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  1. Fair point, for me he just hasn't been at the races the last couple of games, if that's down to him not linking up with Lewis then fair do's
  2. Yes ours was a stonewall pen Bene couldn't have got out of the way for their claim, Thistle for had a lot of the ball but were wasteful with it, was delighted to go 3 up but then WHF ? 2 poor goals to concede, however 3 points is all that matter and another 3 on Wednesday puts us right in the mix for the top 4. For me Dylan Tait was a waste of a shirt today, shat out of a couple of challenges and just seems to be waiting on his move to hibs, great player when he was our man , just seems to be a different guy now ?
  3. Betbull had Zanatta at 10/3 anytime scorer, £30 on it, buying money
  4. I was quite pleased when it was announced he would be joining us on a 2 year deal prior to last season ending, however he has barely kicked a ball for Raith since he came in, had a couple of 10 minute spells here and there. A lot of speculation as to whether it's down to attitude rather than lack of ability that he hasn't started for us.
  5. Looking like James Keatings is joining you guys on loan until January. Edit - https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/james-keatings-set-montrose-move-25041889
  6. I'm sure J McG wouldn't allow him to leave without a suitable replacement, sure this will develop over the next few hours. In other news https://www.raithrovers.net/50162/match-day-scanners-required.htm
  7. Over the last few days of days have seen a couple of repro 'Barcelona' tops from the mid 90's on eBay, one in size large sold for £101 and an XXL sold for £80, currently a medium up for grabs. Just shows there is a big appetite for what was IMO the best Raith top ever, surely the club could look into this, better money in their coffers than some random guy's pocket.
  8. Main stand at Starks Park was built in 1925
  9. After a poor afternoon losing £15, the evening has more than made up for it
  10. This 100%, yes we had more of the ball, yes we had more clearcut chances and yes we had a lot more corners BUT we didn't take advantage, QoS got their goal when they were on top and TBH should have had at least 1 more, they defended resolutely and for me deserved the points. Yes we will play better and not win but also we will play like this and win games. For me the Hibs loanee shat it a few times today, ducked out of a few 50/50 tackles and made the wrong choice several times. One of those days when if it goes wrong it went wrong. Morten next week, they were our bitches last season, long may that continue.
  11. No surprise there, great unwashed weegie twats..... ...hopefully they are confident of a 60,000 sell out, all the more ££££ for us
  12. Great, fantastic insight into Scottish football, thank you for your input, now please f**k off and don't come back
  13. Arbroath 1-0 Hamilton Ayr United 1-2 Dunfermline Inverness CT 1-1 Thistle Kilmarnock 3-0 Morton Raith Rovers 3-0 Queen of the South
  14. That is good news, would think this weekend may be a bit too soon for him 'tho
  15. Gaffers interview should be up on Raith TV shortly, we should find out the extent of the injury Connolly picked up at Ayr, if available I'd see Poplatnik coming in for the suspended BRS with the rest of the team pretty much as it has been for the last 2 games.
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