ludovic Roy was playing against us for Ayr, always gave the opposition keeper the chant when he appeared in the south stand goal, think it was about a 50/50 split whether it should have been done or not, was probably around 17/18 years ago
  4. 100% this, the gaffer has a habit of getting the best out of players who many thought were average at best, in the bald one we trust
  5. Iron Maiden- Fear Of The Dark
  6. The Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight Tonight
  7. Ian Dury & The Blockheads - Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3
  8. Been away from this thread for far too long - Therapy ? - Screamager
  9. Regarding Armstrong, slightly gutted to see him leave but not too dissapointed, there will be players similar to his ability available to us, yes on his day he was almost unplayable at this level but those days were few and far between, often he was just an average decent player, we all know he worked hard but far too often the set plays were shocking, Just hope he has that shocker when he plays against us as I can't see him in the top flight at the moment.
  10. Link ? excellent news if confirmed. Edit, not unexpected but Davo gone, hopefully he will get another couple of seasons elsewhere
  11. Superb strength of character from the players to give a decent performance when it was pretty clear the tie was lost in the 1st leg, also delighted for Mendy, put in a great shift to hopefully erase some of the demons from the past, reckon he won't be here next season but that performance may just give him the chance af an extra season, also think that Rego will be away, surely some of the top 6 Premier sides as well as English Championship sides will have been watching him. Despite the exit I'm so proud to be a Rovers fan today, also get a chance to put the ICT hoodoo to bed next season, Keatings to score a hat trick against them 😁
  12. Just want to wish Dundee all the best in the final, my only hope is that you really pump Ross County 🤩
  13. We signed Hendry to a 2 year contract when we were in league 1 so your statement is pish, we need to get players who want to play for our gaffers, end of
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