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  1. Agreed it should have been posted with the text as well, will rectify that
  2. Almost but not really. One of those happy coincidences [emoji3] The league social accounts do provide updates on league news, most of that news comes from the clubs themselves hence the RTs, but things like cup draws etc are shared on socials and added to the site, as well as mass fixture revisions and other info that the fixtures secretary posts. We wont get everything right, but we are going in the right direction imo and will continue to try and improve the site as we go on
  3. You clearly havent read https://wosfl.co.uk/a-guide-to-promotion-and-relegation-season-2021-22/
  4. https://www.youtube.com/embed/4UO4Fq6YWAk Goals only highlights of Neilston v Ants
  5. Goals only Highlights Neilston 8 v 0 Ants Brig O'Lea Stadium Saturday 22nd January 2022 PDM Buildbase WoSFL Conference C Ref - Ross Clark
  6. Ardrossan Winton Rovers 1 v 3 St Anthony's PDM Buildbase WoSFL Conference C Saturday 15th January 2022 Ref - Michael Bonner
  7. Goals from yesterday's Ardrossan Winton Rovers v Ants Match
  8. Ants 2 v 1 Larkhall McKenna Park PDM Buildbase WoSFL Conference C Saturday 8th Jan 2022 Ref - Ross Birrell
  9. Yup did on the Ants account, wasnt properly running the WoSFL account then, had only just come on board
  10. Haha never been hidden, but in this case totally immaterial. Have always tried to promote the scottish game either on wosfl or @saintanthonysfc twitter account.
  11. We promote the wider Scottish game as well as the WoSFL, also wished both teams taking part in the final good luck and will congratulate the winners of all the divisions in the full pyramid, as well as the womans game.
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