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  1. Disabled supporters

    The Ants ground has disabled toilet facilities and an access ramp up to the pitch itself as well as a flat concourse on the terrace.
  2. Ants Thread 2018/19

    Ants invited to D & K Cup 2018 to face Oban Saints, Dundee United, St. Johnstone and Hamilton Accies http://www.theants.co.uk/ants-invited-to-d-k-lafferty-cup-2018/
  3. Ants Thread 2018/19

    There have also been a rake of signings. Full details of all the new signings - http://www.theants.co.uk
  4. Ants Thread 2018/19

    We ended last years thread by announcing a new manager, to start this one the new manager speaks to Ants TV
  5. The Ants Thread 2017/18

    http://www.theants.co.uk/john-kelly-takes-mckenna-park-reins/ New manager in place at McKenna Park
  6. End of season pitches

    McKenna Park last week
  7. Congratulations Royal Albert

    Congratulations to everyone involved at Royal Albert from all at The Ants
  8. Promoting west region

    Aye it should encompass all teams and the more clubs that contribute the better. Some of the content from teams all across the divisions is excellent and some are non existant but that could be improved by sharing ideas and knowledge to help the teams who dont have the knowhow or expertise to do so
  9. Promoting west region

    I've done two kinda fly on the wall type things for two other clubs and they were popular as people get to see more than they do even if they have been at games. Could do it for cup finals etc gives sponsors more exposure as well
  10. Promoting west region

    You could even have a game of the week with extended highlights of that particular game and interviews etc
  11. Promoting west region

    He's asking for ways of promoting the region. Not asking how to fix the problems that we know are already there. I think a much bigger social media presence would help and make it easier for people to interact with the region. Advertising matches announcing postponments as and when they get them that kinda thing as well as pushing club match highlights. Could also help attract sponsorship as could use to announce any kinda initiatives / competitions with sponsors that kinda thing.
  12. It's a sad day down McKenna Park way following the announcement that Ronnie McDonald has stepped down as co-manager at The Ants ending a 14 year association with the Club. http://www.theants.co.uk/mcdonald-steps-down/ Big thanks to Ronnie for all his service with the club and he'll always be welcome down McKenna Park
  13. The Ants Thread 2017/18

  14. The Recent Match Videos Thread

    Ants 1 v 2 Royal Albert McBookie.com West Region Central District division 2 Saturday 14th April 2018 McKenna Park
  15. Central league division 2

    Ants v Royal Albert highlights from last week